The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Omar Nur. Board members present: Alecia Craft, Sean Chittenden, Brian Branagan, Dan Ginsey, Steve Johnson, and Rena Lunak.

Not present: Mary Ruhlman


PRESIDENT/Legal Affairs, Omar Nur –

October 2023 Minutes: Motion was made, seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve last month’s meeting minutes.

Annual Meeting Announcement: to be held on January 17, 2024, at 7pm at the IAC clubhouse.

Motion to approve the amended November meeting minutes to include the motion to merge the Activities Committee into the Innis Arden HOA as approved. Motion is passed unanimously.

Elections: there will be four boar positions up for election: Rena Lunak, Steve Johnson, Daniel Ginsey, and Mary Ruhlman. Only one board member has announced that they will be unable to run for a new term, so we are looking for a volunteer willing to step up. Each new term will be a three-year term. To reduce board turnover, we will not be doing a one-year term for the lowest voted candidate. In the past this was used to help stager terms. Candidate statements are due by midnight after the December meeting (December 12, 2023). Maximum word count is 250 words.

New Government Affairs board position: due to the increased challenges and affronts posed by our local and state legislatures, we will be creating a dedicated board position to deal with these issues and help create a stronger presence for Innis Arden within the city of Shoreline.

Legislative Challenges to By-Laws: Housing committee met on October 26, 2023, to discuss housing issues as they relate to HOA’s. We consulted with our Government Affairs Specialist, Dylan Dotty who shared with us a video of this conversation, as well as the reports and material presented. The Legislative Housing Committee is gearing up to present bills in the legislature to override HOA covenants with respect to upzoning. The housing committee heard testimony from an attorney Ted Hunter who provided a report and presentation in which he claims that a “Statute authorizing local governments to adopt retroactive overrides of restrictive contracts is most likely to survive a judicial challenge.”

We plan to form a coalition with other similarly situated HOA’s to stand up to these bills that challenge our covenants. So far we have commitments to a few other HOA’s including Somerset, Lake Forest Park Civic Club, the Vineyard at Olympus, and are reaching out to others as well. Anyone with contacts or friends in other HOA’s interested in joining our coalition should contact myself or Dan Ginsey for more information.

City of Shoreline Racial Equity Analysis and Letter to the Mayor and City Manager: On June 30, 2023 the City of Shoreline planning commission published a draft report titled City of Shoreline Racial Equity Analysis. In this report, there is mention of the racial restrictions first imposed by the Boeings when they created Innis Arden back in 1940. However, the report also goes on to claim without evidence that IAC has a HISTORY of discriminatory practices. Including a claim that although Innis Arden has Black and Asian residents, they reside mostly in the inland tracts as opposed to waterfront. Copies of the Planning Commission Agenda and Draft Report can be found online here:

In response to this, we drafted a letter sent to the Mayor and City Manager asking them to review this draft report and inviting them to speak with us on the issue. As a person of color, I believe and feel Innis Arden is an inclusive community and a positive environment to live and raise a family, from any background. I also feel this report is misguided and offensive in its claims.

23.11.14 IAC Letter Shoreline Racial Equity Analysis


VICE PRESIDENT, Daniel Ginsey –

1.) Subject: Security Alert:

October 11, just before 4:00 pm, Jacque Decker arrived at her home in Innis Arden (16715 15th Ave NW) to find an intruder hiding in her bedroom. Ms. Decker quickly shut the door to her bedroom, took her child outside, and called 911. The suspect escaped from the backdoor and was seen walking along 16th Ave NW towards the Innis Arden Reserve Park. Our Past President, BJ O’Neal captured an image of the suspect on his driveway camera (see attached). Ms. Decker is certain this is the same individual who broke into her home. click here

Police were dispatched, including the King County Sheriff’s Air Support Unit and K-9 units, but were unable to locate or apprehend the suspect who was likely hiding in the forest.

We are asking all residents, especially those in the area of this incident and the Innis Arden Reserve Park, to check their home cameras (doorbell, driveway, etc) to see if anyone has footage of this individual. If you have any information about this incident (videos, pictures, etc), please call 911 or contact the investigating officer:

Kimberly Swanson, Shoreline Police

2.) Omar Nur described another incident that occurred at his home over the weekend involving a female prowler that stole some items from his carport. He chased her and she ran away. He called the City of Shoreline and reported it to the police. We all must be vigilant. If you see something out of place don’t hesitate to call the Police. click here

3.) This item from last month’s report is worth repeating:

Use of our off-duty City of Shoreline police.

I spoke with the Detective in charge of the program Erik Soderstrom last week. He explained that the entire City of Shoreline has at max 3 patrol officers on duty for the night shift. Most of the time there are only 2 officers. The City of Shoreline is 5-6 Officers short of what their budget for the year provides. They just can’t find officers to hire.

During the day there are only 3-4 Patrol Officers on duty in the City of Shoreline.

Innis Arden HOA contracts with 5-6 off- duty City of Shoreline (provided by the King County Sheriff’s Office) patrol officers during the month (they are not all patrolling Innis Arden at the same time but that is our pool of officers we must draw from). The HOA has as much coverage at night as the rest of the City of Shoreline. Detective Soderstrom explained that if we see something call 911 and the off-duty officers on patrol in our community will get the call on their police scanners and will be immediately dispatched to the location in question in Innis Arden.

This a fantastic resource… Don’t be afraid to use it!!


COMPLIANCE, Sean Chittenden –

16732 16th Ave NW:

  • Received and acknowledged complaints about a tree blocking sound and mountain views.

17730 14th Ave NW:

  • Received a complaint and visited the site.

1086 NW Innis Arden Drive:

  • Reviewed and dismissed the complaint regarding the shed.

18029 13th Ave NW:

  • Received and are reviewing a proposal from opposing counsel.




Isabel Property

Summary: Remodel consists of a winder front door, new ground level deck, a small addition enclosing an existing deck, and a new main floor deck. New roof as part of the addition will not be higher than the existing roof. All neighbors within 250 feet have reviewed and signed off. Board approved the remodel.

Mackey Property

Summary: This is mostly an interior remodel, however there is a small addition off the front deck that encloses an existing deck. No change to roof line. All neighbors have reviewed and signed off. Board approved the remodel.

Tamblyn Property

Summary: The Tamblyn remodel was signed off by all but one neighbor who noted a view blocking concern. The remodel includes the flattening of a roof, which will improve a view, however it also extends a roof, which creates a partial water view block from a lower bedroom window of the property to the East. Board members visited both homes and the tradeoffs were discussed during the Board meeting. One key area of discussion included a grading issue as the neighbors to the East dug down on their property, which contributed to the view blockage. After assessing all factors and hearing from both parties involved, the Board voted to approve the Tamblyn remodel.

Solar Panels:

Magin Property:

Summary: Standard solar panel installation on the south facing roof. All immediate neighbors have signed off, despite only one neighbor actually able to see the panels. Board approved the remodel.

Compliance Concern:

Buchmayr Greenhouse

In follow-up to the June 2023 Board meeting, the B&R Chair was tasked with closing out a complaint issue that had been addressed at the June 2023 Board meeting. A greenhouse that had been installed four years ago was asked to include “western screening” per a complaint from the neighbors to the west. Four years later, vegetation has grown and blocks the greenhouse. It has no sound or mountain view impact and therefore, the provision has been met and this is no longer a Board issue to discuss or review. Board agreed that there is nothing more to cover on this topic and the matter is considered closed.


TREASURER, Jennifer Mace –

At the close of October 2023, our Operating Checking was $223,577, Collections Savings was $2,226, and the Asset Reserves Savings was $396,746.

2024 Annual Budget: Motion was made, seconded and the board voted unanimously to approve the 2024 budget as proposed. A copy of the budget will be sent out to residents. The draft was electronically provided prior to the meeting. The 2024 budget reflect no dues increase. The dues will remain at $980 annually for 2024.

The $45,000 budgeted for 2023 as an asset reserve contribution is on track an expected to be funded prior to yearend.



Clubhouse rentals for October: Five (One for Activities Event)

Clubhouse rentals for November: Five (No Activities Events)

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse, please contact Joy Griffith at


NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

Invasive Plant Control and Native Plants

We finally got some rain after a long hot summer!  Most of our newer native plants seem to have survived.  We will be planting more this fall and including more wildflowers. Sound Ecology Coop is engaging in regular seasonal invasive removal, focusing on English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry containment and removal.

Trail Maintenance

Our trail maintenance crew (A.S. Landscaping) has been providing ongoing trail repair and upkeep as needed.  They also removed a fallen tree in Eagle Reserve.

Hazardous Trees

We will be height reducing two Cedar trees in Eagle Reserve. These trees threaten the trail as they are leaning, and the roots are undermined. This action will help prevent more damage to the hillside.  We will also be removing the large fallen Cedar looming over the pedestrian bridge at the top of Eagle Reserve.  And finally, we will be snagging 3 completely dead and decaying Alders which threaten the trail. All actions are arborist-recommended and approved by the City. These actions will occur in late October or early November.


IA ACTIVITIES, Brian Brannagan –

Save these dates

Event                                                           Date                                                          Contact

Holiday Soiree Decorating Night    Tues., November 28th 6:30pm     Frieda Magin & Sarah Kennedy

Holiday Soiree                                          Sunday, December 3rd                   Frieda Magin & Sarah Kennedy

Garden Party Cooke Exchange          Friday, December 8th                      Dana Niblack

 Innis Arden Holiday Party

Celebrate the Holidays with your Innis Arden neighbors on Sunday December 3rd 4-7pm at the Innis Arden Clubhouse, enjoy hot soups and charcuterie boards.  In the spirit of the season, please bring your favorite holiday dessert to share.  Feel free to bring your own adult beverage. We still need help to make our community event happen. Please RSVP and sign up to volunteer. Check your inboxes for link sent on November 1st.  If you have any questions, contact Frieda Magin at

 Innis Arden Garden

  • On Thursday, November 9th the Garden Club visited the home of Mike Konopinskit to learn about Garage Gardening, helping with Sustainable Food Chains, and making Origami Seed Packets.
  • The Garden Club Holiday Cookie and Seed Exchange will be held Friday, December 8th from 2-4pm. The event will be hosted by Dana Niblack
  • The 2024 Planning Meeting will be held on Friday, January 19th from 2-3:30pm and will be hosted by Elizabeth and Rick Leary
  • Diane O’Neill will be presenting “Plant Propagation” at the February 26th meeting of the Edmonds Floretum Garden Club. The public is invited to attend. Meetings are held at Edmonds City Hall, 3rd Floor Brackett Room, 121 5th Avenue N, Edmonds. Doors open at 10am, Program begins at 10:30am.

IAAC Officer slate for 2024

The following have accepted nominations to the IAAC Executive Committee for next year:

  • President – Sarah Kennedy
  • Treasurer – Christopher Douglass
  • Co-secretaries – Michael O’Neill and Rissa Sanchez
  • IAC Board Representative – Brian Branagan

Merger of IAAC with the Innis Arden Club

  • The IAAC has been in talks with the Innis Arden Club Board to merge the two entities since January 2023.
  • Over the summer, a Merger Plan was created that outlined the merger of the two organizations. The IAAC will become a Standing Committee of the IAC Board and will operate with its own charter, maintain separate bank accounts, and report financials monthly to the IAC Board Treasurer.
  • The Executive Committee held a Special Meeting on October 23rd and unanimously approved the IAAC-IAC Merger Plan.
  • Brian Branagan, in his role as the IAAC Board representative, will make a motion at the November 14th IAC Board meeting for them to approve the Merger Plan


Next Activities Meeting
Our next meeting is on Monday, December 4, 2023, 7pm, at the Innis Arden Clubhouse.

The next HOA Board Meeting will be December 12th, 7pm via zoom.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:33pm.

If you are new or have changed your phone number and/or email address, please email updates to and be sure to include your address!