Grounds Rental Policy

Grounds Rental Policy

Grounds Rental Policy
Approved by the Board
September 10, 2002

1. Except for contracts with youth leagues, specified below, the grounds can be rented only by Innis Arden residents, no more than two-thirds of the grounds can be rented at one time and only in conjunction with rental of the Clubhouse, with a required payment of $100 in addition to the Clubhouse rental fee. A grounds-use deposit of $50 shall also be required and shall be refunded to whatever extent the Club does not incur costs for litter, cooking residues, or damage,

2. Rental does not include the rental of the playground area because playground equipment is intended for Innis Arden residents.

3. Unless the Board delegates responsibility to another person, all reservations for; grounds use shall be made through the Grounds Chairperson and shall be coordinated with the Clubhouse Manager,

4. As a public service we will continue renting to youth baseball and soccer leagues at a fee of $750 per league per season plus a security deposit of $500 for each organization. This is a fraction of the cost of field maintenance.

5. Future contracts with youth leagues will provide that the Grounds Chairperson may, with 24 hours notice, close the fields to protect them from damage during periods of wet weather.

6. For periods when youth leagues normally contract for use of the grounds, reservations by all other parties shall not exceed two occasions during baseball season or two occasions during soccer season.

7. For periods when youth leagues normally contract for use of the grounds, reservations by any other parties shall be made sufficiently early that reserved periods can be excluded from the dates contracted to the youth leagues.

8. Renters desiring to cook shall do so on grills they supply, normally in the old wading pool just north of the tennis courts, and shall be responsible for fully extinguishing and removing any fuels and ashes. They shall also assume full liability for any injuries and damages to properties resulting from cooking or associated fires and fuels.