Waste Water Pipe Replacement in Eagle Reserve

The waste water pipe that runs under the trail in the lower 1/3rd of Eagle Reserve from the pump station at 17th Place NW to the cement covered gabion will be replaced.  The current asbestos cement pipe with approximately 80 joints was installed in 1970.  It will be replaced with High Density Polyethylene Pipe with an expected life of more than 100 years.

Because of the requirements of extensive permitting process with the State of Washington and King County, the work can only be done in the summer season when water flow in nearby Storm Creek is at its lowest.  The construction will start in early July and take approximately 6 to 8 weeks.  The lower part of the trail will be closed during that time.

A temporary HDPE 6 inch pipe will run alongside of the trail during the replacement process.  The contractor will dig four or five rather shallow holes in the trail to get access to the cement pipe.  The HDPE replacement pipe will be drawn into the asbestos cement pipe with a device that splits the current empty pipe.  The split asbestos cement pipe will be left in place.  When the construction crew is gone, the shallow holes will be fenced to prevent the curious from getting too close.  While I am sure that the contractor will be making every effort to minimize seepage of hazardous waste, parents should warn the children about hazardous waste contact if they venture into this area of the reserve during non-construction hours.

Here is a description: http://www.ronaldwastewater.org/downloads/LS1and2project.pdf

Here is a map: http://www.ronaldwastewater.org/downloads/LS1_2_FM_EXHIBIT.pdf