Bulletin Guidelines

Guidelines for Bulletin Content

If in doubt, please email asktheboard@innisarden.org. No anonymous items are acceptable; the names may be omitted from the Bulletin, but the editor must always know the source.

A. Acceptable sources of news items and announcements.

Innis Arden Board
Any sub-committee of the Board
Innis Arden Activities Committee
Any sub-committee of the Activities Committee
Any Innis Arden club open to all Innis Arden residents
Any event to be held at the Clubhouse or elsewhere in Innis Arden that is open to all Innis Arden residents.
Any Shoreline event sponsored by a public institution or office (public schools, Community Colleges, libraries, museums; City, County, State government and their agencies; no other outside events except those that come under “6” above).
Electoral information (date, time, location of primary, general, or special elections)
Formation of an Innis Arden interest group (check with Activities Committee)
Government actions that may affect the Innis Arden community
Block Watch
Lost & Found
B. Criteria for ads (usually limited to once a year per ad). In general, no ads for commercial enterprises – such requests can be considered for the annual IA Directory for a fee.

Items wanted or for sale by IA residents-must be submitted in writing
Services wanted or offered by IA residents
Offers or requests for assistance at home: e.g., child care, house-sitting, house painting, yard work, etc. (Offers need IA references; requests must be from IA residents)
Innis Arden homes or 2nd homes of Innis Arden residents (e.g., condos, time-shares) wanted or offered for short-term rental
C. Priorities

Highest priority goes to Board and Activities Committee reports and announcements.Depending upon the remaining space available, it may be necessary to postpone inclusion, or to reduce space allocated for a particular item. It is the job of the editor to accommodate as much information as possible while limiting the size of the Bulletin to two (occasionally three) 11 x 17 sheets