Boeing Creek & Point Wells Update

Boeing Creek Update:

The trail is now open but “Use at your own Risk”. It is very muddy around the slump, but it is quite walkable. The gate has been changed back to accepting the key passed out several years ago. If you need a key, call Reserves Chair Rick Leary (546-2516).

Point Wells Update and Call to Action:

  • Point Wells Development is moving forward
  • Intended living units could exceed 3000
  • Traffic along Richmond Beach Drive AND ancillary streets could quadruple
  • City of Shoreline is opting to negotiate with the developer and not try to stop it
  • Community input meetings will be held in the near future

The only access to and from Point Wells is via Richmond Beach Drive NW. The increase in commuter traffic could quadruple (or more) the current average round trip daily traffic.

A significant portion of that new traffic would likely cut through Innis Arden via the south route from 15th to Shoreline Community College.  The probable impact of that kind of traffic to our neighborhood ranges from noise, safety, congestion, to even reduced home valuations.

The City needs Innis Arden input. Consider joining Woodway and Richmond Beach communities by attending community meetings.  Dates are posted on the City of Shoreline website.