Crime Update

Friday (sunny!) afternoon,

There has been criminal activity in the neighborhood over the last couple of weeks:

  • 8/01/2011 Time_09:16:00 Case_11-168904  16900 Block 13 NW Breaking and Entering.  Apparently there were two suspects who broke one outside window and then shattered the inside slider which set off the alarm. According to witnesses, the suspects’ vehicle appeared to be a Chevy Impala (picture attached)
  • 8/01/2011 Time_22:00:00 Case_11-169824  1000 Block NW 167 ST Theft from Vehicle
  • 8/02/2011 Time_08:00:00 Case_11-170092  17200 Block 15 AV NW Breaking and Entering
  • 8/10/2011 Time_07:00:00 Case_11-176885  18000 Block 17 AV NW Breaking and Entering
  • 8/12/2011 NW 167th Unlocked vehicle was ransacked

I found a great website for finding crime reports:

Enter any Innis Arden address in the search box and a map showing criminal activity will result. Click on the icons for crime details.