Hello to the Innis Arden community,

The Activities Committee has come to the very difficult decision to cancel the rummage sale because of health concerns for our community and the public who would attend the sale.  PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE E-MAIL BECAUSE WE HAVE SOME VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO CONVEY TO YOU.

First and foremost, everything the Activities Committee does is for our amazing community and we want to put you first in all of our decisions. Because of this, we are cancelling the Rummage Sale, despite the 100’s of hours many neighbors have contributed already and generous donations to the sale. We still have some fun plans and want to tell you about them:

  • We will open the Rummage Sale to community members only today, Friday March 6th, from 3PM – 8PM.  Please attend and purchase anything you want.  We have decided to do this because the number of people attending will go from over 1,000 to a significantly smaller number.
  • All items will be 20% off
  • Checks Only – because we will have a reduced volunteer staff we will only accept checks.
  • Saturday and Sunday – If you have volunteered for this event, PLEASE COME AT THE REGULARLY SCHEDULED TIME.  Instead of having the sale, we will have to box up everything and remove it from the clubhouse. 
  • If you haven’t volunteered and can help, please come.  This is going to be a significant undertaking and we need all the help we can get.

For the people who have contributed items to the sale and worked tirelessly with this sale, we are sorry.  We are saving many boutique items for next year’s sale. The items not saved for next year will be donated to charities.  We have already been contacting specific ones to make donations. We believe almost everyone involved with this sale have already gotten the best part of the Rummage Sale.  The camaraderie and all the fun we have together is the best part of the Rummage Sale and we have been experiencing that all week.  Thank you volunteers and rummage contributors!

We hope to see many of our neighbors shopping this afternoon and evening.  This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to shop our Rummage Sale without hundreds and hundreds of other people.  

Your Activities Committee