A chronology: Tronsen

November 7, 2007lawsuit filed
May 7, 2008: Default judgmententered against Tronsen
November, 2008 The Club obtained a judgment against Mr. Tronsen for attorney’s fees, fines, and costs concerning his abandoned property on Springdale. The Sheriff will conduct an auction of the property on December 12th if Mr. Tronsen fails to pay the judgment prior to that date.
December, 2008 Mike Jacobs reported that Eric Tronsen’s property on Springdale is scheduled to be sold by the King County Sheriff at auction on December 12th to satisfy the Club’s $55K judgment.
January, 2009 Mr. Tronsen posted a $120K cash bond in the registry of the Superior Court which automatically stays the foreclosure process for six months. The Club intends to bring further legal action to enforce the injunctive portion of the judgment requiring that Tronsen bring his property into compliance.
April 3, 2009 Order holding Defendant Tronsen in contempt
August 28, 2009 Order appointing receiver
November 2009 The contractor hired by the court-appointed receiver in the Tronsen case recently began the clean-up process to rid the house of vermin and garbage.
December 2009 The clean-up of the Tronsen property is nearing completion. Garbage, rubbish, old food containers, and many dead rat carcasses were removed, the exterior was painted, and the shrubbery was trimmed away from the house. The Club will be petitioning the Court for permission to height-reduce trees on the property which have been determined to violate the covenants.
Feb 2010 The Tronsen appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeals; a hearing will be held in early March to determine fees and costs.
May 2010 the Club got a judgment for fines and attorney fees ($74,000) on the Tronson matter, and that the Club has filed suit against Mr. Tronson to get his trees trimmed
April 2011 Tronsen paid the 77k judgment owed to the club.
Feb 2012 The Club’s attorneys have filed documents with the Court to collect the $75,000 judgment against Mr. Tronsen.