The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by Jeff Gough. Board members present: Jeff Gough, BJ Oneal, Cindy Esselman, Jason Barth, Dave Fosmire, Mary Ruhlman, Bruce Vincent, Steve Johnston & Maggie Taber.

PRESIDENT, Jeff Gough –
Storm Creek:  Innis Arden attorneys continue to review the over 1,300 pages from the City related to the Storm Creek erosion mitigation project.  We believe we can provide a response to the City within a week and hope to execute the contract and begin mitigation work soon.

Swim Club:  Discussions continue around potentially consolidating the Swim Club with the HOA.  We intend on having an informal meeting to solicit feedback from the community and further clarify what this may entail if both parties agree it is in their best interest to consolidate.  To be clear, this is not an attempt to require all HOA members to pay pool dues nor would it have a direct impact on dues; both groups would maintain their own income and expenses as they do today.  The primary goals, if pursued, might include:  formalizing cross-representation between the two entities; potentially reducing costs for duplicative resources and expenses; aligning strategies and vision; creating more control around liabilities; and improving the sharing of resources and assets like the grounds, the clubhouse, the tennis courts, and the pool.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments:  After three months of discussions and incorporating several elements of feedback from the community.  The bylaws are proposed to be amended to include provisions and language for:  reducing the quorum size to 40% (from a simple majority); accounting for electronic notices, communications, and voting; and other minor clean-up and edits.
The following motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved:
The proposed bylaw amendments, as documented, are to be adopted and incorporated into the Club’s bylaws.

Executive Session:  A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to set an Executive Session in the coming weeks to discuss with legal counsel outstanding items such as the Storm Creek erosion mitigation contract with the City vegetation management efforts with the City, and the Hjelle compliance matter.

Compliance update:
BJ visited home at 17211 14th Ave NW on 05/05/21 about potential out of compliance vegetation for property 17203 14th Ave NW, which happens to be vacant. The homeowners of 17211 will be sending a picture and compliance request form to the board soon.

BJ visited home of 1032 NW 175th on 4/25/21 to view the significant progress that has been made on restoration of views and discussed one (or two) pending issues that the board will be helping these homeowners with.

The board held a compliance hearing for the property of 933 NW Richmond Beach Rd. on 05/04/21 and there was a unanimous decision by the board that several pieces of vegetation (at least five separate clusters of trees which were identified by photos and discussion by the neighbors on the Zoom meeting) are out of compliance. The homeowners of 933 Richmond Beach Rd are expected to submit a plan to address the out of compliance vegetation for review by the board within 45 days and that plan needs to be acceptable and approved by the board or fines will begin accruing at the rate of $50/day.


16704 16th Ave NW

The proposed shed will be placed on the northeast portion of the property and match the existing house with a shed roof.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously.
Approve the proposed shed located at 16704 16th Ave NW

1453 NW 186th St
Porch Roof

The project proposes a roof to cover an existing outdoor patio on the south side of the house off the kitchen area.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously.
Approve the proposed porch roof at 1453 NW 186th St.

1302 NW 175th
Deck extension with hot tub

The proposed project is a 9’ 6” extension to the northwest portion of an existing deck. The lower level of the deck would be an enclosed potting shed with the upper portion being a place for a hot tub. The new extension would also be covered with an extension of the existing roofline.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously.
Approve the covered deck extension as presented at 1302 NW 175th.

18261 Springdale Ct NW

The proposed addition adds a larger garage to the front of the house as well as a larger entry with a covered porch. The west side of the home will add a covered porch off the kitchen and two additional decks. The additions will match existing siding. The house will be repainted in a neutral color.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously.
Approve the remodel addition as proposed at 18261 Springdale Ct NW

18014 15th Ave NW

The proposal is the addition of a garage and master bedroom wing to the western façade of the existing home. The current home is set back @75’ from the front property line which the required setback of street is 50’. The proposed addition will be setback 52’ from the front property line. All other updates will be happening on the interior of the home. The addition siding will match existing, and the house will be repainted in a neutral tone.

In addition, the driveway will be repositioned to be more accessible and in line with the garage. The existing chain link fence will be removed, and vegetation will be added to fill in the area of the existing driveway entrance to create screening from the street.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously with one abstention.
Approve the Liem/Vu addition as proposed at 18014 15th Ave NW.

June Building and Remodel agenda:
18011 10th Ave NW

17285 15th Ave NW
Solar Panels

TREASURER, Jason Barth –
At the close of April, our Operating Checking was $93,579, Collections Savings was $162,166, and the Asset Reserve Savings was $441,146.

SECRETARY, Dave Fosmire –
No report this month.

CLUBHOUSE, Mary Ruhlman 
No report this month.

GROUNDS, Bruce Vincent –
*Weekly maintenance and seasonal pruning continued during April.
*The IA Petanque players group cleaned up the courts in preparation for summer play and tournaments.  AS Landscaping will cut back the bamboo growing into the courts from the north side and treat new shoots to limit root spreading.  Ultimately, the entire area of invasive bamboo will be removed and mulched this year.
*Grass cutting will continue during the season.  Irrigation of all grounds areas will continue for the entire season.  The irrigation systems controller monitors actual weather conditions and rainfall to conserve on water use.
*Overgrown vegetation in the NW corner, below the retaining wall, will be removed and cleaned up this month.

Main Entrance:
*Weekly maintenance and seasonal pruning continuing during April.
*Near the south side of the entrance, adjacent to the new cedar fencing, AS Landscaping continues to find trash, including many cigarette butts each week. A remote game camera captured multiple videos of a known individual lighting up cigarettes, smoking, dropping the burning cigarettes on the ground and stepping on them.  The behavior is repeated within minutes, for periods of up to an hour at a time.  This occurs almost each day of the week.  AS Landscaping will continue to prune up more tree limbs and plantings to improve the visibility of the area from the street. We may install a receptacle to safely dispose of the cigarettes and place a trash container on the fence.  Will continue to engage the individual in an effort to gain voluntary cleanup of their own litter.
*New cedar fence (SE off 8th Ave NW), staining still pending.

Right-of-Way Trees:
*18008 13th Ave NW, Joseph’s:  Planting of the replacement trees is still pending planting location confirmation with the City.

Grounds Capital Improvements:
*Aspect Consulting (A commercial engineering firm) will be retained to conduct a geotechnical investigation and prepare a geotechnical report for the removal of the degrading wood crib retaining walls and evaluate either a replacement retaining wall system or simply a permanent sloping of this area up near the edge of the asphalt walking path.  Work will proceed on an hourly basis with a maximum budget of $7,500  The geotechnical report will be used as the basis for the preparation of plans required for submittal of City permits.  AS Landscaping will perform the backhoe test pit digging, irrigation line repairs if any, and restoration of the turf.  This work is a Grounds Capital Improvement Replacement budget item.   The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously.
*Both the PDF and CAD files of the 2008 Boundary and Topographic Survey my Group Four, Inc. were unearthed by G$ and emailed to IA.  This is a significant savings in project development costs..
*Parking Lot Railing:  No update.

City of Shoreline IA Reserves Park & 15th Ave NW Park Entrance Problems:
*Andrew Sledziewski was informed that a new lockable gate is being installed at the park entrance and should be installed this month.  The gate will be locked and unlocked by the Police Deputy/s that also perform the same service at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park on a daily basis.  The installation of a street light is still pending City of Shoreline action.
1. If you don’t report it, the Police will not know about it.  If you see something that does not look right, call 911 and tell them it’s “not an emergency”.  You’ll be connected to the non-emergency que.  Be patient and leave details.  Law enforcement is data driven.  If you don’t report it, there is no data to support the level of, or type of, criminal activity occurring in specific areas.
2. Collecting Detailed Information:  A photo, or video, can yield valuable information such as time, location, license number, description, etc… that maybe a  piece of the information puzzle a detective needs to solve a case, or series of cases.  Video door bells, or other IR video surveillance pointed at, or down, the street in front of your property can be very helpful.  The still shots from the videos, with specific details, are easily emailed to the Police when you file a police report.  Be sure to store the full video files until the case is resolved or closed.

Trial Program Proposal for Off-Duty Shoreline Police/KCSO Deputy Officers Patrolling IA
As requested at last month’s Board meeting, our KCSO/Shoreline Police have developed a Trial Proposal for the use of Off-Duty Officers (Deputies) to supplement the current KCSO/Shoreline Police staffing and to focus those Off-Duty Officers patrol hours directly in the geographic boundaries of IA only.  Detective Kieland developed this proposal based on the actual call statistics for IA, our discussions on specific areas of IA (e.g. Reserves, IA Clubhouse Grounds, etc…) that have seen some trespassing, vandalism, etc…, and in consultation with Detective Soderstrom whom oversees Off-Duty Officer work in Shoreline.  The Off-Duty Officers assigned to IA will be regular KCSO officers that work out of the Shoreline Police offices.  They know the area, know what current enforcement issues are occurring, and know their regular “customers” when they see them.  Since our KCSO/Shoreline Police officers have the training, knowledge, experience and resources to determine the most effective means to deter unwanted activities in IA, I have deferred to their professional expertise for proposed solutions as is outlined below.

·        16 to 20 hours per month
·        Random days
·        Random time frames between 2pm & Midnight
·        IA can add additional coverage as needed for specific events, areas, or other issues as they arise.

·        Monthly estimated costs at $1200 to $1500/per month plus additional authorized hours.

Trial Period & Budget:
·        Mid June thru December 2021  (Can pause, or terminate, at any date IA selects)
·        Total estimated costs $7800 to $9750 for the 6.5 mo. trial period, plus additional authorized hours.
·        Proposed IA Budget: $8000 to $10,000

Deputy Officers:
·        KCSO/Shoreline Police officers only. (No KCSO “pool” officers, or officers that do not regularly work in the City of Shoreline unless unavailable).
·        Will be in full duty uniforms and fully geared up during patrols in marked, or unmarked KCSO vehicles.
·        Will perform all the same duties they perform when on active KCSO/SP duty, such as license plate checks, stops, ID checks, arrests, etc…
·        Will have the full resources of the KCSO available to them at all times while working “Off-Duty”.

Initial Areas of Focus:
·        Specific areas noted in IA call data with unresolved repeated call activities.
·        Additional show of Police presence by patrolling all roadways in IA on random days, at random times.
·        Boeing Creek Reserve entry gate area to beach.  Vandalism, non-resident use, unauthorized activities, after hour use, etc…
·        Lower Blue Heron Reserve beach access & street parking/use on 17th Ave & PL NW. (Same issues as Boeing Creek Reserve noted above)
·        IA Clubhouse Grounds: After hours/dark use, equipment shed vandalism, etc…

Note: As criminal activity is fluid, so will be the areas of focus.  We can adjust as new issues arise and old issues go away.

Communication & Feedback:
·        Monthly review of call data and Off-Duty Officer hours logged.
·        Adjustments will be made as new information is provided either from actual call activity or input from the IA residents and/or the Board.
·        One Board Member will be the primary contact with Detective Soderstrom during this trail period, with one other Board Member serving as a backup contact in the event the primary contact is unavailable.

This Trial Plan as proposed by our KCSO/Shoreline Police will be brought up for a motion at the June 2021 Board meeting.  If approved, the Board will review the effectiveness and value of this program during the Trial Period and determine if IA will continue the program, modify it, or terminate it.  Please review and provide the Board with your comments via

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

Boeing Creek Reserve Gate Issues
The lock on the pedestrian gate at Boeing Creek Reserve has caused problems recently.  Tim of Davern Locks came out twice to adjust it.  He finally replaced the core lock cylinder.  He recommends replacing the entire lock mechanism and issuing new keys if things degrade further.
If the lock sticks and you can’t open the gate, take your key completely out, reinsert it and try again.  Sometimes moving the key in and out and jiggling it while you turn helps.
Fires in Grouse Reserve and the City Innis Arden Reserve Park 

On April 10th and again on April 23rd campfires were lit and left smoldering in Grouse Reserve near empty beer cans.  Also, on April 23rd a fire was started, possibly from a campfire. It got out of control and burned several trees in the City-owned Innis Arden Reserve Park.  The Shoreline Fire Department managed to put it out.   These incidents appear linked.

See Shoreline News Article Here

If you have any information regarding the fires, please let me know.

Fire Inspection
Fires in the Reserve greenbelts could be deadly and destroy homes up and down the Reserves.  With longer, dryer summers and more wildfires burning west of the Cascades than in the past, we plan to have the Reserves evaluated for wildfire hazard.  Bruce Vincent is working on setting up an inspection.

Information for IA Residents with property adjacent to the Reserves concerning survivability of their home during a wildfire: 

Hazardous Tree Removals
18 dead or diseased hazardous trees in Grouse and Blue Heron Reserve will be removed in the next several weeks. All trees have been approved by the City for removal.  Replacement trees will be planted.  The trees to be removed have been painted with a white dot and are near or overhang the trails.

Trail Grooming and Invasive Plant Control
Seasonal trail vegetation control and invasive plant control continued as planned.  We will be replacing the new, tiny bridge at the end of the Boeing Creek beach access tunnel with a more durable one.

Traffic Meeting with City and Outcome
Kendra Dedinsky, the City of Shoreline Traffic Engineer, met with a group of IA residents via Zoom last month to provide an overview of traffic calming projects and to answer questions.  Following is information resulting from the meeting which Kendra wanted to share:

Collision-Based Approach
Regarding traffic calming, you may be aware that we no longer use a resident-initiated program to spur action. All traffic calming and safety related mitigation now comes as a result of citywide analysis. This is largely for equity purposes, but also because we found we were often spending a lot of time on streets that had little to no collision history, whereas there are many other streets experiencing collisions regularly but were receiving no attention as no residents had initiated action. Resources are limited, and if we are to truly make a dent in reducing serious and fatal injury collisions, it is important for us to focus on these locations we know are problematic.

For right of way improvements (resident funded), please see the City of Shoreline site here 

Mini Grant Program
With regard to any striping treatments to improve intersection approaches, the Neighborhood Mini Grant may be a good avenue for this. Here is some information.

The Right of Way permit process, through a resident funded project, may also be an option for you regarding intersection striping treatments or traffic circles. If you wanted to pursue traffic calming using a ROW permit process, I would provide a list of residents for which you would need to get 60% consensus for any proposed treatments

Radar Speed Feedback Cart & “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” signs
Contact Darron Deranleau at or 206-801-2433. We can rotate them around based on your request which may be a better option than a permanent installation (which would likely be more than $15k via resident-funded Right of Way permit).

City of Shoreline Transportation Master Plan Update
View Updates Here
Receive project emails throughout the TMP Update process and manage your account at Alert Shoreline. Under News, choose “Transportation Projects and Planning.”

Annual Traffic Report
Guides traffic safety mitigation and road safety related grant pursuits. More information can be found here.

Here is the contact for our Bituminous Surface Treatment:
Kristin Terpstra, P.E.
Engineer II, Capital Projects
(206) 801-2474

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save the Dates:
Petanque Tournament – Friday, July 9th
2021 Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, July 21st
Innis Arden Children’s Reserves Discovery Event – Sunday, August 22nd

Activities will be hosting a Petanque Tournament with the help of the Edmonds Petanque club on Friday, July 9th, 5:30-9:30pm.  Mai Norden is the coordinator for this event.  A flyer with further information will go out soon.

We have good news!  We are planning to go forward with the 2021 Salmon BBQ.  Wednesday, July 21st.  All volunteers will be required to be fully vaccinated.  Reservations will be required to be made in advance, no walk-up tickets will be sold.  Chairs are Lella Norberg and Randi Fattizzi.

For August, Activities will host a family nature event in the reserves on Sunday, August 22nd starting at noon.  The camp will be led by a representative from Kruckeberg botanic garden.  Brian Branagan and Rissa Sanchez are the leads for the event.

Our next meeting is Monday June 7th at 7PM via Zoom (or maybe on the clubhouse patio if weather permits!)

Meeting was adjourned approximately 8:56pm.

If you are new or have changed your phone number and/or email address, please email updates to and be sure to include your address!