June Agenda, Wildlife Sighting

June 14th, 2016 7:00 P.M.   

7:00-7:05    Approve meeting Agenda approve minutes of May meeting

          Committee Reports

7:05-7:10   President

  • Welcome
  • Update on lower Boeing Creek Reserve boundary

7:10-7:20              Compliance

  • Petition received for:
    • 1505 NW 186th (owner has made efforts to contact neighbors and The Board about the situation)
  • Compliance hearing scheduled for 16720 15th Ave NW
  • Motion: B&R compliance related to 17425 14th Ave NW
  • 4 compliance matters have been resolved during the past month
  • Redditt litigation update
  • Motion regarding 1450 NW 186th

7:20-7:25   Vice President/Legal affairs

  • Update on Cook fines.

7:25-7:30   Building and Remodels

  • No remodels this month
  • Update on Innis Arden Pool House remodel

7:30-7:40   Treasurer

  • Update on Association Dues and refunds
  • Monthly finance report

7:40-7:45   Secretary

7:45-7:55   Clubhouse

  • Clubhouse rental report
  • Clubhouse maintenance update

7:55-8:05    Grounds

  • Continued questions/concerns about the mysterious holes that are appearing in the lawn/grounds.
  • Plan to tweak the lawn-watering plan.
  • Thanks to Jean Muir and Greg Paquette for working to replace the winter pansies at the entrance in front of the sign with African daisies.

8:05-8:15   Reserves

  • Reserve Report

     8:15-8:25   Activities

  • Upcoming Activities
  • Activities meeting is Monday, July 11th , 7pm

    8:25-8:30  Council of Neighborhoods

    8:30-8:40  Community Comments

Wildlife Sighting in Backyard Adjacent to Coyote Reserve
(see centerfold of Directory for map of reserves)


These images were taken June 13 at 8 PM  on 175th at 14th