Taken from promotional material distributed in the late 40’s, early 50’s

 The Richmond Beach baseball team about 1908. * Back row left to right, Red Wilde, Henry Murray, mgr., Walter Taylor. Middle row, George Holloway, John Walloch, Herb Vaight, Charles Taylor. Front row, Bill Taylor, Jack Cusick, Grove Voreis.

Looking up NW 197th toward the school. The Congregational Church is on the left.*

*From Shoreline Memories by the Shoreline Historical Society

One of the first houses in Innis Arden III

Photo taken from Springdale Court in 1956 (top) and 2003 (below). Trees in foreground below are in Blue Heron Reserve. Trees in background are on private property.

The top picture was taken in the 1950’s on Ridgefield Road. The lower picture is of the same house (after a remodel) taken in 2002.The recent photograph was taken further to the right so that the house would not be obscured by trees.

Another location on Ridgefield in 1950 and in 2001. Grouse Reserve is blocking the view.

(Boeing’s) “Gameskeeper’s House” at 6th NW and NW 175th during the 30’s and 2003