The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM by Omar Nur. Board members in attendance:             Cynthia Esselman, Omar Nur, Alecia Craft, Sean Chittenden, Steve Johnston, Jason Barth, and Brian Branagan Jennifer Mace

Absent: Steve Johnston

PRESIDENT/Legal Affairs, Omar Nur –

Motion to Approve February 2023 minutes. Seconded and unanimous vote in favor
Motion to Approve January 2023 minutes. Seconded and unanimous vote in favor.


Dog attack on the afternoon of February 28, near the intersection of 13th ave NW and 12th Ave NW, a woman was walking with three dogs, lost control of them and caused injury to another woman (also walking a dog) who later had to treat at the ER. The other person involved left the scene without providing information. If you have any information or if you were involved, please reach out to me:

Executive Session on March 2, 2023.


A Lien Release request was made for the property at: 18280 Springdale Ct NW. The lien was for outstanding dues, which have now been paid in full. We received confirmation from our counsel that the lien release was recorded on March 14, 2023.

We continue to monitor the legislature regarding housing bills this session. At present these bills either have exceptions for existing HOAs, or are silent on HOAs, which would allow our covenants to prevail in such circumstances. We will continue to monitor these bills.

Swim Club Lease discussions were last had on February 9th when we worked through the entire document. There are a few terms we’re looking in to and will do some further finalizations before signing.

Vice President, Cynthia Esselman –


Spoke with the Shoreline Police Department and they’re going to have a larger than usual police presence in the reserves on 4/20/2023.

Nothing else to report.

COMPLIANCE, Sean Chittenden –

– 18029 13th Ave NW (Hjelle)

– Visiting site on 24th w/ the rest of TIAC board

IT Modernization

– Worked with Innis Arden Activities Committee to clarify EIN situation

– Received last of the 501(c)(3) information required to pursue the use of various service desk and document services.


Cindy proposed a motion to approve the following Solar Panel projects in the neighborhood.  All motions passed unanimously.

  • Wenokur, Alan
    16921 14thAve NW
    Innis Arden, WA 98177
    Solar Panels
  • Kim, Kelly
    17739 13thAve NW
    Innis Arden, WA 98177
    Solar Panels

 April Building and Remodel Agenda Items:

  • Ginsey
    18720 Ridgefield RD NW
    Innis Arden, WA 98177
  • Puetz-Heng
    17259 13th Ave NW
    Innis Arden, WA 98177

TREASURER, Jennifer Mace –

At the close of February 2023, our Operating Checking was $293,949, Collections Savings was $2,223, and the Asset Reserves Savings was $321,368.


This month we met with Shoreline Fire to renew our permit for the clubhouse. We also met with Adrian to go over spring grounds plans, which will include adding mulch in areas along the fence line behind the playground. Plans are being made for the generous donation of 2 memorial benches from the Staley family near the pickleball and tennis courts.

An Innis Arden neighbor had a frightening encounter with an eager dog and her toddlers and would like us to remind the community that the clubhouse grounds are not an “off-leash” park. There are numerous signs posted and we ask that neighbors be respectful of others (especially children) who may not enjoy your very friendly dog’s attention!

Clubhouse rentals for February: Two

Clubhouse rentals for March: Three

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse, please contact Joy Griffith at

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

Trail Maintenance and Invasive Plant Control

Seasonally appropriate brush clearing and graveling occurred as usual this past month on the trail system. In addition, trash was cleared from Grouse Reserve. A number of young trees where staked to help them grow upright.

Eagle Erosion

We continue slogging through the surveying, communication, engineering, regulatory and legal issues resulting from the ongoing Storm Creek erosion issue in Eagle Reserve.

ACTIVITIES, Brian Branagan

Save these dates for upcoming events

Winter Gardening Classes:                 Saturday, April 1st, 9:30-11:30am at the clubhouse

Spring Hop (aka Egg Scramble):        Saturday, April 8th, 11am-Noon

Salmon BBQ:                                      Wednesday, July 19th

Wine Tasting:                                      Saturday, September 14th (date under consideration)

Oktoberfest                                         October (Date to be determined)

Halloween Parade                              October 28th or 29th

Holiday Party                                      Sunday, December 3rd


Winter Gardening Classes
Diane O’Neill taught the second of three winter gardening classes on Saturday, March 3rd. Twenty people attended and learned about soil blocking. The final winter gardening class on Square Foot Gardening will be held on April 1st. Please RSVP if you plan to attend because registration is limited. Advance registration for each attendee is required to ensure we have sufficient materials on hand. Novice and experienced gardeners of all ages are welcome, but each child younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


Spring Tennis Program

Innis Arden Tennis is back for a small Spring Session. Registration is now open for Innis Arden residents only. The session runs from April 4th-May10th with one week off for Spring Break, April 24th-April 28th. Classes will be offered in Adult Pickleball, Adult Beginner Tennis, Adult Intermediate Tennis, and two Juniors options. Space is extremely limited so please sign up quickly! To register for the classes go to:


The Future of the Activities Committee
The Activities Committee has not been able to hold the Rummage Sale since 2020 and most of the volunteers who ran it have retired or moved out of the neighborhood.  We are forming a subcommittee to investigate other ways to underwrite the costs of our free events and to subsidize ticket prices for the Salmon BBQ, Wine Tasting, and Ladies’ Night Out.

Next Activities Meeting
Our next meeting is on Monday, April 3, 2023, 7pm, at the clubhouse.

The next HOA Board Meeting will be Tuesday, April 11th, 7PM via zoom.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:27pm.

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