Swim Club Survey, Point Wells Meeting Tonight

Swim Club Survey

The Innis Arden Swim Club is conducting a survey of all Innis Arden residents on the subject of financing improvements to the Swim Club pool house (the building that houses the locker rooms, office, mechanical and kitchen). Please help us by spending a few minutes taking the survey and providing your input. A paper copy will be mailed to Innis Arden residents who receive the bulletin in the mail. If you receive a paper copy in addition to this email, please respond to the online survey only and discard the paper copy. Thank you!

Link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/innisardenswimclub

Point Wells Meeting Tonight
Innis Arden Clubhouse at 7:00 p.m.

A group of volunteers who have worked hard on reducing the impact of the Point Wells development are going to present a current up-date on this development which should be of interest to all.  Please see the article in Richmond Beach Community News.

 For those unfamiliar with the project, the Point Wells property is approximately a 100 acre site, with 61 acres currently planned for urban industrial use. It is located in the southwest corner of Snohomish County adjacent to the City of Shoreline’s northwest border in the Richmond Beach neighborhood. The developer, Blue Square, wants to build between 2600 and 3081 living units at the site. The only current access to Point Wells is through Shoreline (Richmond Beach Drive). It is estimated that traffic could increase by 15-20K cars/day.