The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by President Easton Craft via Zoom. Board members in attendance: Easton Craft, Maggie Taber, Cindy Esselman, Brian Branagan, Dave Fosmire, Jeff Gough, and BJ Oneal.

PRESIDENT, Easton Craft –
No new legal matters are currently before the Board. Our attorneys continue to pursue the Hjelle matter with her attorneys, but as yet have not received a response. We will continue to address the Hjelle matter and will reschedule the compliance hearing when the quarantine has been lifted. The IA Board will hold a compliance hearing for the Bargreen remodel, on June 16th at 6pm.

Other matters, such as the Storm Creek out flow issue and the reserves management will be taken up once the City is back to normal business.

NOTE: All Compliance hearings are held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse at 7:00PM unless noted otherwise.

The Vice President will attempt to engage a permit expediter to assist Innis Arden residents obtain the necessary permits to be in compliance with the Innis Arden covenants. The Bargreens will be notified of a Compliance Hearing on June 16th to be held via Zoom. The Josephs will be given a new compliance deadline after which fines will begin to accrue.

The following major projects were on the agenda for review:
• Joseph Rebuild – 18008 13th Ave NW

• Barth Rebuild 18429 17th Ave NW

Because of Covid-19 State restrictions, the Board has been unable to meet with neighbors, review the plans and site conditions. Therefore, the Board is unable to review the two projects before us this evening. With the recent lifting of restrictions, the intent is for a July review.

As a procedural vote, the following two motions were made:
The motion was made to deny the Joseph rebuild without prejudice due to the Covid-19 restrictions. The Board has been unable to perform the site and plan review of the proposed remodel required by the Innis Arden Building and Remodel process. Passed unanimously.

The motion was made to deny the Barth rebuild without prejudice due to the Covid-19 restrictions. The Board has been unable to perform the site and plan review of the proposed remodel required by the Innis Arden Building and Remodel process. Passed unanimously

Old Business: The Bargreen Rebuild 17735 17th Ave NW

The Bargreens were notified on May 14th 2020 that the exterior of their home was to be completed by June 9th or a compliance hearing would occur on June 16th at 6:00PM. The project was not completed at this time, therefore, the compliance meeting will be held as scheduled over Zoom.

July 2020 Building and Remodel Agenda Items:
• Barth: 18429 17th Ave NW Rebuild

• Butler: 18384 Ridgefield RD NW Solar Panels

• Joseph
18008 13th Ave NW Rebuild

TREASURER, Jeff Gough –
Beyond expenses remaining well under-budget, there is little activity to report. At the close of May, our Operating Checking was $27,089, Collections Savings was $342,386, and the Asset Reserve Savings was $295,864.

CLUBHOUSE, Brian Branagan –
All June and July events have been cancelled or rescheduled. The clubhouse will remain closed to events through July. Our next anticipated events are scheduled to occur in August, contingent on guidelines provided by Washington State.

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse for events later this year or in 2021, please contact Cheryl Malone at 206-542-5558 or reservations@innisarden.org.

GROUNDS, Jim McCulloch –
2020 Objectives for the Grounds Committee:
• Maintain and improve the existing lawn and planting beds around the Clubhouse
• Maintain the Innis Arden Main Entrance and other Innis Arden Entrances
• Improve lawn areas by removing moss and re-seeding
• Investigate Capital Repairs/Replacement for Parking Lot Railing and NW Retaining Wall

Work Items Completed Last Month:
• Main Entrance:
o Weekly maintenance
o Started Irrigation system
o Mulched planted areas

• Grounds:
o Weekly maintenance
o Started Irrigation system

Work Items Scheduled this Month:
• Continue weekly maintenance of Grounds and Entrances
• Continue restoration of triangle area by adding chips to path areas and planting additional rock roses
• Aerate and fertilize lawn areas

ROW Trees
• Begin permit process for tree removal in front of 18008 13th Ave NW (Joseph property)

Other Items
• No other items

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –
May 2020 brought a good amount of rainfall and vibrant springtime growth of many of the plants and flowers we planted over the past several years. Many of us were out walking the trails and enjoying the Reserves. On the management side of things, there is not a lot of activity to report, other than routine weed whacking on the trails and the removal of an unauthorized swing someone had attached to the Boeing Creek railroad pedestrian underpass. However, things are starting to pick up again, and there will be more to report for June, including the removal of graffiti from the railroad underpass.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save The Dates:
Annual IA Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, September 2nd – NOTE NEW DATE!!!
IA Wine Tasting – new date TBD
Oktoberfest – Saturday, October 3rd
Holiday Party – TBD

We held our first ever “Zoom” activities meeting on Monday, June 1st. It was good to see and talk to each other, even if it was just on a screen. First order of business was to move the Annual Salmon BBQ to September 2nd. Details of just how it will look are still being worked out, and will be dependent on what Phase King County can get to by then.

As indicated last month, we are keeping our other previously scheduled events on the calendar, with the hope that things will ease up and allow for us to get back to regular activities.

Note: Several items that were left behind in the clubhouse kitchen during Rummage set up. Blue with silver top water bottle, glass bowl with hearts and a gray IKEA platter.

Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods:
Please see http://www.shorelinewa.gov/our-city/neighborhoods/council-of-neighborhoods/con-minutes for the meeting minutes from the Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods.

Community Comments:
A community member shared concerns about the Iris Trail Head being advertised on the City of Shoreline website and that leading to an increase in folks loitering, setting off fireworks, and such. He will be writing a letter and the board is happy to support that cause.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:54 PM