June Bulletin, Blockwatch Alert, Missing Cat


1)  The June Bulletin is now available.

2)  Blockwatch alert:

There has been a man seen in our neighborhood at least three times who has asked boys if they wanted a ride in his car.  Each time the boys were about 14 -15 years old.  He has been spotted in a red Toyota that is a bit of an older model, and in a white smaller truck.  He is between 50 and 60 years old.  He has darker hair with grey in it, cut fairly short.  He has been described as having a “scruffy” appearance as though he shaves infrequently.   He does not appear to be a large man.  On one occasion he came up from behind a boy walking to water polo practice, and asked the boy if he wanted a ride.  When the boy said no, he immediately headed toward the pool area, and used a driveway to turn around and go back the way he had come from rather than continuing forward.  If you or your children see something like this, please call 911 because the Shoreline Police are anxious to make contact with this individual and to identify him.  If you are able to get the license number, please do and notify Bruce Bartlett (Bruce.Bartlett@kingcounty.gov) and send an email to Carol Solle or LuAnne Perry (lap@lawgate.net) or Chuck Meyer (perry_meyer@msn.com).

3) Missing Cat



  • ·         Missing from 18324 Ridgefield NW
  • ·         Contact:  Lisa Torgersen
  • ·         Cell:  206.313.1930
  • ·         Large (20+ lbs)  long hair orange with white chest and feet, MALE