Preliminary March 2017 Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:09 PM by President Easton Craft. Board members present: Easton Craft, Dave Fosmire, Maggie Taber, B.J. Oneal, Jeff Gough, and Kathi Peterson. Member absent: Jim McCulloch. Members recused from meeting: Cynthia Esselman and Steve Johnston due to conflict of interest due to the McNaughton remodel application.

Meetings minutes from the February board meeting were approved.

PRESIDENT, Easton Craft
Rummage Sale:

Thanks to everyone who worked on the Rummage Sale.  We had a great turn out and raised quite a bit of money.  I would like to thank all those who volunteered and donated their time and efforts on behalf of our community.  Thanks to Maggie and the other members of the Activities Committee for their leadership.

Pool Construction:
Information provided by Lance Blair, President of IA Swim Club:

Despite the heavy rains and bad weather, the construction is progressing steadily. The walls will be finished in about a week. Then they will move on to the installation of the plumbing that will be under the slab, then the pouring of the slab, followed by framing.  The roof will be installed in panels that are prefabricated offsite (called SIPS panels).

The pool typically opens in the middle of May, and we are targeting an opening of May 20. Many things have to come together to hit that date, but we are optimistic. The building will not be finished by then (it likely will be finished in July, we hope). But, we will be able to operate the heating and filtration systems and will utilize temporary bathroom facilities.  We will keep the membership informed as things progress.

According to PSE, the repair of the areas that were affected by the installation of the gas line to the clubhouse will be handled in April.  A new gas line will be installed to the pool house. The permits have all been submitted for this and we have made the $9,000 pre-payment that is required. The installation has not been scheduled yet but we expect it to be done within the next month.

Overall, the project is moving forward very well. As we have repeatedly informed our members, this will be a disrupted season and flexibility will be needed from everyone. However, the payoff will be a beautiful new facility that will serve the community for the next 50+ years.

On February 28, 2017, the Board appointed arbiter issued a decision concerning Carlson compliance.  He found that there is vegetation on the Carlson lot in violation of the Covenants which must be height reduced/trimmed/removed to achieve covenant compliance.  Due to weather conditions on the date of the arbiter’s site visit, he has offered to conduct a further site visit at no charge to see whether he can clarify/augment his findings further concerning the extent of view obstruction.  The follow-up site visit will be scheduled dependent on weather forecasts.  The earliest he might conduct the further site visit is the week of April 10.  Once the Club has a final decision with any clarifications resulting from the additional site visit, the Club will need to assess next steps and determine what if any compliance deadline(s) should be established and if/when to impose fines for noncompliance.

Recently, Ms. Redditt, who recently sold her Innis Arden property, filed a motion to dismiss her Court of Appeals case that continued her attack on the City’s decision to issue her a permit to height reduce the trees that are in violation of the Covenants.  If you recall, Ms. Redditt had challenged the City’s decision approving her permit application in King County Superior Court, but the Superior Court ultimately dismissed the case as moot because Ms. Redditt did not ever pick up the permit and the permit expired.  Ms. Redditt then appealed that decision to the Court of Appeals.  In now asking the Court of Appeals to now dismiss her case entirely, Redditt explains “Appellant has sold the property underlying this appeal and accordingly no longer wishes to pursue this appeal.” While dismissal of Redditt’s appeal/lawsuit concerning the City’s permit approval is a positive development, Ms. Redditt has led the Club (and the City) on a merry chase for years now and that comes at a substantial cost. The Club will therefore be filing a request with the Court of Appeals that the dismissal of the lawsuit include an award of attorney fees and costs pursuant to a statutory provision concerning appeals under the Land Use Petition Act (LUPA). The Court of Appeals is typically pleased to allow an appellant to clear an appeal off of the Court’s docket, so the Club’s effort on this may not result in an award.  However, the Club will then pursue those fees and costs by other means, as authorized by its bylaws.

With regard to Ms. Redditt’s main lawsuit against the Club, the Club recently filed a motion to strike Ms. Redditt’s jury demand.  That motion has been fully briefed and the Club is awaiting a decision from Judge Hill as to whether or not the case will be heard by a jury or whether it will be a bench trial — should the case ultimately make its way to trial.

Other Compliance matters:

On the Norden compliance, the owner has applied for a clearing and grading permit and should be proceeding with the removal of the out of compliance trees shortly.  With regard to the O’Connor & Johnson matters, the Club will utilize the geotech engineer it has employed on several occasions to provide a report on the soil condition to expedite the permit process.  The Club’s counsel will communicate directly with the homeowners to ensure they understand the steps they must follow to achieve compliance.


NOTE: All Compliance hearings are held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse at 7:00PM unless noted otherwise.

Vice President reported on a geo-tech visit to determine soil stability along the bluff between NW 177th and NW 180th Street. There were two motions for compliance hearing at 17710 NW 14th and 16705 NW 16th. The motions passed and the hearings are set for April 19th at 7PM in the Clubhouse.

BUILDING AND REMODEL, Easton Craft provided this report –

There was one remodel up for discussion tonight on the McNaughton property located at 1098 NW Innis Arden Drive. Cindy Esselman recused herself from handling this remodel application due to a conflict of interest as her property is impacted by the remodel. Easton Craft will be taking the lead on this application. There was considerable discussion during the meeting about this remodel and concerns were noted by impacted neighbors who have not signed off on the remodel. As the application was presented to the board, there was unanimous (6 No, 0 Yes) disapproval of the project as it stands.

TREASURER, Jeff Gough – Over half of the homeowner dues have been collected bringing the Club checking account to $29,924, the Savings/Collections account to $247,927, and the Asset Reserve Savings account to $150,307.

CLUBHOUSE, Kathi Peterson – February’s income was $2,850 with $125 in refunds. Activities included clubhouse business, a winter exercise class, and memorials.  It has been a long time since we have changed the keys at the Clubhouse so that was taken care of too.  Due to the Swim Club remodel, the Clubhouse was needed a bit earlier for the Rummage Sale set up.  Clients and residents were flexible and it worked out beautifully.  We have been battling a leak at the East end of the Clubhouse and roofers will be coming in to give us some advice; more to follow on that!

The roofer who originally installed the clubhouse roof has returned and evaluated the roof leak once again. He’s aware of what repairs need to occur and because the leak is due to excessive wind and water, he has to wait for a dry day to make the repairs which are tentatively scheduled for next week.

During the lead-up days to the Rummage Sale, Maggie Tabor pointed out some electrical issues on the exterior of the clubhouse she felt needed to be addressed and also there’s a need for a new exterior electrical outlet. Laura Taylor pointed out that an electrician is needed to repair three light fixtures inside the clubhouse that won’t light up despite new bulbs. An electrician is scheduled to come early next week to do an inspection and set up a date for repairs.

I have met with two local contractors regarding renovations of the women’s restroom, took measurements and will provide bids early next week. I will present their bids to the Board for a final decision and proceed from there.

GROUNDS, Jim McCulloch –


If funds permit, we want to replace the wood borders around the playground.

Work Items for February/March:

Monthly maintenance this month:

  • Greg Paquette, the Grounds Manager, provides periodic cleaning of the grounds, emptying of trash cans, and general vegetation management.
  • Greg also provides periodic maintenance, cleaning and vegetation control of the main entrance.

Annual Items completed this month:

  • This month Greg mulched the beds around the Clubhouse for weed control, applied lime to the lawn areas to raise the pH of the soil in order to encourage better grass growth and discourage moss growth, and spread chips.  The lime is non-toxic to both people and pets.  The chips are provided free of charge by local arborists.
  • The main entrance is expected to be mulched this month as well.

April Items:

  • Beginning weekly mowing of lawns
  • Plant “color” plants around Clubhouse patio
  • Plant “color” plants at main entrance.
  • Continue necessary maintenance and clean-up.


Blue Heron Spur Trail Near 186th

Most of the trail work in northeast Blue Heron reserve has now been completed by our tireless Trails Manager, Greg Paquette.  He diverted water from the ditch away from the section of trail leading from the main Blue Heron switchback up to the 186th Street cul-de-sac, and added gravel where needed.  It is now possible to access Blue Heron from 186th Street without wearing hip-waders, or losing your footing on the ad-hoc path made from slippery wood rounds, and landing in the mud.

Gravel in West Blue Heron

Greg also added ¼” minus gravel to the trail just east of the 16th Ave NW west Blue Heron entrance near the “Hosey” mitigation area.  That hillside has a number of water seeps that keep the trail very soggy when the ground is as saturated as it is.

Gravel in Running Water

Greg has been very busy!  He also added gravel to the seep-filled area of Running Water near the east entrance.

Boeing Creek Trees

Two fallen trees were removed from the trail at the West end of Boeing Creek.

Hazardous Trees

The City has approved the removal of 11 trees that were found to be hazardous by a City approved arborist in east Blue Heron, west Blue Heron and west Eagle Reserves.  The trees are either previously topped and diseased, or have other issues contributing to safety concerns and the need to remove them.  All trees have clear targets as mandated by the City.  Removals will begin the first week of April.

Teen Killed by Falling Tree in Lynnwood

A tragic death resulted from a failing group of fir trees in mid-March in a nearby park in Edmonds.

Please think twice before entering the Reserves on windy days, especially when the ground is as saturated with water as it is now.

Earth Corps

An EarthCrops crew will undertake seasonal invasive control in Bear, Grouse and Running water during the last week of April.

Garden Cycles

Starting April 3rd, we will supplement Earth Corps activity with a friendly crew from Garden Cycles, local invasive control and native plant experts.  We believe Green Cycles may prove to be more readily available and cost effective than Earth Corps, while having perhaps more extensive expertise in invasive plant control and planting.  They will focus on Himalyan blackberry, English ivy, Scotch Broom, Laurel, Holly and other invasives over the next several months.  Garden Cycles comes highly recommend by the King County Conservation District.

Storm Creek

Storm Creek erosion has been exacerbated by heavy rains and increased runoff from City streets, and the westernmost gabion now appears close to breaking loose.  The Board is considering all options in dealing with the City to stop the erosion.  At the bottom of creek, unstable and very steep cliff sides, including a large cave, are potentially life-threatening as the area is often used by teens and others. The board is currently in discussion with our Innis Arden neighbors on 17th adjacent to the creek, who are also very concerned about potential devaluation of their property.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –

Save the dates:

  • Easter Egg Scramble – Saturday, April 15, 2017
  • Wine Tasting – Friday, April 28, 2017
  • Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, July 26, 2017
  • Men’s night – TBA, after summer

The 2017 IA Rummage Sale was held Saturday/Sunday, March 18th and 19th.  In spite of some especially bad weather, we had a good turnout and raised over $10,000.00.  Many, many thanks to all for their hard work, food donations and allowing us to “re-home” all their treasures.

The Easter Egg Scramble is coming up on Saturday, April 15th at 10am.  Rain or shine, on the clubhouse grounds.  Lots of fun for the little ones!

Our Wine Tasting event will be Friday, April 28th.  Tickets may be purchased via Brown Paper Tickets.

Look for information on our summer tennis program in upcoming bulletins.

Our next Activities meeting will be Monday, April 3rd, 7pm at Randi Fattizzi’s home.  Please join us!

COUNCIL OF NEIGHBORHOODS, June Howard – We met Wednesday, March 1, in the City Council Chambers at the Shoreline City Hall.  Margaret King, the City Attorney and Rachael Markle, Director of Planning and Development, each gave a PowerPoint Presentation which I can share with you if you are interested.   Just give me a call at 206-542-8177.  Shari Winstead provided an update on City Council activities.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5 at the Council Chambers at City Hall.  Councilmember Jesse Solomon will update the CON on the City Council and other city activities.  The Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Suni Tolton will present an overview of the work she does with the City of Shoreline.  Suni will also facilitate an activity to explore how we can engage with diverse communities.

This coming June I will be resigning my post as a delegate for Innis Arden to the CON.  I hope that someone will step forward to take my place.  The CON is an excellent place to meet many fellow citizens and learn about what is happening in Shoreline.  I have had an engaging and educational experience and have been able to use my leadership SKILLS IN A WAY I HAD NEVER DREAMED.  If you are interested, please do contact me at my phone 542-8177 or e-mail at

The meeting adjourned at 9:02 PM.

BJ Oneal, Secretary