Innis Arden Home Owner’s Association Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Innis Arden a Puget Sound and Mountain view protected community?

Absolutely! Innis Arden is a very special, unique, and coveted neighborhood for many reasons, but sound and mountain view protection is right at the top of the list. Please take the time to read the Innis Arden Covenants and Bylaws which can be found at

Sound and mountain view protection helps support property values for all Innis Arden residents (even those without sound and mountain views). There are several guidelines that are applicable to view protection in Innis Arden (e.g., Covenant 4 {having to do with building and remodeling and neighborhood harmony}, Covenant 10 {having to do with heights of trees, fences, and hedges}, Covenant 11 {having to do with nuisance, spite, or undesirable things}, and the Tree Height Amendment).

The board of directors would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have about how these guidelines have been applied in the past. There have been a variety of legal conclusions/findings that consistently support the board in enforcing the covenants and preserving views of the sound and mountains for Innis Arden residents. As you will find, the Covenants and Bylaws are not written in the most user-friendly of language and some have asked us to re-word these documents with less legal wording. Unfortunately, Covenants and Bylaws are in legal documents and many of the words contained within are used with specific legal purpose. It may take you a few reads before you get a sense for it all, and the board will do its best to help explain things further, should you get stuck.

Another common misunderstanding by lot owners is that as long as their vegetation is below roof height they are in compliance with the covenants. In fact, well before the Tree Height Amendment was adopted, sound and mountain views were being protected and restored. Even since the Tree Height Amendment was instituted the board still relies on other covenants (e.g., Covenants 10 and 11) to protect and restore sound and mountain views. There have been multiple times over the years where the board has found properties out of compliance if one lot owner’s property impedes another lot owner’s sound and mountain views, even if the vegetation is below roof height.

We strongly encourage you to get to know your neighbors and make sure your property is not having a negative impact on the sound and mountain views of those around you. There are times when the board must get involved with assisting neighbors in the compliance process which may lead to a compliance hearing. Should you be found out of compliance, the board may enforce fines and other penalties (e.g., a lien on your property) until your property becomes compliant. While the compliance process can be stressful for all parties involved, it is an important element of this special neighborhood to assure that lot owners have full enjoyment of the sound and mountain views that they are entitled to. Please feel free to contact the board if you need assistance about how to keep your property in compliance with the neighborhood guidelines or have any other questions in this regard. Being proactive and neighborly with regard to making sure your property does not obstruct the sound and mountain views of those around you is the best way to avoid compliance matters.

  1. Can I build or remodel my home in this neighborhood?

You bet! Many of the homes in Innis Arden have gone through extensive remodels/rebuilds and we very much support improving our neighborhood in this manner. It is important to know, however, that we have a structured and specific building and remodel application process that, while at times may seem arduous, was put in place for the important purpose of ensuring homes that are remodeled/rebuilt are in harmony with the neighborhood and do not obstruct sound/mountain views. Please see for details about the building /remodel process and/or get in contact with the current building/remodel chair at

  1. Is there a board of directors for this neighborhood and if so, can you please tell us about becoming a board member and what they do?

Yes, there is a board of directors in this neighborhood and you can learn who they are and what their jobs entail by going to the Board of Directors tab on the official Innis Arden website which can be found at Please see the Bylaws at for details about the process of becoming a board member. Being on the board, while at times challenging, is a very interesting and neat way to give back to this wonderful community. Please feel free to contact any board member to ask questions about joining the board if you have interest.

  1. What is the annual meeting and how do I vote for board members and other issues up for vote?

The Annual Meeting occurs every January and is a time for community members to hear from the board about the prior year, budget/dues, and prospective board members. All lot owners get a ballot mailed to them beforehand and there are several ways to cast a vote, be it electronically, through a proxy (someone else that you designate to turn your ballot in), or in person at the meeting. In order to have a quorum to accomplish these tasks, we need the majority of lot owners to vote. In past years, there have been times when we did not reach a quorum and it can really put the community in a bind; so PLEASE make sure you vote each year. Should you have questions about the ballot or Annual Meeting process, please see the Bylaws at and/or ask any one of the current board members.

  1. If I want to get involved in the community, are there other ways to get involved besides joining the board of directors?

Absolutely! The Innis Arden Board is a volunteer board and we are always looking for help from the community. Often times you can hear about volunteer opportunities by attending a board meeting (these are almost always held the second Tuesday of each month at the clubhouse at 7PM). Also, you are welcome to contact any of the current board members about ways that you might be able to get involved. This community is what we make it, so please consider getting involved.

6. Are there other online resources where I can find official information about the Club, covenants, or compliance matters?

No. The only official website for Innis Arden is here on If you can’t find answers to your questions on our website, we recommend attending a monthly Board meeting or reaching out to a Board member by clicking on the Board of Directors tab above.