Blockwatch, Point Wells, Hidden Lake Dam


10-13  Residents were alerted to a man riding a purple bike and he is sometimes naked. If you see him, call 9-1-1.

 10-14 Just wanted to report I just saw a kid with shaved head and tattoo on his face run through my backyard and out the front (16th NW).  He came from a neighbor’s yard behind me.  I opened the front door and confronted him as he ran past and he just mumbled sorry and ran off down the road and into the Shoreline Parks reserve.  Clearly seemed like he was up to no good and I am pretty sure he stopped to take a look at our carport as he ran by.

10-14 around 2:30 pm a white male with camouflage pants & black backpack was walking through our backyard and went out our gate into the neighbors’ backyard as my dogs started chasing him.  We live on 15th near 167th.  Our yard is completely fenced & we have neighbors on all sides, so I’m concerned he came from below- 167th/16th.  Police were called but took them awhile to get there & he was long gone.  Just a heads up for the neighborhood.

10-14 A shirtless, tattooed man asked my 14 year-old daughter to “hang-out” with him today.  This happened about 3:30pm this afternoon on Ridgefield near the Laskins’ house.  My daughter came home very shaken by the experience.

 Point Wells Meeting at the Innis Arden Clubhouse on
Wednesday, October 21st at 7:00 p.m.


A group of volunteers who have worked hard on reducing the impact of the Point Wells development are going to present a current up-date on this development which should be of interest to all.  Please see the article in Richmond Beach Community News.

For those unfamiliar with the project, the Point Wells property is approximately a 100 acre site, with 61 acres currently planned for urban industrial use. It is located in the southwest corner of Snohomish County adjacent to the City of Shoreline’s northwest border in the Richmond Beach neighborhood. The developer, Blue Square, wants to build between 2600 and 3081 living units at the site. The only current access to Point Wells is through Shoreline (Richmond Beach Drive). It is estimated that traffic could increase by 15-20K cars/day.

Read more on the City’s website.

From the City of Shoreline: Regarding dam removal at Hidden Lake

 This may be of interest to all of you, but will be particularly to neighbors in Innis Arden, Richmond Highlands, and Highland Terrace.  Please be sure to share through your regular channels, including your email lists, website, Facebook, and Next Door.  Thank you!

The City of Shoreline is reviewing design alternatives for the dam removal at Hidden Lake.  In 2014, City Council directed staff to cease dredging Hidden Lake and begin work to remove the dam following a management feasibility study to reduce long term maintenance costs.

This meeting will show current design alternatives for the dam removal and stream re-establishment at Hidden Lake.  Staff will be present to answer questions and receive feedback from the public.

Public Meeting:  October 24, 2015 at 12pm
Shoreview Park (near the restrooms)
700 NW Innis Arden Way

If you have any questions or would like additional information on the Feasibility Study, and Council decision please contact Eric Gilmore at or visit the City of Shoreline website at: