The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Jeff Gough. Board members present: Jeff Gough, BJ Oneal, Cindy Esselman, Steve Johnston, Mary Ruhlman, Jason Barth, and Bruce Vincent.

PRESIDENT, Jeff Gough –
Bylaw amendments have been drafted and proposed related to lowering the threshold for a quorum to 34% (in line with RCW 64.38.040); adding / revising language to better accommodate electronic meetings, notices, and voting; and accommodating a solar panel policy. The proposed bylaw revisions will be voted on by the Board of Directors at the following Board Meeting – scheduled for April 13th. The proposed changes are available for community review and comments and are posted online at Please send any concerns to so they can be considered leading up to the April vote.

Club attorneys continue to work with the City on finalizing an agreement related to addressing the erosion concerns at Storm Creek. The draft agreement has been in the City’s hands for over a month and we have made multiple attempts to get status updates and progress.

Conversations have continued with the Innis Arden Swim Club related to an administrative consolidation of their entity under the HOA.

Please ensure you are not posting signs on your property in violation of Covenant 12. A handful of homes are prominently displaying signs and will be sent courtesy reminders to remove them to avoid formal compliance notices.

A new neighbor guide has been created to distribute to homeowners moving into Innis Arden. This guide is intended to provide proactive education related to complying with the covenants and will hopefully create better alignment around expectations and compliance within the neighborhood.

Hjelle: Ms. Hjelle’s counsel indicated that she planned to cut the Alaska Weeping Cedar on the property which is over roof height and which does not require a City permit to cut. Ms. Hjelle also recently submitted additional application materials to the City for height reducing other vegetation on her property that requires City permits and the City recently determined that the application is complete. The Club through its counsel is monitoring the situation and has asked that both the City and Ms. Hjelle provide updates in the event any permit decision is made or any actions are taken. The Club plans to proceed with additional compliance proceedings should those be necessary to achieve compliance.

BJ and Jeff visited the home of property owner at 824 Innis Arden Dr. on 02/20/21 and observed potentially out of compliance vegetation at the property located at 933 NW Richmond Beach Rd. This is a longstanding compliance matter that was initially brought to the board in early 2020. BJ left the homeowner of the property at 933 NW Richmond Beach Rd. a voicemail on 02/20/21 and on 03/08/21 with respect to this matter. BJ made a motion, which was seconded, and voted yes unanimously to hold a vegetation compliance hearing for the property of 933 NW Richmond Beach Rd. for Tuesday 05/04/21 at 6PM via Zoom videoconferencing.

The property at 187602 Ridgefield Rd, which was found to be out of compliance by the board, has now submitted permits for managing the out of compliance vegetation and will hopefully be hearing back from the City soon on rectifying the situation.

BJ and Jeff visited the home of property owner at 1032 NW 175th on 03/06/21 to view several compliance requests that were brought forth by those property owners in 08/2020. While there has been progress on restoring views of sound and mountains, additional work appears necessary. BJ will be following up with the respective neighbors in the coming weeks to discuss how to address the issues.

17759 13th Ave NW
Solar panels

The solar panels are proposed for the west and south facing roof. They are to be mounted directly to the roof deck and flush with the slope of the roof. All mounting equipment will be non reflective and harmonious in color to the roofing surface. All neighbors have signed off with no concerns.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously.
Approve the proposed solar panel project for the Runions residence, 17759 13th Ave NW

1521 NW 188th St
Kitchen remodel

The proposed project involves 2 bump outs, extending the existing footprint in the area of the kitchen to accommodate an interior kitchen/ laundry room remodel. Both extensions occur within the existing roof overhang. All neighbors have signed off with no concerns. No impact to outlook or views.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously.
Approve the proposed kitchen addition for the Sheldahl residence at 1521 NW 188th St.

17001 14th Ave NW
Bedroom addition

The project proposes to add two bedrooms and bath totaling @290 sf to an existing @ 2,800sf home. The addition is proposed on the first level of the home and to extend east towards the front of the home. All neighbors have signed off with no reservations. There is no impact to outlook or view.

The following motion was made, seconded and approved unanimously.
Approve the proposed remodel addition for the Wilcox residence at 17001 14th Ave NW.

A proposed solar panel policy was discussed and is up on the website for neighborhood review. The proposed policy will be reviewed for approval at the April meeting.

April Building and Remodel Agenda:
17747 15th Ave NW
Solar Panels

TREASURER, Jason Barth –
Treasurer has been keeping an eye on dues collections, while also working with previous treasurer on delinquent accounts.

At the close of January our Operating Checking was $ 42,314, Collections Savings was $162,163, and the Asset Reserve Savings was $441,138.

SECRETARY, Dave Fosmire –
No report this month.

CLUBHOUSE, Mary Ruhlman
There were no rentals for the month of February and no scheduled Clubhouse rentals in the near future.

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse after King County enters a re-opening phase that permits rentals, please contact Cheryl Malone at 206-542-5558 or

GROUNDS, Bruce Vincent –
*Weekly maintenance and seasonal pruning continued during March.
*25 cubic yards of new bark was added to the turn-around island and the planters just east & west of the Club House u-shape entry driveway.

Main Entrance:
*Weekly maintenance and seasonal pruning continuing during March.
*There was some minor damage to a few sprinkler heads and landscaping from City snow plowing. Adrian is addressing these during his weekly work.
*Near the south side of the entrance, adjacent to the 6 ft cedar fencing, Adrian continues to find trash and many cigarette butts each week. We agreed to limb up the trees and plantings in the area to improve the visibility from the street and walking paths in an effort to reduce loitering. Will continue to monitor for improvement.

Right-of-Way Trees:
*18008 13th Ave NW, Joseph’s:  Trees were removed, the stumps ground 12” below grade, and it was inspected by the City.  Will locate the six new replacement trees with the Joseph’s and AS Landscaping will plant them.

Other Items:
*Retaining Wall Replacement: Will continue to review options to present to the board for review and comment.

*Parking Lot Railing: Repairing the railing and detailing a possible added steel post repair/cap retrofit will be studied.  The existing posts and railings are extremely heavy duty and may have a long lifetime if a repair and reinforcement detail can be developed in the near future.

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –
Trails Maintenance
Trail maintenance and re-graveling continued primarily in Eagle Reserve and Blue Heron Reserve.

Plant Maintenance and Invasive Control
The invasive control and native plant crew continued cutting back Himalayan Blackberry cane, planting native shrubs, mulching and doing other seasonally appropriate plant management work in several of the reserves.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save the Dates:
Egg Scramble and Scavenger hunt – Saturday, April 3rd, 10-11:30 am.
Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, July 28th (TBD)

The Egg Scramble and Scavenger hunt will be organized for the kids to have some fun with social distancing.  Kids of all ages are welcome.  A flyer with full details will be out soon.

We have set Wednesday, July 28th for this year’s Salmon BBQ.  Our hope is that things will progress enough by then that we can bring back one of our longest traditions.

Our next meeting is Monday, April 5th, 7pm via zoom.  Please join us!

Meeting was adjourned approximately 8:27PM.