The meeting was called to order by President Easton Craft at 7:00PM. Board members in attendance: Easton Craft, Dave Fosmire, Maggie Taber, Cindy Esselman, Steve Johnston, Brian Branagan, B.J. Oneal, Jim McCulloch, and Jeff Gough.

PRESIDENT, Easton Craft –
The Board has had discussions with several sources regarding a 3rd party manager or management firm to handle the operational aspects of managing the activities of the Innis Arden HOA. As everyone is aware, the Board is comprised of volunteers who have their own lives and careers. The demands of IA often collide with these responsibilities, so to better serve the community, the Board is exploring options with regard to professional management.

IA Legal is continuing to work with the City on a revised proposal for Stewardship/Vegetation Management Plan.

Easton Craft met with the Highlands general manager to discuss security and loitering concerns realted to the Boeing Creek reserve. There have been multiple instances this summer where non-residents or the children of residents have accessed Boeing creek reserve after hours. This has led to significant disruptions to the adjacent neighbors and trash being left on the path and the beach. The Board is currently looking into security measures (including surveilance) to mitigate the unauthorized access. The Board will continue to communicate with the highlands on these issues to ensure residents can have secure access to the reserve and beach.

NOTE: All Compliance hearings are held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse unless noted otherwise.

A vegetation compliance hearing for the Wahl residence at 18241 13th Ave NW was scheduled for 09/30/30 at 7:00 PM via Zoom.

A vegetation compliance hearing for the Mercker residence at 18009 13th Ave NW was scheduled for 09/30/20 at 7:30 PM via Zoom.

Reminders that we have vegetation compliance hearings for the Bargreen residence at 17735 17th Ave NW and a supplemental hearing for the Lawson residence at 17727 17th Ave NW on September 30th at 6PM and 6:30 PM, respectively, via Zoom.

18604 15th Ave NW

Garden Shed
The proposed shed is 10’X7’ and 10’ from the eastern property line and will be painted the same color as the house.

The following motion passed unanimously.
Approve the proposed shed on the McCormick property at 18604 15th Ave NW.

17285 15th Ave NW
Tesla Solar Roof

The proposed Tesla roof consists of active solar panel tiles that are integrated with non-active tiles to create an overall seamless roofing system.

The following motion passed with a Board vote of 8 approve and 1 disapprove.

Approve the installation of the proposed Tesla solar tile roof at 17285 15th Ave NW, with the understanding that once installed, the owner will correct any significant negative visual impact to neighboring views.

October Agenda:

18005 10th Ave NW

18008 13th Ave NW

TREASURER, Jeff Gough –
The audit and tax return preparations are nearly complete and should be submitted before next month’s meeting. At the close of August, our Operating Checking was $14,328, Collections Savings was $282,396, and the Asset Reserve Savings was $295,873.

In response to the Swim Club’s proposal to trial year-round operations and rental of the pool facility by select third parties, the following motion was made:

I move that the Board consents to the Swim Club’s 1-year trial for expanded winter operations per their submitted schedule. I further move that the Board consents to the rental arrangements with Cascade Swim Club, Lakeside High School, and Shorewood High School through May 2021 per their submitted schedule conditioned upon commercially adequate liability protections and insurance considerations for the Innis Arden Swim Club and the Innis Arden Club.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Swim Club’s proposal also outlined a desire to have discussions regarding the broader relationship structure between IASC and the HOA. The following motion was made:
I move that the Board designate a sub-committee for the purposes of exploring, considering, and potentially pursuing a consolidation or a restructuring of the Innis Arden Swim Club for the purpose of generating better alignment and synergies between the two organizations.

This motion passed unanimously, and the subcommittee formed will be headed by Jeff Gough along with BJ Oneal and Maggie Taber.

CLUBHOUSE, Brian Branagan –
Their are no scheduled Clubhouse rentals through the rest of the year. We will take rental applications after King County enters Phase 3 which allows gatherings for events with 50 or more attendees.

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse for events once King County enters Phase 3, please contact Cheryl Malone at 206-542-5558 or

GROUNDS, Jim McCulloch –
2020 Objectives for the Grounds Committee:
• Maintain and improve the existing lawn and planting beds around the Clubhouse
• Maintain the Innis Arden Main Entrance and other Innis Arden Entrances
• Improve lawn areas by removing moss and re-seeding
• Investigate Capital Repairs/Replacement for Parking Lot Railing and NW Retaining Wall

Work Items Completed Last Month:
• Main Entrance:
o Weekly maintenance
• Grounds:
o Weekly maintenance.
o Planted two trees next to existing benches
o Removed invasive ivy east side of tennis courts
o Completed adding chips to paths in Triangle Area

Work Items Scheduled this Month:
• Continue weekly maintenance of Grounds and Entrances

ROW Trees
• 18008 13th Ave NW (Joseph property). Josephs requested a delay on the permitting so they could complete a survey to confirm if trees are on ROW or on their property; they said the survey would be done by end of August. Survey has not been completed and they refuse to sign the permit prior to a completed survey.
• ROW bushes were trimmed at the Wahl and Newton properties to remove impacts to neighboring views.

Other Items
• The play area remains closed until King Co. is in Phase 3, due to State COVID-19 requirements. Any help in keeping the protective fencing in place is greatly appreciated.

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –
Trail Maintenance
Seasonal maintenance such as brush clearing and weed whacking continued in most of the Reserves this past month.

Invasive Plant Control
Garden Cycles, our native plant and invasive control specialists, continued work this past month, primarily in Eagle and Blue Heron. New Innis Arden specific Vegetation Management Application signs are now being posted in areas targeted by the crew. Flowering or berry laden blackberry patches in our reserves are never treated, so the berries are safe to pick and eat, and all treatments are limited in scale and include blue dye. The crews also continued brush cutting and otherwise clearing of areas for late fall native tree planting.

Boeing Creek Gate
The lock and chain on the vehicle gate at Boeing Creek Reserve was vandalized again. We are still trying to resolve the access issues with the Highlands.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save the Dates:
Oktoberfest – VIRTUAL ONLY – TBD
Holiday Decorating Party – TBD
Annual Holiday Party – TBD

No Activities meeting for September.

For Oktoberfest this year, we want to try a pop-up photo share event. Between Oct 1-8, send in your best Oktoberfest picture. Special kudos for best lederhosen, bundhosen, and dirndls. Also looking for best beer t-shirt, best beer stein and shots of beers & brats! Please send to Maggie at:

We are mulling over ideas for Halloween. Any thoughts or ideas, please let me know.

With the ongoing Covid situation, all events for the foreseeable future have been cancelled. We are trying to come up with some fun virtual events to keep us all connected. Any questions, ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact Randi Fattizzi or Maggie Taber.

There will be no Activities meeting in September. Our next Activities meeting will be Monday, October 5th at 7pm. Location TBD.

Hang in there everyone!

Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods:
Please see for the meeting minutes from the Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods.

Community Comments: Mike Joy asked the board to comment on the letter that he sent regarding the dilapidated state of the Joseph property. Tierna Buchmayr thanked the board for all of their hard work, highlighting the excellent work on the reserve trails by Steve.

Meeting adjourned at 9:21PM.