Jan 8, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by President Easton Craft. Board members present: Easton Craft, Maggie Taber, Cindy Esselman, Jim McCulloch, B.J. Oneal, and Jeff Gough.

PRESIDENT, Easton Craft –

Carlson litigation: The Club’s attorneys declined Plaintiffs’ belated demand that the Club and its President appear for discovery depositions a few days after Christmas and asked that Plaintiff Carlson contact us to confer about the conduct of discovery. So far, he has not responded.

Hjelle: Following up on a site visit on her property with the Club’s geotech consultant for the matter, E&W took Ms. Hjelle’s deposition on December 20. It was instructive in terms of her approach.

Tynan: Club Board will review the situation with a site visit this weekend with Mr. Tynan to try to resolve this outside of the pending lawsuit.  

Norden: Per Dave, the Club has written to Norden proposing a February date or a March date concerning her (apparent) request for a reduction in accrued fines.

Reserve Trees: I have met with the City several times over the past month to discuss the Club’s management of the view preservation in the Reserve tracts. The meetings have been productive and mainly focused on the process and permits necessary for a broad-based plan (much like a previously discussed VMP).  The City has offered to work with the Club to ensure we can create a standardized set of criteria (geotech, mitigation, critical area) which will allow the City to issue permits for tree removal more expeditiously.

Other legal matters:

Storm Creek:  Per the City Attorney’s request, Peter Eglick and Easton Craft attended a December 18 City Hall meeting of all stakeholders including City officials. The meeting was productive.


NOTE: All Compliance hearings are held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse at 7:00PM unless noted otherwise.

There will be a fines reduction hearing for the Nordens on February 13th at the clubhouse at 7PM.


Bargreen Master Bedroom Deck
17735 17th Ave NW
Motion unanimously passed

No Remodels for February

TREASURER, Jeff Gough –

The 2019 Proposed Budget was sent out to the community.  It reflected no change in annual dues from the prior year ($735).  Beyond the letter that accompanied the 2019 proposed budget, additional commentary and a summary of our 2018 financial performance will be discussed at the Annual Meeting on January 16th.

An annual contribution to our Asset Reserve account in the amount of $50,380 was made on December 24th.  At the close of December, the Club Operating Checking balance was $29,197, the Collections Savings balance was $70,690, and the Asset Reserve Savings was $277,042.

CLUBHOUSE, Brian Branagan

Clubhouse Rentals

  • December events included the Innis Arden Holiday Gala, a bi-weekly exercise class, and private Christmas parties. 
  • Income for December was $600 while deposit refunds of $525.

GROUNDS, Jim McCulloch –

2019 Objectives for the Grounds Committee are as follows:

  • Maintain and improve the existing lawn and planting beds around the Clubhouse
  • Maintain the Innis Arden Main Entrance and other Innis Arden Entrances.
  • Upgrade existing irrigation system to be more efficient and cost effective

Work Items Completed Last Month:  

  • Main Entrance:
    • Weekly maintenance.
    • Seasonal pruning.
  • Grounds:
    • Weekly maintenance.
    • Seasonal pruning.

Work Items Scheduled this Month:

  • Continue weekly maintenance of Grounds and Entrances, including removal of leaves and cutting back of entrance grasses.
  • Continue Grounds Irrigation upgrades to improve coverage of brown spots developed over the summer as budget permits.

ROW  Trees

  • 1463 NW 186th St: (One 18” deciduous):  Permit expected back from City next week; removal will then be scheduled.
  • 18742 Ridgefield Rd. NW (One 30”Conifer):  Confirming permit requirements with City due to critical area.
  • 16904 14th Ave NW (Two 14” Conifers):  City confirming location of trees relative to ROW line.

Other Items

  • Chair will be soliciting community for possible alternative uses for the current patanque court.

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

Trail Maintenance 

We are in the process of adding gravel to muddy spots in the trail as needed in Blue Heron and Running Water Reserves.  The western part of Blue Heron is complete. All re-graveling should be complete by mid-January

Invasive Control

Garden Cycles invasive control work is in progress. The crew is targeting blackberry and sweeping several reserves for English Laurel and Holly.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –

Save the dates:

  • Rummage set up Saturday through Friday, March 2nd-8th
  • 2019 Rummage Sale – Saturday/Sunday, March 9th & 10th
  • Wine Tasting Event – Friday, April 12th
  • Easter Egg Scramble – Saturday, April 20th
  • Annual Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, July 17th

Other proposed events for 2019, dates TBD:  Men’s Night Out, Movie & overnight sleepover on the field and Oktoberfest.  If you have any great ideas let us know.

Upcoming Rummage collection dates:

  • Saturday, 1/19/2019 from 10am-noon
  • Saturday, 2/16/2019 from 10am-noon
  • Monday, 2/25/2019 from 11am-1pm

Please contact Maggie Taber if you have any questions.

The Activities Committee officers for 2019 are:

  • President – Randi Fattizzi
  • Activities Chair/Board Representative – Maggie Taber
  • Co-Secretaries – Belinda Leung and Ann Garnsey-Harter
  • Treasurer – Stephen Barrett

Rummage collection is going well.  This is a great time to clean out your closets, garage or garden shed!  We will be sending out a request for volunteers via Signup Genius soon.  Please consider helping in any way you can.

Julie and Kelly Sanders are very interested in having someone help them with the Holiday Party this year.  They are looking to transition out of chairing.  Julie says that having her family do the Holiday Party has been a great way to get the whole family involved in the community and create lifelong memories.

Our next Activities meeting will be Monday, Feb 4th at 7pm in the clubhouse.  Please join us!

Other Pertinent Issues

A motion as made and unanimously passed to remove Harley O’Neil on the Wells Fargo Bank Account and add Jeff Gough onto that account. Here is the specific wording that was presented and passed:

“I move to recognize that Harley O’Neil is no longer acting as an officer in control of any Innis Arden Club, Inc. affairs and that Jefffey Gough be added as a key executive in regard to the Innis Arden Club’s banking relationships.”

Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods:

Please see http://www.shorelinewa.gov/our-city/neighborhoods/council-of-neighborhoods/con-minutes for the meeting minutes from the Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods.