Disaster Preparedness, Blockwatch, New Street Lights

Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness
Town Hall at Edmonds Community College March 15
See Flyer for details


2/29: “Two young women (with missing teeth) rang my doorbell trying to sell something. I asked to see their city of Shoreline permit and they said they didn’t need one. They were wearing badges and when I told them I couldn’t help them without a permit they got mad!!!”

Note: Please call the non-emergency number, 296-3311, to report situations like this. Check the City’s website for registered solicitors: http://www.shorelinewa.gov/government/departments/police-department/crime-prevention/solicitors   Click here for the list

City Light to install new street lights
Four lights on 13th Av NW (between NW 170th St & NW 175th St)

 The installation of the new lights will occur on March 9th, starting at 10:30 a.m.

City Light wants to get input about these lights.   Residents who would like to provide feedback on their observations can send an email to mailto:CarolJ.Anderson@seattle.gov.  Input/comments will have a close date of March 21st.

City Light’s responsibility is to set regulations based on national standards for how much light should be provided on roadways to maintain safe driving conditions and ensure pedestrian safety.  City Light considers many factors in evaluating LED street lights and to assess the benefits of LED street lights there is a focus on the following key goals:

  • Select suitable LED product(s) for use by City Light on roadways.
  • Evaluate the lighting, reliability, economic, and energy consumption performance.
  • Evaluate the ability for LED products to produce a 40 percent energy savings compared to existing HPS style luminaires.
  • Develop a functional specification and recommendations for the installation and maintenance of these products.