The meeting was called to order by Vice President Dave Fosmire via Zoom. Board members in attendance: Maggie Taber, Cindy Esselman, Steve Johnston, Brian Branagan, Dave Fosmire, Jim McCulloch, and Jeff Gough.

PRESIDENT, Easton Craft –
1. Stewardship/VMP Code Amendment to Facilitate Reserves Management: The recent Seattle Golf Club proposal for a complete Code Exemption for vegetation management that included economic value and visual quality as factors in allowed routine maintenance has provided the opportunity to renew the IAC goal of a Code Amendment for management of large Open Space tracts such as the Reserves. As noted last month, IAC is pursuing this avenue, keeping the pressure on. We are working with the City on a draft amendment. We have been disappointed before, so the prognosis on this is guarded.

2. BNSF Crossing: The Board has asked our attorneys to work with a title company to check the record on how the crossing was established and under what legal arrangements to ensure all documentation is in order.

3. Highlands: Reviving an issue that periodically arises, the Highlands has posted no trespassing signs. Historically this has always been shared amicably. And historically IAC and the Highlands have a mutual interest in discouraging trespassers. IAC President Easton Craft has sent a letter to the Highlands General manager raising this issue and recent Highlands actions. Counsel is also pursuing research with the title company. A copy of the letter to the Highlands is attached.

4. Storm Creek: The City has indicated it is moving ahead with the repairs to the outflow. There have been City inquiries lately that indicate some concern about what IAC has contributed and will contribute to the project. IAC counsel in a 7/23 email memo to the City (copy attached) pointed out that IAC was already out of pocket $60,000.00 for expert consultant and legal work to date, including for studies funded by IAC that have directly contributed to the ability to move the project forward.

5. Compliance Matters: There are several compliance matters pending, none currently in litigation.

NOTE: All Compliance hearings are held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse at 7:00PM, unless noted otherwise.

The Hearing date of August 19th for the Compliance requests of 18760 Ridgefield Rd and 915 Richmond Beach Rd was announced. A Hearing date for 17735 17th Ave NW and a supplemental hearing for 17727 17th Ave NW was set for September 30th at 6PM and 6:30 PM, respectively. An executive session to discuss ongoing legal matters was set for September 16th at 6PM. Discussion regarding the announcement of a possible new hearing date in the Hjelle matter at the September Board meeting being dependent on consultant reports.

August Building & Remodel Report
Garage Addition
1516 NW 186th St

The proposed garage addition is attached to the southwest corner of the existing house and is setback the required 10’ side and 50’ front setbacks. There is added height of 7’8” to the roofline, causing no view blockage to the neighboring properties. There has been a request for added vegetation to screen the garage from neighboring properties.

The Board unanimously approved the Galipeau garage addition at 1516 NW 186th St with the stipulation to work with neighbors to create vegetation screening.

Old Business
Joseph property
18008 NW 13th Ave NW
The Board had scheduled and was prepared to take up the Joseph application tonight. However, the Jospehs had advised by email that they are not ready and are still in the process of revising their plans. Therefore, a motion was made with the intention to tie off loose ends of the current application submittal.

The Board unanimously approved to deny without prejudice the current Joseph remodel application.

The Josephs will be required to submit a new application to move forward with their remodel.

September B&R Agenda
Garden shed
18604 15th Ave NW

Solar Panels
17285 15th Ave NW

TREASURER, Jeff Gough –
At the close of July, our Operating Checking was $17,329, Collections Savings was $307,396, and the Asset Reserve Savings was $295,873

CLUBHOUSE, Brian Branagan –
The Clubhouse will not be rented until King County enters Phase 3, which allows gatherings for events with 50 or more attendees.

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse for events once King County enters Phase 3, please contact Cheryl Malone at 206-542-5558 or

I was notified on July 23rd that there was a break in at the Innis Arden Swim Club clubhouse. I was asked to review security camera footage for the night before which I did and sent activity I saw to the Clubhouse manager.

GROUNDS, Jim McCulloch –
August 2020 Objectives for the Grounds Committee:
• Maintain and improve the existing lawn and planting beds around the Clubhouse
• Maintain the Innis Arden Main Entrance and other Innis Arden Entrances
• Improve lawn areas by removing moss and re-seeding
• Investigate Capital Repairs/Replacement for Parking Lot Railing and NW Retaining Wall

Work Items Completed Last Month:
• Main Entrance:
o Weekly maintenance
o Installed edging along 8th Ave NW to prevent encroachment of ROW clover into entrance       landscaping
• Grounds:
o Weekly maintenance

Work Items Scheduled this Month:
• Continue weekly maintenance of Grounds and Entrances.
• Continue restoration of triangle area by adding chips to path areas, when chips are available

ROW Trees:
• Begin permit process for tree removal in front of 18008 13th Ave NW (Joseph property). Josephs are having the ROW surveyed to confirm if trees are on ROW or on their property; said survey would be done this month.

Other Items:
• The play area remains closed due to State COVID-19 requirements. Any help in keeping the protective fencing in place is greatly appreciated.

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –
Boeing Creek Reserve
There have been more unauthorized parties on the beach near our Boeing Creek tunnel leaving in their wake piles of plastic garbage on the beach and vandalized locks and chains on the vehicle gate. We have again paid our grounds crew to clean up after them. This is the 3rd time in the past few months this has happened, where the locks or chain have been cut at night so they can get in, though sometimes they use a key in the pedestrian gate.

The pedestrian tunnel underpass to the beach now has a ‘legal’ USDT number so we don’t have to worry about it being closed down by the USDT or the railroad.

Storm Creek
The Storm Creek erosion solution finally seems very close at hand. We are not yet sure of the timeline for permitting and implementation.

Seasonal Maintenance
Regular invasive control and weed whacking has continued in most of the Reserves. The old cedar bridge at the top of Eagle Reserve was removed.

Lower Heron Creek
A geotec and arborist are evaluating the very steep slope at lower Heron Creek as a step towards our goal of decreasing slope instability believed to be caused by leaning tree lever arm action.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save the Dates:
Annual IA Salmon BBQ – CANCELLED
Oktoberfest – VIRTUAL ONLY – TBD
Holiday Decorating Party – TBD
Annual Holiday Party – TBD

The August 3rd Activities meeting was held outside on the clubhouse patio, with social distancing in mind. The picnic tables and benches were wiped down ahead of the meeting. Amazing how dirty they are with no use!

With heavy hearts, it was voted to cancel the Annual Salmon BBQ in 2020. Let’s hope we can come back better than ever in 2021!

The Tennis program is going well. They are considering fall lessons, see their website for updates.

For Oktoberfest this year, we want to try a pop-up photo share event. Between Oct 1-8, send in your best Oktoberfest picture. Special kudos for best lederhosen, bundhosen, and dirndls. Also looking for best beer t-shirt, best beer stein and shots of beers & brats! Please send to Maggie at:

With the ongoing Covid situation, all events for the foreseeable future have been cancelled. We are trying to come up with some fun virtual events to keep us all connected. Any questions, ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact Randi Fattizzi or Maggie Taber.

There will be no Activities meeting in September. Our next Activities meeting will be Monday, October 5th at 7pm. Location TBD.
Hang in there everyone!

Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods:
Please see for the meeting minutes from the Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods.