The meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM by BJ Oneal. Board members present: BJ Oneal, Cindy Esselman, Bruce Vincent, Mary Ruhlman, Omar Nur, Maggie Taber, Steve Johnston & Jason Barth, Dave Fosmire.


The 2022 Annual Meeting is on Wednesday 01/19/22 at 7PM. There are four board positions open for election and five individuals who have submitted candidate statements. Details about voting will be forthcoming via email, the website, and a paper mailer.

COMPLIANCE, Bruce Vincent, Acting Chair–
• Members of the Compliance Committee and IAC Counsel are continuing to focus on gaining compliance on all properties that the board has received a Compliance Request Form of merit on. The Committee greatly appreciates the efforts of all members that are continually working with their neighbors and keeping all the vegetation on their properties from blocking any of their neighbors’ views of the sound and mountains.
• There are 12 petitioned (CRF) properties with unresolved compliance issues.
• On November 16th, at 7pm, Vegetation Compliance Hearings were held for both 915 NW RB Road (Yu) and 18760 Ridgefield Rd. NW (Schuler). By a unanimous vote, the Board voted that based on the images presented and neighbors comments that the vegetation on both properties were non-compliant with the Covenants. IAC counsel is reaching out to the Schuler’s counsel for more information. The IAC Board will be issuing more detailed written decisions for each property consistent with its votes at the hearings.
• On November 30th, at 7pm, Vegetation Compliance Hearings were held for both 17727 17th Ave NW (Lawson) and 17732 17th Ave NW (Bargreen). By a unanimous vote, the Board voted that based on the images presented and neighbors comments that the vegetation on both properties were non-compliant with the Covenants. The IAC Board will be issuing more detailed written decisions for each property consistent with its votes at the hearings.
• The Board has delayed holding Vegetation Compliance Hearings on both 18742 & 18770 Ridgefield Rd. NW (Gesinger & McHugh), pending holding courtesy site visits with both properties owners to directly discuss the potentially view blocking vegetation noted in now assembled photo support. Omar is heading up both Board site visits. The Compliance Committee hopes to gain the full cooperation of both property owners.
• 911 NW Richmond Beach Road (Shen, formerly Knauer): 4 trees remain non-compliant. –no update-
• 1001 NW Richmond Beach Road (Zawtkowski): –no update-
• 18029 13th Ave NW (Hjelle): IAC counsel is assembling results of outside consultants’ vegetation review. The IAC subsequently will be scheduling another hearing on this property in the near future.
• A total of 6 pre-petition properties still remain on the committee’s voluntary compliance/resolution list. The Committee will continue to reach out and seek voluntary compliance with property owners willing to do so.


1235 NW 175th
No Board approval required for project.
Mostly an interior remodel. The roof is being removed from an exterior outdoor patio. Any
roofing that needs patching will match exiting.

18005 10th Ave NW
The Board held a compliance hearing on November 16th concerning the change in grade of the
property from the Board approved plans. It was unanimous decided by the Board to be non-
compliant. The dirt is currently being removed and only the soil needed for back fill will be
allowed to remain.

17060 10th Ave NW
The proposed project is the remodel of an existing one story/daylight basement home with the
addition of a second story. The remodel retains the character of the existing structure. In
addition, a front yard landscaping plan was submitted. Neighbors spoke both for and against
the possible impact of the project.

The following motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.
Approve the submitted proposal for a remodel and second story addition at 17060 10th Ave NW.

January 2022 Agenda:
17751 13th Ave NW

TREASURER, Jason Barth –
At the close of November, our Operating Checking was $298 Collections Savings was $62,173, and the Asset Reserves Savings was $441,172.

2022 proposed budget was discussed during the meeting. Minor changes and updates were made and will be posted to the Website as well as emailed out to the community.

SECRETARY, Dave Fosmire –
No Report.

CLUBHOUSE, Mary Ruhlman
In November, we had two rentals at the clubhouse. One is scheduled in December.

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse, please contact Cheryl Malone at 206-542-5558 or

GROUNDS, Bruce Vincent –
• Weekly maintenance continued during November.
• Weekly grass cutting has ended. Aeration, reseeding and fertilizing was performed in October.
• The irrigation was winterized on November 10th by our contractor Northern Waters.
• 3-zone irrigation system in front of Clubhouse: This winter, Northern Waters will be removing the free-standing vacuum breakers, installing a larger valve box, and installing a new Rachio controller for these three zones.

Main Entrance:
• Weekly maintenance continuing with extra storm related clean-up due to high wind events.
• The irrigation system was winterized on November 10th by our contractor Northern Waters.
• Ballard tree’s completed stump grinding of 3 stumps adjacent to the SW corner area.

Grounds Capital Improvements:
• NE Wood Crib Retaining Wall Replacement: -No update-
• Parking Lot Railing Repairs or Replacement: -No update-

ROW, Bruce Vincent
Right-of-Way Trees/Vegetation:
• 1010 & 1022 NW 175th St.: The pruning of dangerous hanging dead limbs and trimming of lower limbs on three trees behind both properties was finally completed by Ballard Tree in early December.
• No other ROW tree permitting, or work, is scheduled or pending to-date.
• Walking Safety & Landscaping Pruning Reminder: With daylight hours now almost at their lowest levels of the season, please be on the lookout for pedestrians walking alongside the roadways in IA. Since IA does not have sidewalks, we are encouraging all property owners to trim back vegetation on the street side of their properties to ground level, at least 3 to 4 feet from the edge of the paved roadway. This will help provide a safe location for pedestrians to step out of the way of on-coming traffic. Thank you to all property owners that have done so and continue to do so! Pedestrians: Please don’t become a statistic. If possible, please walk facing traffic and wear bright clothing or even “Hi-Vis” reflective outer wear. A headlamp or other light may not only help you see where you are walking, but also may help you be seen by approaching vehicles.

SECURITY, Bruce Vincent
2021 Trial Program for Off-Duty Shoreline Police/KCSO Deputy Officers Patrolling IA & 2022 Program
*The following motion was made, seconded, and passed with 8 votes in favor, and one member (Bruce Vincent) abstaining.

“Whereas the board has received positive feedback and support from IAC members for the continuation of this program, I move that the IAC continues this program and partnership for the entire year of 2022. Included in the 2022 budget is $1500 per month for 20 hours per month, or a total of $18,000 for the year. The program hours can be modified at any time to add additional hours for specific days, or events, during the year. The agreement will remain month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time.”

*A total of 20 hours of Deputy time was logged for November.
*All roadways in IA are being patrolled on random days and hours each month. We suggest you keep your vehicle speed within range of the posted speed limits.
*Areas of emphasis include reducing non-resident use of, or access thru, the nearly 50 acres of IA private grounds and reserves. All off-duty officers are able to perform their normal on-duty functions, while also using their on-duty equipment and vehicles.
*This success of this program requires the active involvement and cooperation of our community alongside the expertise and commitment of our KCSO Officers. It’s a partnership that requires two-way communication, in a timely manner.

IA Clubhouse and Grounds
*Clubhouse grounds will continue to be patrolled by our off-duty officers to deter after hours use and vandalism.

City of Shoreline IA Reserves Park
*North Entrance (15th Ave NW) The installation of a new streetlight to illuminate the ROW at the north entrance is still pending City of Shoreline action.

How to Report Activities to the Shoreline Police:
· If it is an emergency CALL 911
· If it is not and emergency, you can call 911 and tell them “It’s not an emergency” and you will be routed to a Non-Emergency “Call Receiver”.
· Alternately, you can call the KCSO Non-Emergency phone at 206-296-3311 and you will also be routed to a Non-Emergency “Call Receiver”.
· A “Call Receiver” will ask you many questions to triage the call. When they ask “Do you want contact?”, always answer “Yes”, if you want an officer to respond onsite. If you answer “No”, an officer/s will not be dispatched.
· Please tell the “Call Receiver” you “Saw this ______, and I’m willing to assist with being a witness for prosecution.”
· Photos should be submitted online to the KCSO. The photos need to easily and clearly identify a suspect and/or vehicle. Do not post these photos on Next-door.

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

Trail Maintenance – Seasonal trail maintenance has been underway, and in addition, A & S Landscaping cleaned up trash and cut back more brush to increase visibility in upper Grouse where partying has again been occurring.

Native Plants – Our native plant and invasive control crew has recently planted approximately 150 native medium to low height native trees and 50 native shrubs in several Reserves and will be planting additional shrubs in the next week or two.

Tree work – A crew returned to do additional work west of the pedestrian bridge at the west end of Blue Heron on two trees to take pressure off the step bank below the Blauert property. This work was, of course, approved by the City.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save the Dates:
2022 Rummage Sale has been cancelled due to COVID.
Egg Scramble – Saturday, April 16, 10AM
Nature Event – Sunday, April 24th – Arbor Day
Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, July 20th
Wine Tasting – Thursday, September 8th

Santa’s Sleigh Ride made its way through the neighborhood on Thursday, December 9th. It was a chilly but dry night for all to enjoy the Christmas cheer. Many thanks to Randi Fattizzi & Frayne McAtee, Robert & Tierna Buchmayr and Damon, Kim & Sienna Helland for helping make this holiday event happen.

We plan to send out a survey in February to aid in planning what the future of Activities should look like. What does the community want?

Activities Officers for 2022 are:
President – Mike Konopinski
Treasurer – Chris Douglass
Secretary – Rissa Sanchez
Activities Chair/Board Representative – Maggie Taber

Our next meeting will be in-person (masked and vaccinated) at the clubhouse and on zoom on Monday, January 3rd, 7pm. Please join us!

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.

If you are new or have changed your phone number and/or email address, please email updates to and be sure to include your address!

2022 Innis Arden Board Candidate Statements
I have volunteered behind the scenes in IA for 33 years. I want to provide principled leadership, fiscal responsibility and uphold the covenants. A turning point in IA history came when I led a team of residents to collect over 700 signatures to pass mandatory dues 8/13/01. During 10 years on C.O.N. I introduced Block Watch, Adopt A Road/Trail, 4-Corners, Brewfest and recycling in Parks. I designed and installed our 4 entrance signs in granite and steel and the engraved monument for the Clubhouse. Through my leadership in 2007, I made an agreement with company doing 2-year sewer replacement for $100,000 value in free services to redesign entire clubhouse grounds, patio and repave the parking lot. No one accomplishes these tasks alone. I organized many residents to work with me to clear the overgrown vegetation to make way for the entrance garden. I redesigned and orchestrated the remodel of the kitchen, removed asbestos and polished the existing concrete floor, for functional low maintenance. I redesigned the entrance foyer and furnishings with a neutral background for any occasion. This year I worked with Cheryl Malone to update the 2021 Directory, essential for accurate IA communication. Judy and Bob Allen have an unbroken chain of excellence and dedication to IA for decades. Looking forward, I would be honored to carry on this legacy. Most of all, I would like to inspire you to help make Innis Arden the best place to live.

I believe Innis Arden is a beautiful location and wonderful community! I’ve been fortunate enough to serve as Treasurer for the last year and I’d like to re-run for my position. I take pride in where we live, and I would love to get to know more of the neighbors in IA. My wife grew up in the community and we were very excited to be living here and raising our two children. As an owner of my own business, I have experience in dealing with a variety of people, resolving conflict and implementing change. I value being a good listener, following-up and being accessible. My career has taught me to be a leader and a team player and that by listening to people, any problem can be solved. I would like the opportunity to give something back to the community. My goal is to use my background in healthcare and finance to help identify better businesses for the board and help in areas and roles where needed. I want to put the community’s best interest first and build long term value, both socially and financially.

Innis Arden is a very special community and my family, and I have enjoyed all that it has to offer for the 30 years we have lived here. I have been serving on the Board for over six years as the Building and Remodel Chair and it has been my honor to work in supporting the neighborhood and the covenants. I have been committed to working fairly and respectfully with all neighbors to navigate the Building and Remodel process. Professionally I am an architect and have spent most of my career teaching at the University of Washington. It has always been my passion to support my community and in the past, I have also served as President of the Shoreline Public Schools Foundation and on the Planning Commission for the City of Shoreline. During my tenure on the Board, I have also worked to update and write new polices and by-laws to keep them relevant and current. I am running for another term as I would like to continue working to preserve the best attributes of our neighborhood as we move forward.

I have lived in Innis Arden for a little over three years. My husband has lived in Richmond Beach his entire life and spent many of his younger years growing up with friends in the Innis Arden community. We now love that we are able to call this community home. Over the last two years, I’ve attended monthly board meetings and compliance hearings to understand how the board and the community interact. It is clear that the board holds the community and their responsibilities in the highest regard. If elected, I look forward to the opportunity to work together with the board to serve the community and assist in any capacity needed. My daily responsibilities include being one of 26 shareholders of a large local CPA firm. I work with clients, the community, and our people to not only help our clients achieve their business goals, but also help our employees find long-lasting and fulfilling careers in public accounting. This career has taught me much more than how to do a tax return. It has created a strong sense of responsibility, problem solving skills and energy that can serve the Innis Arden community well. If elected, I look forward to supporting the Board and the members of Innis Arden in making this a wonderful place to live, raise families, and build community.

Prior to living in Innis Arden, I loved to visit this neighborhood and enjoy its beautiful, scenic surroundings. After moving here in 2019, my family and I were warmly welcomed by our neighbors, who made us feel a part of this community. By serving on the Innis Arden Board of Directors this last year, I have come to appreciate the weight and importance of this responsibility. From routine operations to more serious crisis, our Board of Directors must work together to address issues as they arise and respond to the concerns of our neighbors. My background and experience qualify me to handle this incredible responsibility, as well as make me a good fit for the Innis Arden board. As a business owner and attorney, my everyday responsibilities include working with and managing people to achieve our business objectives and satisfy our clients’ interest. This requires skill in conflict resolution, advocacy, knowledge of the law, communication, and consensus building. Having held positions on this and other boards, I am well versed on the processes and rules that govern the Innis Arden Board, and I can use my experience to carry out our obligations and responsibilities to the community.
As your representative on the Innis Arden Board, I will continue to work hard to ensure that Innis Arden remains a safe, beautiful, and welcoming place for all who make this place their home. My name is Omar Nur, and I am seeking your vote for the Innis Arden Board of Directors.