New Write-in Candidate

As you may be aware, we have 5 open positions on the Board. As of Friday, only 2 people had announced their candidacy. Yesterday, Jeff Gough agreed to run as a write-in candidate. Board member B.J. O’Neal says in his opinion Jeff is qualified, works well with others and has the personal time to serve. B.J. believes Jeff would be an exceptional candidate.

If you still have your ballot, I encourage you to WRITE-IN the name Jeff Gough and cast a vote for him. And, please encourage your Innis Arden friends to do the same.

Here is a brief statement from Jeff:

My wife and I purchased our home here in May of 2015, so we’re relatively new to the community.  We chose Innis Arden because of the strong community, the beautiful views, the proximity to King’s where our children attend school, and in part to escape the craziness of Seattle.  We are grateful to be living here and appreciate that many of the benefits and order in our neighborhood are the result of volunteers stepping up to maintain, organize, and uphold the qualities that make Innis Arden the gem of a neighborhood it is.

Recognizing there are fewer people running for the board than there are open board positions, I’m happy to offer my services in whichever way they can be best utilized.  I have 10 years of executive management experience running and advising companies in the technology sector and have also been a board meeting attendee on and off for the past year and a half.  I have no agenda beyond being helpful, fulfilling my duties, and being a fair upholder of our covenants.

My family is proud to live here.  We respect the work the board members do and I hope to be an effective contributor to the community through my participation in it.  I would appreciate you writing me in for a board position and am happy to answer any questions you might have.