The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by Omar Nur. Board members present: Omar Nur, Alecia Craft, Mary Ruhlman, Brian Branagan, Dan Ginsey, and Rena Lunak. Not present: Steve Johnson and Sean Chittenden


PRESIDENT/Legal Affairs, Omar Nur –

September 2023 Minutes: Motion was made, seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve last month’s meeting minutes.

IAC Board Positions: last month was Jason Barth’s last board meeting. We received emails from a few IAC residents interested in serving on the board and reached out to speak with them. Rena Lunak has been a resident since 2020 when she moved to the neighborhood during the COVID pandemic. Looking for ways to get out there and meet her neighbors, Ms. Lunak began involving herself in all things IAC, including the Swim Club and Tennis. During the day she works as a Director of Public Relations. She also has other experience serving on boards and managing projects. We feel she is a great fit for the board and the position.

A motion was made to have Ms. Lunak replace Mr. Barth as the B&R chair on the board. That motion was seconded and unanimously approved by the board. Ms. Lunak’s term will last until the next community election. Congratulations Ms. Lunak!

By-Law Changes for Activities: since last year we have been entertaining the idea of making various amendments to our By-Laws; one change in particular is with respect to the Innis Arden Activities Committee (IAAC) which is currently a separately held non-profit organization. The boards from our two organizations have been talking about merging and we are currently working on a merger plan that will be presented to the board next month.


VICE PRESIDENT, Daniel Ginsey –

Security Report October 10, 2023

  1. A report was made of an Owl attacking runners on the trails in Innis Arden. This mainly happens in the early morning before Sunrise. The reports come from neighbors on NW 167th, one of which has been attacked 3 times on his morning runs. It was reported to the WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife. They recommended broadbrim hats, bright clothing and waving your arms over your head while you run. Sounds like a real aerobic workout.

2. Use of our off-duty City of Shoreline police.

I spoke with the Detective in charge of the program Erik Soderstrom last week. He explained that the entire City of Shoreline has at max 3 patrol officers on duty for the night shift. Most of the time there are only 2 officers. The City of Shoreline is 5-6 Officers short of what their budget for the year provides. They just can’t find officers to hire.

During the day there are only 3-4 Patrol Officers on duty in the City of Shoreline.

Innis Arden HOA contracts with 5-6 off- duty City of Shoreline (provided by the King County Sheriff’s Office) patrol officers during the month (they are not all patrolling Innis Arden at the same time but that is our pool of officers we have to draw from). The HOA has as much coverage at night as the rest of the City of Shoreline. Detective Soderstrom explained that if we see something call 911 and the off-duty officers on patrol in our community will get the call on their police scanners and will be immediately dispatched to the location in question in Innis Arden.

This a fantastic resource… Don’t be afraid to use it!!


COMPLIANCE, Sean Chittenden –

Not Present, report will be forthcoming in November.



(Report and Presentation done by Omar Nur)

Niblack Property (1302 NW 175th St.) Solar Panels and Greenhouse: Adding a Green House to back yard and Solar Panels to roof. All neighbors have signed off on proposed plans. The greenhouse is within setbacks and not view blocking. Solar panels similarly have sign off by all neighbors and don’t appear to be impacting views. Motion was made, seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve this project.

Hutchins/ McJunkin (18300 Ridgefield Rd NW) Solar Panels and Heat Pump: Adding Solar Panels to roof and heat pump to back of house – heat pump does not need board approval.  All neighbors signed off on plans, the heat pump will be hidden from view from all neighbors and not view blocking. Solar panels do not appear to be impacting views. Motion was made, seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve this project.

Wiehle (18780 Ridgefield Rd NW) Deck: Adding Deck to home. Not view blocking, within setbacks, and all neighbors have signed off. Motion was made, seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve this project.

Puetz-Heng Solar Panels (17259 13th Ave NW) – At the August 2023 meeting, the Board declined to approve Solar Panel Plans for this property citing the need for additional information. After further research and investigation, the Board learned that outlook has a separate boarder definition than sound and mountain views. However, the focus of the IAC Solar Panel Policy and Regulation is “the impact on sound and mountain views” of the proposed solar panels. The board asked the homeowners to go back to the objecting neighbors, discuss their concerns, try to work out an agreement, and if not present alternative configurations for the solar panels.


Last week the homeowners provided updates on their meetings with the neighbors, additional materials on the solar panels, including glare and reflection studies, and an alternative placement on the north facing slope of the roof. Objecting neighbors also provided their responses in which they disapproved of the project citing impacts on their view and outlook from their homes.

The board listened to comments and feedback from the architects and planners for Puetz-Heng, as well as from the two objecting properties (Soferman and McInery). The board then reviewed and considered the documents, photographs, and comments shared by everyone.

The main issue before the board was whether the solar panels would impact the outlook and views of the objecting properties. All other aspects of the solar panel project appear to comply with IAC Solar Policy. Information and reflection studies provided by Puetz-Heng showed sun reflection or solar glare from the panels will miss both of the homes of the objecting neighbors. An alternative placement on the north side of the roof was also presented, however this placement will result in an energy reduction of more than 20% and this placement is likely to cause glare to adjacent properties on the north/ northeast side of the subject property.

The board felt that the outlook from the Soferman property would not be negatively impacted by the solar panels for two reasons: the outlook without the solar panels is a sheet metal roof, and from the point of view where the solar panels can be viewed, planting screening vegetation can be done to obscure the panels. The board considered impacts to sounds and mountain views from the McInery property and concluded that their view would not be negatively impacted since the panels did not block any views, there was no evidence of solar glare or reflection from the panels to the McInery property, and the panels would be placed on the southeast portion of the roof, furthest away from the westerly peak of the roof where their view would look over. After reaching these conclusions, a motion was made, seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve the project.


Projects for November B&R Review:


Isabell Property

17204 13th Ave NW

Shoreline WA 98177

Remodel, Addition, Deck.


Tamblyn Property

17435 14th Ave NW

Shoreline WA 98177

Remodel, Addition


Mackey Property

17729 13th Ave NW

Shoreline, WA 98177

Remodel, Addition


Magin Property

18055 8th Ave NW

Shoreline WA 98177

Solar Panels



1086 NW Innis Arden Dr

Shoreline, WA 98177

Greenhouse / B&R Review



TREASURER, Jennifer Mace –

At the close of September 2023, our Operating Checking was $259,487, Collections Savings was $2,225, and the Asset Reserves Savings was $396,696.



Clubhouse rentals for September: Three (One for Activities Event)

Clubhouse rentals for October: Five (One for Activities Event)

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse, please contact Joy Griffith at communications@innisarden.org.


NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

Invasive Plant Control and Native Plants

We finally got some rain after a long hot summer!  Most of our newer native plants seem to have survived.  We will be planting more this fall and including more wildflowers. Sound Ecology Coop is engaging in regular seasonal invasive removal, focusing on English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry containment and removal.

Trail Maintenance

Our trail maintenance crew (A.S. Landscaping) has been providing ongoing trail repair and upkeep as needed.  They also removed a fallen tree in Eagle Reserve.


Hazardous Trees

We will be height reducing two Cedar trees in Eagle Reserve. These trees threaten the trail as they are leaning, and the roots are undermined. This action will help prevent more damage to the hillside.  We will also be removing the large fallen Cedar looming over the pedestrian bridge at the top of Eagle Reserve.  And finally, we will be snagging 3 completely dead and decaying Alders which threaten the trail. All actions are arborist-recommended and approved by the City. These actions will occur in late October or early November.


IA ACTIVITIES, Brian Brannagan –

Save the date for these upcoming events


Halloween Party                        Saturday, October 28th                         Randi Fattizzi


Trick or Treat Map                      Tuesday, October 31st                    Randi Fattizzi


Holiday Party                             Sunday, December 3rd                      Frieda Magin and Sarah Kennedy



Next Activities Meeting
Our next meeting is on Monday, November 6, 2023, 7pm. The location will be announced in a community email before the meeting.


The next HOA Board Meeting will be November 14th, 7pm via zoom.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:24pm.


If you are new or have changed your phone number and/or email address, please email updates to communications@innisarden.org and be sure to include your address!