Suspicious Behavior, Burglary, Shoreline Public Forum on Local Sex Trafficking

Suspicious Behavior

3/16, 18514 Ridgefield Road: “I was walking my two dogs and crossed paths with a couple of men using a neighbor’s porta-potty. (It’s been there for quite a while and I think others use it as well as there is often used toilet paper drying on the street outside of it.)

“One was a white fellow and the other a black fellow and they were in a silver minivan. The white fellow was overly friendly, saying they were just ‘driving through’ and sorry to use the porta-potty but ‘it was there’ and ‘they had to go’…yuck.  He then asked if I was a neighbor and as I walked away, they sat in their car watching me.  Eventually they slowly drove off but this was a bit unnerving.”


Friday, March 18 – 10th Ave NW.  “We had a break in this afternoon sometime between 1pm and 8pm.  Threw a rock through the glass door on the side of the house.  We have a dog in the house, didn’t seem to bother them.  Ransacked most of the house.  Took guitars, iPads, jewelry.  Started to take TV but aborted.  Must have been more than 1 person to get the TV down.  Looks like they took off in a hurry as left a few things behind and front door wide open.  Must have been in a car to carry everything.  Police think they got some good fingerprints but we will see….”

3/29 Shoreline Public Forum on Local Sex Trafficking
7pm City Hall, 17500 Midvale Ave 98133

Hundreds of women and girls are sold for sex EVERY NIGHT in King County. Join us this coming Tuesday 7pm at Shoreline City Hall to learn what’s being done & how you can help. Parents and teens are esp. encouraged to come out.

The forum will begin with the presentation “Sex Trafficking in King County” by REST (Real Escape from the Sex Trade; description below). Q & A follows with REST & Shoreline P.D.’s Liaison & Special Teams Officers and the City Prosecutor’s Office. Other local officials, community leaders and district educators will be at the forum as well.

REST is an independent, Seattle-based 501c3 that provides pathways to freedom, safety, and hope for victims of sex trafficking and people involved in the sex trade. REST actively partners with Seattle’s Vice Squad, Seatac, Kent, and Burien police officers, Businesses Ending Sex Trafficking (BEST), Organization for Prostitution Survivors (OPS), Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, and others.

If you have any questions about the forum, please feel free to contact me. Hope to see many of you at City Hall 7pm this Tuesday night!

Laura Lind, event co-sponsor with Officer Stephen Perry, Shoreline P.D.