Nov 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2018 

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by President Easton Craft. Board members present: Easton Craft, Maggie Taber, Brian Branagan, Steve Johnston, Cindy Esselman, Jim McCulloch, B.J. Oneal, and Jeff Gough.

PRESIDENT, Easton Craft –

The following legal matters are related to long-standing compliance issues on several properties within Innis Arden:

Campbell Trust:  The Campbell Trust paid the 20K in outstanding fines as part of the settlement. The Club should be receiving a transfer of funds from the E&W Trust account shortly.

Carlson litigation: We have succeeded in persuading all parties to bump the Case Schedule forward several months and to focus now on mediation. Mediation is now set for Monday, November 19. We will start with a site visit and viewing with the Judge and then head downtown for an all day mediation session. If mediation is unsuccessful, we will continue on with a vigorous defense and counterclaims.  As a result of the schedule change, the trial is now set for June, 2019.

Hjelle: As noted in October, Hellje provided responses to The Club’s discovery requests in which she offered various excuses for her long standing noncompliance. We have also engaged a geotech consultant to conduct a site visit on the property with regard to some of Hjelle’s excuses.

Tynan: Per last month’s update, the Board will engage Tynan again to see if there an an expeditious way to resolve the compliance matters. Pending that conversation we will decide how to proceed.

Norden: E&W recommends having Dean Pody file a lien if the accrued fines and expenses are not paid after notice to Norden of the amount due.

Other legal matters:

Storm Creek:  The City Attorney has requested that IAC attend a meeting with her and City staff as well as the impacted neighbors and their counsel. I have provided to the City Attorney some dates when the President is available.



NOTE: All Compliance hearings are held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse at 7:00PM unless noted otherwise.

The Compliance Committee continues to work with the residents of NW 167th Street to achieve covenant compliance. 



There are no remodels for November.

Update on projects under construction.

Remodels for December:

Bill Dana
Solar Panels
16747 16th Ave NW

Randy Dana
1038 NW Innis Arden Dr.

18784 Ridgefield Road NW


TREASURER, Jeff Gough –

At the close of October, the Club Operating Checking balance was $36,871, the Collections Savings balance is $166,587, and the Asset Reserve Savings is $227,788.

A motion was made (see below) and unanimously passed to have the HOA, with certain conditions being met, step in as the guarantor of the Swim Club’s business loan, thereby relieving the five individual families currently providing the guaranties.  A survey was sent out to the HOA and 169 residents responded.  A summary of the results are as follows:

  • 87% believe the pool is a valuable asset for IA residents.
  • 90% have no concerns the Swim Club could become insolvent.
  • 81% believe we should pass the motion.
  • Comments in support stated the pool was valuable for all our properties and it was the right thing to relieve the individual guarantors.  They also recognized the symbiotic relationship and had no concerns/fears the Swim Club could become insolvent.
  • Comments in opposition stated it was an unnecessary risk and many people don’t benefit from the pool.  They also said the individuals knew what they were getting into and it shouldn’t be the HOA’s responsibility/problem.

Swim Club Loan Guaranty Motion:

I move that the Innis Arden Club, Inc. becomes the sole guarantor of the Innis Arden Swim Club’s loan with Washington Trust Bank, conditioned, to the Board’s sole satisfaction, upon a) the bank releasing all existing guarantors to the loan b) ensuring the bank is obliged to exhaust all reasonable collection efforts from the Swim Club’s assets and revenue streams prior to defaulting to the HOA’s guaranty, however, providing the HOA be given the option to cure any default prior to any collection actions by the bank c) the HOA not being required to pledge any real property or deeds of trust and the bank taking the assignment of pool dues as the primary collateral and d) the Swim Club entering into an agreement with the Board obligating the Swim Club to i) upon reasonable request by the Board, but no less than bi-annually, present to the Board a viable financial plan demonstrating their ability to remain financially solvent and fulfill their loan obligations ii) implement a formal Asset Reserve plan with a qualified third party, building up reserve funds at a responsible rate to cover the replacement or repair of their depreciating assets and iii) maintain a minimum of 6 months’ worth of loan payments in a dedicated Savings account, separate from their Asset Reserve.


CLUBHOUSE, Brian Branagan

Clubhouse Board Report

Clubhouse Rentals

  • Octoberfest was the big party of the month. Other events included two fundraisers, one political and the other a nonprofit children’s organization.
  • Income was $300 with refunds at $125.
  • June 2019 is beginning to fill up with graduation parties. If you have a graduating senior and would like to use the Clubhouse, please contact Clubhouse Manager Laura Taylor with your request soon!

Clubhouse Facility

  • The roof repairs were completed in late October.  Roofing material was removed on the eastern side of the clubhouse above where the leak was. The area was built up and new roofing material was put down to direct water flow to the scupper and downspout that were moved several feet to the south.  Metal flashing was added to prevent leaking from the siding on the east.
  • New ceiling tiles placed where the water-damaged ones had been.


GROUNDS, Jim McCulloch –

2018 Objectives for the Grounds Committee are as follows:

  • Maintain and improve the existing lawn and planting beds around the Clubhouse
  • Maintain the Innis Arden Main Entrance and other Innis Arden Entrances.
  • Upgrade existing irrigation system to be more efficient and cost effective
  • Upgrade existing Playground structures and replace deteriorated playground equipment.


Work Items Completed Last Month:  

  • Main Entrance:
    • Weekly maintenance and watering.
  • Grounds:
    • Weekly maintenance and watering.
    • Aerated and fertilized lawn.
    • Added five (5) irrigation heads to perimeter of grounds’ lawn


Work Items Scheduled this Month:

  • Continue weekly maintenance of Grounds and Entrances, including removal of leaves and cutting back of entrance grasses.
  • Continue Grounds Irrigation upgrades to improve coverage of brown spots developed over the summer as budget permits.


Other Items

  • Requests have been received to make the patanque courts into a volleyball court.  Volleyball court requires existing play area to be lengthened by 10 ft., installation of poles and sand base.  Estimated cost is $3,500-4000, depending on sand quantity. Chair will solicit community for possible alternative uses for the current patanque court.


NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

The second half of October and the first part of November were very busy in the reserves.  Here are the highlights:

– Much invasive control work was accomplished by Garden Cycles in Bear, Grouse, Running Water, Blue Heron and Eagle. They are now done for the year.  We hope to have to get back on their schedule for 2019.

– Emergency repair work was needed on the middle bridge in Eagle, due to stream bed erosion. We lengthened the bridge about 3 feet and it is now safe to walk on again.  (The top bridge is also very close to the edge due to erosion, on both sides. We are looking at solutions for next year).

– Capital trail projects have continued at the northwest entrance to Blue Heron and at the top entrance to Eagle. In Blue Heron we have built retaining walls above and below the trail to protect it from slides and erosion. In Eagle, we have widened the entrance, are building better steps, and providing access to we can rebuild the top bridge next year.

– Two alders toppled onto the trail in running water and were removed.


ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –

Save the dates:

  • Holiday decorating party – Monday, December 3rd
  • 2018 Holiday Gala – Saturday, December 8th
  • 2019 Rummage Sale – Saturday/Sunday, March 9th & 10th
  • Easter Egg Scramble – Saturday, April 20th

Upcoming Rummage collection dates:

  • Monday, 11/19 from 11am-1pm
  • Sunday, 11/25 from 2-4pm
  • Monday, 12/17 from 11am-1pm
  • Saturday, 12/22 from 10am- noon

Our next Activities meeting will be Monday, 12/3 at 7pm in the clubhouse.  We will have a brief meeting to elect our officers for 2019, then decorate the clubhouse while enjoying some seasonal treats and beverages.

This years Holiday Party has a Gala theme and will be held Saturday, December 8th in the clubhouse. see separate article for full details. 


Other Pertinent Issues

The Annual Meeting is on Wednesday 01/16/19 this year. The board will need help running this meeting, so please let us know if you are willing to volunteer some time. There are three board positions up for election this year, so any interested neighbors are encouraged to consider running for the board. PLEASE vote for the annual meeting!! Your vote counts and allows the HOA to run effectively.

Sayuri Gould has resigned from her position so we are in need of someone who will consider a paid position helping with community communications, assisting with putting the monthly bulletin together, and assisting with the website. Please reach out to the board if you have any interest in assisting. Until we find a replacement for this paid position, the board will be sending out meeting minutes and community notifications electronically ONLY.

Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods:

Please see for the meeting minutes from the Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods.