September 14, 2021 BOARD MEETING MINUTES

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Bruce Vincent. Board members present: Bruce Vincent, Omar Nur, Dave Fosmire, Steve Johnston, Cindy Esselman, Mary Ruhlman, & Maggie Taber.

PRESIDENT, BJ Oneal (read by Bruce Vincent)–
During the executive session on 09/01/21 the board discussed the initial recommendations provided by John Coe, consulting attorney, about how to improve the existing IAC/IASC lease. BJ, Maggie, and John Coe are in the process of scheduling a follow-up telephone conference to discuss next steps and will then present information to the IASC/community.

Executive Sessions:
The following motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously by the Board.

I move to hold one, or two Executive Sessions in the month of September & early October ongoing IAC/ IASC lease revisions and the still outstanding compliance issues and procedures.

COMPLIANCE, Bruce Vincent, Acting Chair–
*Members of the Compliance Committee and IAC Counsel are continuing to focus on gaining compliance on all properties that the board has received a Compliance Request Form of merit on.
*The list of 10 petitioned (CRF) properties with unresolved compliance issues was reduced to 9 properties. This was due to a CRF on 17726 15th Ave NW that was determined to have insufficient basis at this time to hold a hearing. The issue involves a 40-year-old very tall existing flagpole and display of not only the U.S. flag, but other flags. The Board is encouraging both property owners to compromise and seek a resolution without Board intervention.
*The remaining 9 petitioned properties are still the Committee’s main focus, with priority ranked based on oldest to newest.
*The compliance process for all petitioned properties is being overseen by IA Counsel.
*With a few resolved and new properties added, a total of 7 pre-petition properties still remain on the committee’s voluntary compliance/resolution list. The committee greatly appreciates property owners that are willing to voluntarily work with their neighbors to get their properties in compliance. We have seen some great results. The Committee will continue to reach out and seek voluntary compliance with property owners willing to do so.

The following two motions were made, seconded, and passed unanimously by the Board:

“Whereas vegetation on the lot at 915 NW RB Road may be in violation of the Covenants and it does not appear that adequate actions have been taken to resolve longstanding concerns about the vegetation, I move that the Board schedule a Compliance Hearing with the owners of this property within the next 30 to 60 days.”

“Whereas vegetation on the vacant lot at 18760 RF Rd. NW may be in violation of the Covenants and it does not appear that adequate actions have been taken to resolve longstanding concerns about the vegetation, I move that the Board schedule a Compliance Hearing with the owners of this property within the next 30 to 60 days.”

Once the hearing dates, times, and locations are set by the IAC Board, notice letters that go out to the property owners.

Some main points the Compliance Committee wants all IAC property owners to know:
• Your protected views of the Sound and Mountains are from your property (upper floor, lower floor, patio, yard, etc.….), or your Point-Of-View (POV).
• Your property may have longstanding view compliance issues that were present, or not disclosed to you, prior to purchase. These issues are now yours to resolve.
• It’s your responsibility to pay all costs to maintain the vegetation on your property in compliance, regardless of the property’s size and location.
• Vegetation must be trimmed low enough to not block views year-round. Revised planting selections may help reduce annual trimming costs.
• Vegetation most likely will have to be trimmed annually if the desired height is to be kept near the maximum allowed.
• If a neighbor has requested you trim view blocking vegetation, please get it done as quickly as is possible (30 to 60 days).
• Get to know your immediate neighbors that have views over your property. Look at your view blocking vegetation from their POV and with some empathy.
• The IA Board will not look favorably on any failure to voluntarily comply with your neighbor’s requests. Fines for non-compliance can be up to $50 per day.

There are no submittals for review for the month of September.

Update on the Harris Rebuild at 18005 10th Ave NW:
The building lot has been regraded, deviating from the initial Board approved plans. The
regrading is impacting the views from neighboring properties therefore the Board is requiring
that an updated surveyed site plan be reviewed by neighbors and submitted to the Board by
September 27 th with a Covenant 4 hearing scheduled for October 6 at 6:00PM.

October Board meeting projects for review:

18011 10th Ave NW
Site Improvements

1304 NW 188th
Solar panels

16742 16th Ave NW
House Addition and Garage

TREASURER, Jason Barth –
At the close of August, our Operating Checking was $8,347, Collections Savings was $112,171, and the Asset Reserves Savings was $441,161.

SECRETARY, Dave Fosmire –
No Report.

CLUBHOUSE, Mary Ruhlman
Clubhouse use during August included one event hosted by the Innis Arden Activities Committee: the Children’s Nature Discovery Event. Other rentals included two celebrations of life and two client appreciation events.

September rentals include the Fall Wine Event hosted by the Innis Arden Activities Committee, Little Lemon Drops Fundraiser, a class reunion, and a celebration of life.

A big thank you to Judy Allen for grouting the countertops in the clubhouse kitchen!

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse, please contact Cheryl Malone at 206-542-5558 or

GROUNDS, Bruce Vincent –
• Weekly maintenance continued during August.
• Grass cutting will continue during the growing season.
• Irrigation of all grounds areas will continue until around mid-October.
• Overgrown vegetation in the NW corner, extending from the Petanque Courts to the fence line almost completely been removed and cleaned up. AS Landscaping will continue to clean up the area each week including removing the bamboo roots.

Main Entrance:
• Weekly maintenance continuing.
• Still monitoring the non-resident activity, near the south side of the entrance by the new cedar fencing. AS Landscaping is adding IA No Trespassing signage and will continue to clean up litter as needed.
• New cedar fence (SE off 18533 8th Ave NW): staining still pending.
• Ballard tree’s stump grinding is still pending.

Grounds Capital Improvements:
• NE Wood Crib Retaining Wall Replacement: A Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) type modular concrete faced retaining wall system or simply a permanent sloping of this area upward near the edge of the asphalt walking path. Design options and estimated costs will be presented to the IAC Community for review and comment. Cindy will look for contract options to produce a few architectural renderings of both options.
• Parking Lot Railing Repairs or Replacement: No update.

ROW, Bruce Vincent
Right-of-Way Trees/Vegetation:
• 1010 & 1022 NW 175th St.: Pruning of dangerous hanging dead limbs and trimming of lower limbs on three trees behind both properties is still pending completion by Ballard Tree.
• Walking Safety & Landscaping Pruning Reminder: With daylight hours on the annual decline, it is going to continue to be harder to see pedestrians walking alongside the roadways in IA. Since IA does not have sidewalks, we are encouraging all property owners to trim back vegetation on the street side of their properties to ground level, at least 3 to 4 feet from the edge of the paved roadway. This will help provide a safe location for pedestrians to step out of the way of on-coming traffic. The “right-of-way” (ROW) of almost all roadways in IA is 60 feet wide, with about 30 feet or less paved for vehicle traffic. While the location of the paved roadway within the 60 foot ROW can vary significantly from side to side, typically there about 15 feet of unpaved ROW in front of your property.

SECURITY, Bruce Vincent
IA Clubhouse and Grounds
Clubhouse grounds will be patrolled by our off-duty officers to deter after hours use and vandalism.

Trial Program for Off-Duty Shoreline Police/KCSO Deputy Officers Patrolling IA
• A total of 20 hours of Deputy time was logged for August.
• Areas of emphasis include reducing non-resident use of, or access thru, the nearly 50 acres of IA private grounds and reserves.
• This success of this program requires the active involvement and cooperation of our community alongside the expertise and commitment of our KCSO Officers. It’s a partnership that requires two-way communication in a timely manner.
• Please only report activities as noted below. Do not report to IA Board Members will not be dispatching for the KCSO.

City of Shoreline IA Reserves Park North Park Entrance (15th Ave NW)
The installation of a new streetlight to illuminate the ROW at the north entrance is still pending City of Shoreline action.

How to Report Activities:
• If it is an emergency CALL 911
• If it is not and emergency, you can call 911 and tell them “It’s not an emergency” and you will be routed to a non-emergency “Call Receiver”.
• Alternately, you can call the KCSO Non-Emergency phone at 206-296-3311 and you will also be routed to a non-emergency “Call Receiver”.
• A “Call Receiver” will ask you many questions to triage the call. When they ask “Do you want contact?”, always answer “Yes”, if you want an officer to respond onsite. If you answer “No”, an officer/s will not be dispatched.
• Please tell the “Call Receiver” you “Saw this, and I’m willing to assist with being a witness for prosecution.”
• Photos should be submitted online to the KCSO. The photos need to identify a suspect easily and clearly and/or vehicle. Do not post these photos on Next-door.
• Note: While it may be concerning, it’s not illegal to be talking to yourself, or even wandering around in public only wearing your socks. However open consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, littering, obscene gestures, etc… are illegal.

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

Invasive Control and Trail Maintenance
Seasonally appropriate invasive control and trail maintenance continued as usual.

Geotech to Advise on Stream Bank Erosion in Eagle Reserve
We are scheduling a Geotech field visit this month to advise us on erosion along the stream in Eagle Reserve

Arborist to Advise on Drought Stressed Trees
Due to abnormally dry conditions in the area it appears many trees in the Reserves are experiencing extreme water stress. Big leaf maples and Western Red Cedars seem most impacted. We will schedule an arborist to evaluate several trees in Blue Heron and Eagle Reserve later this month.

Smoke and Encampment in Reserve M
On September 13th, a Shoreline Fire Department crew on a training exercise in the City-owned “Innis Arden Reserve Park” located between 15th Ave NW and 16th Ave NW and observed smoke in the park about 1/3 the way down the trail entrance at 15th Ave NW. They went to investigate. This is north of the area where they put out a small wildfire at the end of April. The Fire crew discovered the smoke coming from an encampment in the park. This is of concern to IA Residents. A wildfire in the park with these tinder dry conditions would threaten adjacent Innis Arden homes. The only legal access to the park is through our neighborhood (or illegally across the railroad tracks below). The encampment could easily grow, threatening public safety and cleanliness in the park.

Partying and Litter in upper Grouse
For several months upper Grouse Reserve has been an occasional party site. This typically happens at night when the Reserves are closed, as is posted. Twice, that we know of campfires have been left smoldering. Trash and empty containers are frequently left everywhere. With historically dry conditions open fires could easily become out of control. Our trails crew has cleared brush away from the trail above this area to increase visibility; from the trail above we want to be able to see who is in there. We have called 911 multiple times and the Shoreline Police have responded but have not encountered the partiers.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save the Dates:
Fall Wine Event – September 15th
Halloween – October 30th Costume parade and pumpkin carving
Halloween – October 31st Trick-or-Treating Map
Rummage Sale – Fingers crossed for March 2022

On Sunday, August 22nd we held the Innis Arden Reserves Children’s Nature Discovery Event. 40 children participated. Thanks to Rissa Sanchez and Brian Branagan who chaired the event. They would like to do it again in the spring when foliage is blossoming.

The Fall Wine Event is tomorrow, Wednesday, September 15th. Tickets will be available at the door.

Halloween fun! Saturday, Oct 30th we will host a costume parade with tables around the track. BYOP – bring your own pumpkin to carve. Sunday, Oct 31st there will be a trick-or-treating map for the evening. If you are interested in being on the map, please contact Mike Konopinski.

Holiday Party – if no one steps up to chair the event, there will not be one this year. The Santa Truck will come through the neighborhood.

Our next meeting is Monday, October 4th, 7pm in the clubhouse. If needed, we’ll be socially distanced and wearing masks.

Meeting was adjourned approximately 7:39pm.

If you are new or have changed your phone number and/or email address, please email updates to and be sure to include your address!