March 12, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Vide President Dave Fosmire. Board members present: Maggie Taber, B.J. Oneal, Brian Branagan, Steve Johnston, Jim McCulloch, Cindy Esselman, and Jeff Gough.

PRESIDENT, Easton Craft –

Carlson litigation: 

Mr. Carlson will be taking Easton Craft’s deposition on March 28th. The Club’s attorney’s requested that the Plaintiffs (Mr. and Mrs. Carlson) provide dates for their depositions. The Club’s attorney’s will take Bob Carlson’s deposition later in March and have asked Carlson for available dates for his wife. The Court has granted the Club’s motion to exclude Peter Eglick and Josh Withed and the original arbiter in the Carlson matter, John Cooper as witnesses for the Plaintiff.



The Club’s attorneys deposed the geotechnical engineers who prepared the report Ms. Hjelle has relied on for her claim that she cannot bring her trees into compliance. The deposition testimony indicated the report was not prepared in compliance with City Code and in fact were not intended to be the kind of reports required by the City for critical areas work. The testimony was that the report made the false assumption that the Club was requiring that the trees in question be entirely removed, stumps and all (which could create a greater chance of instability).  The geotech even admitted that with the proper approach and mitigation the trees could be safely brought into compliance.

Kate Skone, the City planning staff member has also been deposed. The Skone deposition also went well. After the Skone deposition concluded, all parties met and as a result it appears that this matter may now be on a better trajectory. Hjelle’s counsel is working toward having a professional arborist help prepare an application to the City and has asked for more information from the Club on what tree work would suffice.



Mr. Tynan has taken additional steps toward compliance which will allow the Club to instruct its counsel to dismiss the compliance lawsuit concerning the property.



The Nordens brought their vegetation into compliance and have requested a reduction in fines and expenses owed to the Club. Per the bylaws, the Board must hear from IAC members before making a decision on a reduction request. The hearing on the Nordens’ request has been rescheduled for March 13, 2019.


Reserve Trees:

After multiple meetings with City staff by Easton Craft regarding a framework for effectively addressing steps to review the Reserve Tracts, The Club is awaiting a formal proposal from the City.  


Storm Creek: 

There were no additional meetings after the December gathering of neighbor, Club, and City representatives, which was productive. Easton Craft will reach out to the neighbors to schedule a further meeting to discuss next steps to work with the City and Ronald Wastewater.



NOTE: All Compliance hearings are held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse at 7:00PM unless noted otherwise.

There will be a fines reduction hearing for the Nordens on March 13th at the clubhouse at 7PM.

There is an executive session scheduled for 3/13/19 at the clubhouse between 5PM and 7PM to discuss the several ongoing legal matters the club is currently handling as well as communications within the neighborhood.

There is progress with the removal of some view blocking trees in the City ROW as well as a successful neighbor to neighbor resolution resulting in view restoration. 



There were no projects to review for March and no projects for April. Please contact the Building and Remodel Chair if you have any questions on upcoming remodels or additions planned for your home. Also as a reminder, the garden sheds and solar panels require Board approval.


TREASURER, Jeff Gough –

At the close of February, the Club Operating Checking balance was $10,880, the Collections Savings balance was $49,068 and the Asset Reserve Savings was $277,069.  Dues statements have been mailed out and payments are already coming in. Prompt payment of your dues would be much appreciated – thank you!


CLUBHOUSE, Brian Branagan

Club Rentals

February was another quiet month for the clubhouse. I will have a February rental and income report at the April Board meeting.  


Clubhouse Building

We had a WiFi outage in February which was repaired. However, a disconnection was discovered between the WiFi controller the grounds irrigation controller. I am investigating several possible solution that will be in place my early April.

We will be doing a deep cleaning of the clubhouse in mid-March after the Innis Arden Rummage Sale in preparation for a busy spring and summer rental season.


GROUNDS, Jim McCulloch –

2019 Objectives for the Grounds Committee:

  • Maintain and improve the existing lawn and planting beds around the Clubhouse
  • Maintain the Innis Arden Main Entrance and other Innis Arden Entrances.
  • Improve lawn areas by removing moss and re-seeding.


Work Items Completed Last Month:  

  • Main Entrance:
    • Weekly maintenance.
    • Seasonal pruning.
  • Grounds:
    • Weekly maintenance.
    • Seasonal pruning
    • Added irrigation heads in the south field to provide a more uniform coverage; this completes the main ground area irrigation upgrades.

Work Items Scheduled this Month:

  • Continue weekly maintenance of Grounds and Entrances, including removal of leaves and cutting back of entrance grasses.
  • Remove moss and re-seed southwest field; protect with temporary fencing until new grass is established.
  • Aerate and fertilize grounds area per contract.


ROW  Trees

  • 1463 NW 186th St: (One 18” deciduous):  Permit received; removal is scheduled for Thursday, 3/14/19, by Ballard Tree Service.
  • 18742 Ridgefield Rd. NW (One 30”Conifer):  Proceeding with hazardous tree assessment due to previous topping, then obtaining appropriate permit with City depending on tree assessment outcome.
  • 16904 14th Ave NW (Two 14” Conifers):  City confirmed location of trees are within ROW; proceeding with City permitting process.


Other Items

  • Renewal of ASL (Grounds Maintenance Contractor) Contract
  • Chair will be soliciting community for possible alternative uses for the current patanque court.
  • Motion made, seconded, and unanimously passed to renew the annual contract for the current grounds crew.


NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

As we move, finally, into early Spring, things are getting busier with our Natural Reserves projects.


Spring Planting

Close to 200 native small to medium sized trees have been planted so far in Bear, Running Water and Blue Heron reserves. Another 100 excelsa cedars, a low growing variety of our native Western Red Cedar, have been procured and will soon be planted.


Hazardous Tree Removals

9 hazardous trees – alder and big leaf maple –  in Blue Heron, and 5 hazardous trees – senescent alders – in Eagle Reserve have been approved by the city for removal and replacement. This should occur in the next few weeks. The trees all have disease or other serious defects. Replacement trees will be planted in the fall.



We have scrapped away the heavy 2″ construction rock at the east end of the Bear Reserve trail, and re-graveled it  with 1/4 minus crushed rock. This will make walking, running and even biking on the trail a better experience.

New handrails were installed in Blue Heron at the steps near the 14th Ave NW entrance, and also on the short flight of steps directly across from there. 

The steps leading to the metal bridge at the west end of Blue Heron were repaired and re-graveled.

This coming month we will repair the hole in the fence at Boeing Creek


Invasive Control

We have planned out invasive control for the year with Garden Cycles project manages.


ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –

Save the dates:

  • Wine Tasting Evening – Friday, April 12th
  • Egg Scramble – Saturday, April 20th
  • Men’s Night – Saturday, May 18th
  • Annual Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, July 17th
  • Oktoberfest – Saturday, October 5th


The 57th Annual Rummage Sale is in the books! A full report to follow. A huge shout out to everyone who participated – donating, sorting, gathering, setting up the clubhouse and tent, moving all the treasures, pricing, bringing food and beverages and providing general cheerleading.

Grand total over $12,000!


Our next event is the Wine Tasting evening, Friday April 12th.  Please contact Jennifer Buma and Cori Whittaker if you would like to volunteer. Tickets are available on Brown Paper tickets.


Men’s night is Saturday, May 18th. Gage Wagoner and Kelly Sanders are co-chairs. Theme this year is smoked foods and unusual whiskey. Tickets will be available via Brown Paper Tickets:  


Other Pertinent Issues

  • Community discussion about community communications.
  • Concerns by community members and board members brought forth with regard to a resident recording the meeting with an iPad. That resident eventually did stop recording.
  • Community residents are asked to please not call Cole Property Management about Innis Arden community questions and should direct all questions about our community to the board.


Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods:

Please see for the meeting minutes from the Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods.