Board Member Replacements, Blockwatch, Coyote Update

Board Member Replacements

The Board has two volunteers, Cynthia Esselman and Harley O’Neil, who will be filling vacancies created by the two resignations that occurred this month. They will serve until the next Annual Meeting. They will be appointed during the September 22nd meeting.


Tuesday 9/15, at 4pm a suspicious person was seen approaching the front door of a house in the 18500 block of 15th NW, where the owners are out of town. A neighbor called police who arrived within about 10 minutes, checked the house and confirmed that there appeared to have been an attempted break in through French doors on the deck. There was no indication that anything was taken from outside the house and the burglar was apparently unable to get inside the house. The house is protected by an alarm system which had not been activated by the burglar. The person in question was a tall, thin, Caucasian man with grey hair wearing dark glasses, dark gloves and sweat pants. There was no vehicle seen. The owners and house-sitter (who was at work) have been notified.

Another neighbor saw the same person, walking on 15th. Same description of gloves and baggy pants and gray hair.

Coyote Update

See the website for a chronological listing of coyote sightings, including one more.