Mailboxes and Solicitors

Mailbox break-ins:

Yesterday, during the day, the locking mailboxes of at least 2 residences on the 17000 block of 14th NW were pried open and mail stolen. Police were called

This morning at 2:30 on the 17200 block of 13th NW:

I heard a car in front of our bank of mailboxes. Our mailbox is not close to our house but I could tell that someone was trying to break into the boxes. Two of the five boxes have been broken open (all but one are locking). I had mail left in our box; don’t know if we lost any mail as I had not picked up yesterday’s mail. I have alerted our neighbors and reported to police.


If you want to look up licensed solicitors, go to  (scroll to bottom and download PDF file). Currently, these organizations are licensed:

United States Mission Corporation
Evergreen Tree Care (John Duncan Hitt)
Evergreen Tree Care (Alison D. Cook)

Be Alert:

Please be on the lookout for suspicious activity during the day and night while walking and driving through the neighborhood. It would be helpful to have a camera ready.