Clubhouse break-in and more

From Clubhouse Chair Harley O’Neil:

 Last night at 2:17:45 am, two men (approx age 16-25) staggered by the front entrance to the clubhouse.  One of the men had a rock which he threw at the front door.  He shattered the glass and then kicked the door in and in so doing fell against the door and cut his left hand.  The Shoreline Police Dept was called.  Deputy Gregory McKinney responded and gave us case #12-029385.  He viewed the video taken from the camera outside the front door as well as the video from the camera which is inside the clubhouse and directed toward the front door. Even though we can see the damage being done, we could not identify the two young men involved.  It is clear in the video that there were two young men staggering up to the doorway.  It is clear to see one of the men dressed in a light colored coat and a white baseball cap throw the rock and then kick the door in.  It is evident that he cut his left hand when he fell into the door after kicking it in.  If you recall seeing a young person with their left hand all bandaged please report back to 546-2000.  I think it is very possible that this person lives in the community or is staying with someone in the community.  If someone in the community sees anything, they can report it to Officer Gregory McKinney by calling (206) 786-5773.  A new safety glass insert for the door will be purchased and installed.

Found: a small, black pet carrier (for a cat or small dog), in very good condition, with the name “Wilson” written on it. It’s on the west side of the street in front of our house on 14th NW, just south of 175th, by the base of some trees. It must have fallen out of someone’s car, or perhaps – someone was throwing it away and it blew down the street.

Found: Car remote on street by 12th NW and 175th.  Call 546-6209 to claim.