Oktoberfest, Rummage Collection, Dogs Attacked, No September Bulletin, Art Wiper’s 80th b-day

Last Call for Oktoberfest:

OCTOBER 3rd, Saturday



Live Bavarian Polka Band

Authentic German Food



Pay online through Brown Paper Tickets:  www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2149215 .

Or pay at the door:

$20 per Innis Arden Residence and $25 for guests)

 October Rummage Collection Dates:

Saturday October 10th 2-4pm

Monday October 26th. 10am-noon

Dogs Attacked in Fenced Yard

Both of my dogs have been attacked in our backyard by something this past week.  One happened last Wednesday 9/23 and the other last night 9/28.  We live on 186th and our backyard backs up to the Blue Heron reserve. Both attacks happened at night so we aren’t sure if it was a coyote or raccoon. My dogs are pretty big, 105lbs and 70lbs, so the animal has to be pretty big.  Our vet said the wounds are definitely bite wounds. Thankfully the dogs were okay and didn’t require stitches just antibiotics and an ointment.


About Coyotes by Petplace

 Notice: There will be no September Bulletin

 Art and Lynda Wiper’s 80th Birthday


Message from Harley O’Neil: I know that a lot of people remember Art Wiper for all the work he did at the Innis Arden Pool.  Well Saturday evening he or his kids are throwing a big party in his and Lynda’s honor in Bellevue.  Michele and I were lucky to have been invited and we are really looking forward to seeing Art. If you want to wish them Happy Birthday, send them an email: camanoart@wavecable.com.

Summary of 145th project open house, submitted by Jamie Holter

The City of Shoreline and its multiple partners are looking for public input on their plan to fix 145th Street from 3rd Avenue NW to Lake City Way. It’s a very long east/west corridor that carries 24,000 to 44,000 vehicles per day and includes transit lines, bikes, and pedestrians, and, by 2023, a Sound Transit Light Rail Station at 145th and I-5.

The very well attended open house (300+ very vocal and active participants) provided the opportunity to share a variety of concepts. The city asked for public input and priorities on four segments: 3rd to Greenwood, Greenwood to Aurora, Aurora to I-5 and I-5 to Lake City Way. The process for public input was well-done and many people felt it was easy to communicate their priorities.

Safety and mobility drove the initial design process and designers have determined the following modes must be included in any plan: vehicle, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian. Those modes, of course, translate into bike lanes, wider sidewalks, possibly two way turn lanes, physical barriers. All of these considerations, of course, require space and right-of-way. The existing right-of-way is 60 feet, about enough space for two lanes in each direction and a tiny bit of sidewalk.

The city is taking public comment through the end of October and the next open house is scheduled for November. Check the city website for dates. More information from the community task force can be found here: http://www.shorelinewa.gov/government/departments/public-works/citizen-advisory-task-force-catf