Board Meeting, Coyotes, Off Leash Dogs, City Meeting

Board Meeting

There will be a Board Meeting to be held September 22nd at 7PM in the Clubhouse.

Coyotes Still Active

  • I just wanted to let you know and the neighbors that we have seen the coyote at Eagle Creek off of 18th and 15th a number of times. Today I saw him while walking my dog. He sometimes is there late at night barking kind of hysterically.
  • A very large coyote was spotted on NW 186th street (east end) 9/14 around 6:00 pm.
  • While walking the dog west bound on the Blue Heron trail a little before 10AM this morning (9/15), as I approached the big bend, we ran into a coyote walking the other direction. The coyote reversed course and wasn’t seen again however I could hear him in the brush up on the wooded area behind 18525/18535 Springdale.

Off Leash Dogs

“Here is a reminder to keep dogs on leash at all times unless in the dog park.  Several times I have been walking both on the street and on the neighborhood paths and have had dogs run up to me.  They are always ‘friendly’ but when I’m walking my dog several of them have seemed to not be so ‘friendly’ after all. It is unsafe for the dogs and it is unsafe for humans (especially children).  It is simply selfish to walk you dog off leash. There is also an awful lot of dog poop around that is not being picked up.”

Meeting Announcement from the City