Blockwatch Alert

1-27-17, from a neighbor on 10th:

A man knocked on our door tonight at 8:20 p.m. wearing a Frontier shirt. He told me that white vans will be in the area over the next few days working on fiber optics cables and “not to shoot them.” He had a notepad and I can’t help but think he was scanning our property and figuring out who is home at night, etc.

Two hours later and I finally chatted with someone (from Frontier). He said that while it is possible for techs to do work/maintenance at night, they would never come to the front door. He said they would only be on the street or at most in the yard in cases where OLT or DSLAM is located in someone’s yard. We don’t use Frontier so there was no reason for him to be on our property.

The man I spoke with said he had not heard of any maintenance issues going on in our neighborhood. He suggested I call the non-emergency police line so that they will do courtesy patrols. He also suggested alerting neighbors.