Good News, Bad News

Good News:


Photo taken November 9th near 15th NW and NW 190th (near Eagle Reserve). It has been reported that this buck has been seen with a doe.

Bad News:

  • 11/11 or 11/12 at 170th and 10 NW: Persons unknown broke into 2 parked vehicles in a carport. They opened all the glove boxes, ash trays and compartments. Nothing was taken as the vehicles had nothing stored in them. Owner reported this to police.
  • 11/12 at 170th and 10 NW: Sunglasses, phone charger, CDs and CD case and a small first aid kit were stolen from an unlocked car.
  • 11/13 at 14th NW and 186th: Prowler caught in the act of entering car in middle of night, but was stopped by screams of owner. Police advised that rather than confronting him, the owner should have called 911 while he was still there.