City Light Pilot Project in Innis Arden

Good morning, Innis Arden Friends,

I need your help in getting information from Seattle City Light out to your neighbors.  Innis Arden has been chosen for a pilot study of some new LED street lights.  I am attaching the map to show where they will be installed.

Innis Arden sample shoebox locations

City Light is eager to work with Innis Arden to get feedback about this new lighting.  They will be field testing two different kinds of lights, and neighborhood input will be important as they decide which, if either, to choose as a standard and  install in other places.  So, this is what Innis Arden residents can expect:

  • City Light hopes to do the installation sometime the first full week of March after everyone in the community knows what will be happening.  Installation will be done by 2 crews, with up to 12 people for about  1.5 hours between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.  During this process, they will be evaluating the ease of installation.  Note that this will be a larger than usual crew, with at least a few trucks.
  • After installation, engineering and standards folks will return in the evening after dark to evaluate the quality of the light.  Knowing that this may concern immediate neighbors, we want to make sure that they know ahead of time what is going on, and why there are people standing on their street.
  • City Light anticipates the new fixtures will be in place for at least a few weeks to complete their testing and evaluations.  All the data will be collected and reviewed, and they hope that as a result of these trials, one of the two fixtures will be selected as their new LED pedestrian fixture standard.

So now, I need your help in getting the word out as soon as possible.  After we make sure everyone knows this will happen soon, City Light will select a date, and I will get back in touch with that information to share with the community.  June and Domenick, can you please let Innis Arden board members know?  And Carol, could you start getting the word out through all neighborhood communication channels?  Please let me know if there is any other information you need right now, and then notify me when word has gone out.  The next step will be to get out the date, and then to let community members know how they can share their observations with City Light.

Thanks for your assistance with this!


Constance Perenyi
Neighborhoods Coordinator
206-801-2253 (office)
206-379-0616 (cell)