Message from the Board

All members of the 2016 Innis Arden Board met Jan. 27 to assign board duties. Board roles and responsibilities were unanimously approved at the very cordial and productive meeting.

Position Name Elected Term
President Easton Craft 2016 One year
VP/Compliance BJ Oneal 2016 Three years
Treasurer Harley O’Neil, Jr. 2016 One year
Buildings & Remodel/Compliance Cindy Esselman 2016 Three years
Reserves/Compliance Steve Johnston 2014 Three years
Grounds/Legal Affairs Dave Fosmire 2014 Three years
Clubhouse Kathi Peterson 2015 Three years
Secretary Jamie Holter 2015 Three years
Activities Maggie Taber 2016 One year

This 2016 Board will take an intentionally more collaborative approach to compliance issues on Buildings and Remodels and Tree Compliance. (Which is why compliance is added to duties and titles.)

Board members plan to attend an Executive Session with EKW, Club Attorney sometime after the next Board meeting.  A motion for this Executive Session will be made at the February Board Meeting.

The Board would like to thank the 400+ people who took the time to vote and the 200+ people who attended the annual meeting. We also hope you will continue to remain involved in board business and Innis Arden events and committees in 2016.

Thank you,
The Innis Arden Board