Petanque is a ball game similar to bocce or lawn bowls. It was devised in the south of France around 1910. On July 9th, Innis Arden’s first Petanque event, sponsored by the Innis Arden Activities Committee, was played on 3 Petanque courts located behind the tennis courts adjacent to the clubhouse. The Edmonds Petanque Club provided the Petanque balls and instruction in the game. Our thanks to Jim Klein, Jack Mchenry, Michelle Martin and Mike Martin for taking the time to introduce 45 Innis Arden attendees to this enjoyable game. Thanks also to May Norden for bringing the idea of a Petanque event to the Activities Committee. Pizza, lemonade and cookies also contributed to the evening’s enjoyment.

Since there was a lot of interest in continuing with Petanque, the Activities Committee purchased 2 sets of Petanque balls that can be checked out from the pool desk and used to play on the courts. For further
information on the game see: