Building and Remodels

For over half a century, the Innis Arden Club Board of Directors has administered the prerequisite in Restrictive Mutual Easement (Covenant) 4 for Board review and approval of “all proposed buildings, structures, and exterior alterations.” Covenant 4 makes particular reference to “the effect of the buildings or other structures or alterations therein as planned on the outlook of the adjacent or neighboring property, and the effect or impairment that said structures will have on the view of the surrounding building sites…”  This provision, applied on a case by case basis, will result in disapproval of construction that in the Board’s considered judgment would diminish views or be deleterious to neighboring properties’ outlooks.

Over-all, Covenant 4 grants the board broad authority to refuse to approve any design, plan or color.  Comments from the owners of neighboring properties (within 250 feet*) concerning a proposal will be taken into account by the board but will not be dispositive.  In keeping with the Covenants’ goal of maintaining over the years the common plan they establish for Innis Arden, the Board may approve a proposal despite nonsupport by neighboring properties and may decline to approve one even when it has neighboring properties’ support.

Here is a measuring tool which will allow homeowners to check to make sure that all of the property owners within 250′ have signed off.

To start the process, please read the Homeowner’s Guideline for Remodels and New Construction document. If you have any questions, please email


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