The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Jeff Gough. Board members present: Jeff Gough, Dave Fosmire, Mary Ruhlman, Bruce Vincent, Steve Johnston & Maggie Taber.

PRESIDENT, Jeff Gough –
The Board and community discussed renewing the expanded Swim Club operations. Given there have been some dilemmas encountered in simply approving the renewal, the Board declined to renew the proposal without some modifications and considerations being made. The Board has asked the Swim Club to submit a modified proposal and the following motion was made and passed unanimously:
Whereas the Club Board previously passed a motion on September 8, 2020, to approve the Swim Club’s expanded winter operations and leases to third party clubs for a trial period; and

Whereas that trial period has now expired, and certain complaints, concerns, and potential liabilities associated with the Swim Club’s expanded operations and leases have arisen:

I move that the Board decline to renew consent for such operations and subleases and instead request that the Swim Club submit an updated proposal that includes, to the Board’s satisfaction, adequate mitigation efforts and agreeable operations.

The Board does not want to be disruptive to the Swim Club’s operations and hopes to find a viable path forward quickly.

The Storm Creek agreement with the City appears to be in final stages, nearing execution. We don’t anticipate any obstacles at this point.

Notices will be sent out to homeowners who have signs on their property, reminding them of their obligations under Covenant X to maintain visual harmony and keep Innis Arden free of clutter. There was also a motion made regarding a homeowner who has displayed a large sign / banner after having previous compliance rulings for the same / similar violations. The following motion was made and passed unanimously:
I move we adopt a motion to send a letter of compliance violation to the homeowner at 17730 14th Ave NW to set a hearing. Such compliance hearing shall be regardless of whether the sign has been removed to establish ongoing rules and associated consequences into the future for this repeated violation.

A motion was also made to hold an Executive session between now and the next monthly Board meeting to meet with Legal counsel regarding Storm Creek, vegetation and right-of-way matters with the City, and the Swim Club. The motion was passed unanimously.

Compliance update:
– BJ and Jeff visited home of 18015 15th Ave NW on 05/16/21 to view and discuss view
blocking vegetation and will be following up on that matter with all involved neighbors.
– The board has still not received a compliance vegetation plan for the property located at
933 NW Richmond Beach Rd. The hearing was held on 05/04/21 and the owner of that
property was given 45 days to submit a plan to the board for review. That property is now
pending sale and the real estate agents are aware of the active compliance issue on this
property. They have been provided with the written motion that was unanimously passed
by the board.


17285 15th Ave NW
Revision of Solar Panel Project

A new roof installed solar panel project that was approved last year using a Tesla Solar Roof is now proposing to use Solaria Power XT panels. This was due to both cost and delivery times.
The following motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.
Approve the proposed revised solar panel project located at 17285 15th Ave NW.

Note: The presentation prepared personally by the Edick’s for the revised solar panels is the most extensive and well-prepared proposal the IA Board has seen to-date. It clearly showed how any potential impacts to neighbors’ views and possible panel reflection/glare were mitigated. As a result, all neighbors have approved the panel revision plans.

18011 10th Ave NW

This proposal is for the removal of the exiting home and the construction of a larger new home. The submitted “String Line & Review” set of plans overlay the proposed new home over the existing home in both site plans, floor plans, and elevations. The proposed new roof line is slightly lower than the existing roof and the hipped roof on the north elevation slightly increases views for both neighboring homes to the east. A very large existing chimney to be removed will be replaced with a relocated smaller volume chimney that is lower in height. The proposed new home & garage expand 11 feet southward a new building setback of 14 feet (10ft min allowed) of the southern property that abuts a non-IA plat. The new 3+ car garage extends an additional 23.5 feet eastward from the existing garage. The new garage location will impact some views from 18005 10th Ave NW, however those views are not protected over non-IA platted land. Existing vegetation on these non-IA lots is already impacting views from both the proposed lot (18011), 18005 10th NW, and 1000 NW 180th St. This proposal did not include exterior materials selections, exterior lighting selections, color selections, solar plans, nor driveway entry improvements.
This proposal shall include the submittal of the Boundary Line & Topographical survey of the existing home and property that is stamped by a WA State licensed surveyor (PDF file). Upon completion of all exterior building and hardscape construction, the owners shall submit a revised survey, by the same licensed surveyor or approved, that confirms the new construction (overlay) meets the dimensions of the submitted “String Line & Review” set dated 4/12/2021.

The following motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.
Approve the proposed revised solar panel project located at 18011 10th Ave NW.

July Building and Remodeling agenda:
16921 14th Ave NW
Deck expansion

TREASURER, Jason Barth –
At the close of May, our Operating Checking was $88,854, Collections Savings was $162,167, and the Asset Reserve Savings was $441,150.

SECRETARY, Dave Fosmire –
No report this month.

CLUBHOUSE, Mary Ruhlman –
No report this month.

GROUNDS, Bruce Vincent –
*Weekly maintenance and seasonal pruning continued during May.
*Grass cutting will continue during the growing season.
*Irrigation of all grounds areas will continue for the entire season. A persistent problem with the main irrigation valve operation will be diagnosed, and hopefully repaired, by Northern Waters on July 8th.
*Overgrown vegetation in the NW corner, below the retaining wall, will be removed and cleaned up this month.

Main Entrance:
*Weekly maintenance and seasonal pruning continuing during May.
*Still monitoring the non-resident chain smoking litter bug that is seen on almost a daily basis, near the south side of the entrance by the new cedar fencing. AS Landscaping will clean up litter as needed and prune up more tree limbs and plantings to improve the visibility of the area from the street. We will continue to engage the individual in an effort to gain voluntary cleanup of their own litter. Detective Soderstrom is aware of the issue and will inform the Off-Duty officers working in IA.
*New cedar fence (SE off 18533 8th Ave NW): staining still pending.
*Ballard tree will be performing more pruning of dangerous hanging, or dead, limbs on the fir trees and removing a severely leaning tree and some dead trees along the SW side. Following Firewise wildfire protection practices for defensible spaces of adjoining homes and property, all dead tree materials will be cleaned up and removed. A home on one of properties adjoining the entrance reserve property has a wood shake roof. Any fire, or even wildfire, near this home could be devastating.

Grounds Capital Improvements:
*NW Wood Crib Retaining Wall: Aspect Consulting conducted onsite a geotechnical investigation on 6/2/2021. Three test pits were dug with a small track-hoe excavator as the geotechnical inspectors viewed and tested the soils removed from each test pit. The existing backfill behind retaining wall was mostly loose sand and gravel (pit run) with various broken pieces of old concrete and asphalt found in each test pit. Based on this onsite inspection Aspect will provide a Geotechnical Report in early July that will include evaluating either a replacement MSE type modular concrete faced retaining wall system or simply permanent sloping of this area upward near the edge of the asphalt walking path. If a new retaining wall is installed, a new fence will be installed along the top of the wall due to guardrail code requirements. If the wall is removed and the areas permanently sloped and landscaped, a new fence will be installed along the property lines to secure IAC Grounds property from the ROW and private property. Design options and estimated costs will be presented to the IAC Community for review and comment.
*Parking Lot Railing Repairs or Replacement: No update.

ROW, Bruce Vincent

Right-of-Way Trees:
*18008 13th Ave NW, Joseph’s: Planting of the replacement trees is still pending alternate planting location options with the City.
*1010 & 1022 NW 175th St.: Pruning of dangerous hanging dead limbs and trimming of lower limbs on three trees behind both properties.

SECURITY, Bruce Vincent

City of Shoreline IA Reserves Park North Park Entrance (15th Ave NW):
*Andrew Sledziewski confirmed that a new lockable gate has been installed at the north park entrance. The gate is being locked by a KCSO Police Deputy/s and unlocked by a City Parks Department employee. *The installation of a new streetlight to illuminate the ROW at the entrance is still pending City of Shoreline action.

Trial Program Proposal for Off-Duty Shoreline Police/KCSO Deputy Officers Patrolling IA

The following motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously by the Board.

Whereas this trail Off-Duty program was presented to the Board and Community at the May 11th Board Meeting for review and comments, and the Board has largely received broad community support to proceed with this trail program.

Whereas the trial period monthly hours can be increased, or decreased, as needed for specific issues or events, and/or can be cancelled by the Board at any time as agreed to by a Board motion and vote.

I move to engage in the Trial Off-Duty program, as proposed and specified below (see Details & Parameters) through year ending December 2021.

Off-Duty Trial Program Details & Parameters:

• 16 to 20 hours per month
• Random days
• Random time frames between 2pm & Midnight
• IA can add additional coverage as needed for specific events, areas, or other issues as they arise.

• Monthly estimated costs at $1200 to $1500/per month plus additional authorized hours.

Trial Period & Budget:
• Mid-June thru December 2021 (Can pause, or terminate, at any date IA selects)
• Total estimated costs $7800 to $9750 for the 6.5 mo. trial period, plus additional authorized hours.
• Proposed IA Budget: $8000 to $10,000

Deputy Officers:
• KCSO/Shoreline Police officers only. (No KCSO “pool” officers, or officers that do not regularly work in the City of Shoreline unless unavailable).
• Will be in full duty uniforms and fully geared up during patrols in marked, or unmarked KCSO vehicles.
• Will perform all the same duties they perform when on active KCSO/SP duty, such as license plate checks, stops, ID checks, arrests, etc…
• Will have the full resources of the KCSO available to them at all times while working “Off-Duty”.

Initial Areas of Focus:
• Specific areas noted in IA call data with unresolved repeated call activities.
• Additional show of Police presence by patrolling all roadways in IA on random days, at random times (racing, speeding, etc…)
• Boeing Creek Reserve entry gate area to beach. Vandalism, non-resident use, unauthorized activities, after hour use, etc…
• Lower Blue Heron Reserve beach access & street parking/use on 17th Ave & PL NW. (Same issues as Boeing Creek Reserve noted above)
• IA Clubhouse Grounds: After hours/dark use, equipment shed vandalism, etc…
• North Entrance of the City IA Reserve Park (15th Ave NW) : After hours use & criminal activities in the dead end area of the street.
• South Entrance of the City IA Reserve Park (16th Ave NW): After hours use & criminal activities in the dead-end area of the street.

Communication & Feedback:
• Monthly review of Off-Duty Officer hours logged. Quarterly review of IA call data.
• Adjustments will be made as new information is provided either from actual call activity or input from the IA residents and/or the Board.
• One Board Member will be the primary contact with Detective Soderstrom during this trail period, with one other Board Member serving as a backup contact in the event the primary contact is unavailable.

Please Remember:
1. If you don’t report it, the Police will not know about it. If you see something that does not look right, call 911 and tell them it’s “not an emergency”. You’ll be connected to the non-emergency que. Be patient and leave details. Law enforcement is data driven. If you don’t report it, there is no data to support the level of, or type of, criminal activity occurring in specific areas. Online reporting is fast and simple.
2. Help collect detailed information: A photo, or video, can yield valuable information and may help a detective solve one or more cases. A photo, or video, from your surveillance system may also capture the time-of-day, location, a license number, description, etc… that is the piece of the information a detective needs to solve a criminal case. Video doorbells, or other IR video surveillance pointed at, or down, the street in front of your property can be very helpful. The still shots from the videos, with specific details, are easily emailed to the Police when you file a police report. Be sure to store the full video files until the case is resolved or closed.

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –
Trails and Invasive Plant Control
Regular maintenance and seasonally appropriate invasive plant control occurred as planned.

Mini-Bridge at Boeing Creek Tunnel
The mini bridge was replaced on the south side of the Boeing Creek tunnel walkway. It is anchored to the adjacent rocks and allows access to the south side of the beach without jumping the stream.

Reserves Fire Assessment
We are working to set up a professional fire assessment for the reserves. If your property is adjacent to the reserves, or the ocean bluff please visit www.firewise.org for information on how to protect your home from fire.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save the Dates:
Whacky Wednesdays –Wednesday June 23rd – August 25th
Petanque Tournament – Friday July 9th
2021 Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, July 21st
Innis Arden Children’s Reserves Discovery Event – August 22nd
Halloween – We’re planning something fun for the kiddos!

Whacky Wednesdays: Come and join us for Adult Tennis/Pickleball Social every Wednesday starting on 6/23 until 8/25/2021 from 7-9 pm at the Innis Arden Tennis & Basketball courts. All levels welcome! This is a great event to meet other tennis/ pickleball players in our neighborhood. Please bring your own tennis rackets, paddle, and balls.

Activities will be hosting a Petanque Tournament with the help of the Edmonds Petanque club on Friday, July 9th, 5:30-9:30pm. We will have some pizza to share (BYOB) and a few sets of boules available. Mai Norden is the coordinator for this event. A flyer with further information will go out shortly.

Plans for the 2021 Salmon BBQ are in the works. Wednesday, July 21st. Tickets will need to be purchased two weeks ahead so we can have an accurate head count for the food. All volunteers will be required to be vaccinated. Chairs are Randi Fattizzi and Lella Norberg.

For August, Activities will host a family nature event in the reserves. The camp will be led by a representative from Kruckeberg Botanic Garden. Brian Branagan and Rissa Sanchez are the leads for this event.

There will be no Brewfest for 2021 due to Covid19.

Holiday Party – if no one steps up to chair the event, there will not be one this year.

Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 6th, 7pm, outside of the clubhouse on the patio (rescheduled from Monday, July 5th, due to the 4th of July Holiday).

Meeting was adjourned approximately 8:40pm.

If you are new or have changed your phone number and/or email address, please email updates to communications@innisarden.org and be sure to include your address!