April 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by President Easton Craft. Board members present: Easton Craft, Cindy Esselman, B.J. Oneal, Jeff Gough, Maggie Taber, Dave Fosmire, Brian Branagan, Dave Fosmire, and Jim McCulloch.

Meetings minutes from the March board meeting were approved.

PRESIDENT, Easton Craft –
Carlson Lawsuit Update
In the legal update in March, the Board reported our lawyers had served requests for production of documents on Carlson and that responses were due “shortly.” After having received no response, on the date requested they reached out to Carlson. His office said they had not received the discovery requests. In response, E&W sent a copy of the messenger delivery receipt indicating that the requests were stamped received by his office on February 13. Mr. Carlson says he is now working on the responses on an expedited basis.

Meanwhile, the Club’s attorneys and the Carlson’s attorney exchanged their disclosures of possible primary witnesses.

In terms of next steps, once the documents from Carlson in response to the requests for production are in hand, we anticipate additional discovery, including potential depositions of both Mr. and Mrs. Carlson followed by motions practice. Our hope is that the issues in the case can be resolved on summary judgment without a full-blown trial.

Carol Solle
In May the Board would like to take some time during the monthly meeting to formally recognize and appreciate Carol Solle for her efforts and dedication to our neighborhood. The Board originally tried celebrate Carol during the annual meeting, but travel schedules did not allow this. Hopefully, we’ll be able to coordinate, so we can properly thank her for her service.

VICE PRESIDENT/COMPLIANCE, BJ Oneal in absence of Dave Fosmire –
NOTE: All Compliance hearings are held at the Innis Arden Clubhouse at 7:00PM unless noted otherwise.

No new compliance hearings scheduled at this time. The compliance committee is in the midst, however, of working on several new and continued compliance matters. There will be a hearing to consider a fines reduction for the Johnson/Cook property (which is now in compliance) scheduled for April 11th, 2018 at 7:00PM.

April Building & Remodels Report
Solomon Residence
861 NW 175th St
The project involves the improvement and addition of on-grade uncovered walkways and stairs to improve the access to the steep site both from the driveway to the front entry and along the side of the house. A wall is proposed on the east side of the house and 23’ from the side setback. The wall is 32’ in length and varies in height form 6’ to 2’.

Ahead of the summer season, we have been receiving calls about the construction and repair of decks. The repair of an existing deck does not require board approval but a change in the footprint or the addition of deck roofing does require board approval. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the B&R chair for clarification.

To be reviewed at the May meeting:

Christal Residence
17405 14th Ave NW
Entry and Stair addition

Peterson Residence
16732 16th Ave NW
Enlarging a deck

17120 12th Ave NW
Shed and deck remodel

TREASURER, Jeff Gough –
The Club Operating Checking balance is $31,439, the Collections Savings balance is $330,988, and the Asset Reserve Savings is $263,879. Funds from the Asset Reserve have been utilized for the ADA compliant bathroom in the Club House and a significant portion of the playground upgrades.

CLUBHOUSE, Brian Branagan –
Clubhouse Building
Modern Home Development Tech was paid $18,408.50 from the Asset Reserve for the women’s bathroom remodel to make it ADA-compliant. Additional work done during the remodel included extending the linoleum flooring from the women’s bathroom into the hallway and the men’s bathroom so that there was a uniform flooring treatment throughout the area and adding a diaper changing station.
We attempted to fix the leaking roof in January and February. However, we discovered that there is still a leak when we started to replace the water-damaged ceiling tiles on the east side of the clubhouse. Our next step is to remove part of the roofing and replace the flashing.
We added an electrical outlet on the patio deck and finished wiring to bring power to the sump pump by the kitchen door.
Several renters have asked about the possibility of being able to dim the lights in the clubhouse during evening events. Currently, we florescent lights that are not adjustable. I will explore options for better lighting in the coming months.

Clubhouse Rentals
March rental income was at $2,470 with refunds at $125.
The annual Rummage Sale took up the first half of the month and our annual deep cleaning was done in the second half to prepare for Spring and Summer rentals. The clubhouse looks and smells fantastic. April is booked up on the weekends.
We are working with the Innis Arden Swim Club to create a Memorandum of Understanding about their use of the clubhouse in 2018 now that they have their own facility.
There was a complaint about noise from a March clubhouse rental made after the event. Renters are warned in advance to be mindful of how their event might impact Innis Arden residents whose homes neighbor the clubhouse. This is the first complaint in over two years after the noise policy was written in to the rental agreement. In this case, the renter had ended the music at 10pm and was not aware at the time of the complaint since it had been made several days later. They were given a partial return of their damage deposit. In the future, we ask Innis Arden residents to contact either Laura Taylor, the Clubhouse Manager, or Brian Branagan, the Board Member in charge of the Clubhouse, of noise complaints during the event so we can approach the renters directly about it. Greg Paquette’s Celebration of Life will be April 21st at the Clubhouse, from 2:00 – 3:30PM.

GROUNDS, Jim McCulloch –
Grounds Report
2018 objectives for the Grounds Committee are as follows:
Maintain and improve the existing lawn and planting beds around the Clubhouse
Maintain the Innis Arden Main Entrance and other Innis Arden Entrances.
Upgrade existing irrigation system to be more efficient and cost effective
Upgrade existing Playground structures and replace deteriorated playground equipment.

Work Items Completed Last Month:
AS Landscaping has been hired to maintain the Grounds and entrances.
Main entrance has been cleaned of winter debris; plants have been pruned and mulched added to the beds.
Grounds have been cleared of winter debris, lawn mown, aerated, thatched, fertilized and over-seeded. Additional soil was placed in low spots and bare spots.

Work Items Scheduled this Month:
Continue weekly maintenance of Grounds and Entrances.
Main entrance: plant color annuals.
Grounds: Adjust sprinkler heads.
Develop schedule for volunteers for playground installation.

Other Items
Irrigation: System has been activated and checked. A few redundant heads will be removed. Scheduled will begin once drier weather arrives.

Playground structures:
Installation of the playground structure is scheduled for May 19. We will need 10-12 volunteers that day with wrenches, hammers, various small tools that can work in shifts of 3-4 hours. Please contact Jim if you would like to assist with the assembly.
The older cedar structure and portions of the others are being replaced. Please contact Jim if you have any interest in these structures.

Dog and Non-Resident use of Grounds:
Additional signage has been placed around the Grounds. Please take the initiative to talk with anyone on the Grounds that you think are in violation of the Grounds policy.

Parking Lot Sealer:
Reserve Fund Administrator recommended on her site visit that the cracks in the Ground’s parking lot be sealed as soon as possible to prevent damage to the parking lot underlayment. Bids for sealing and striping will be solicited. The Pool Club has an obligation to have a designated handicap parking stall, but neither funds nor obligation for parking lot maintenance or striping…

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –
March was a relatively quiet month in the Reserves, with no major activity to report.

Site Grooming and Cleanup
Several (additional) naturally fallen trees in Eagle and Blue Heron have been “lopped and scattered” (to make full ground contact so they will decompose more quickly) and to make walking in the reserves more scenic and enjoyable. We also undertook hand-pruning and dead branch removal from trees near the trail system.

Invasive Control
Invasive control efforts continued this past month, with efforts focused primarily on removing English Ivy from trees, and cutting back Himalayan Blackberry cane. We also planned and scheduled invasive control activity through the rest of the year with Garden Cycles, our invasive control and native plant experts.

ACTIVITIES, Maggie Taber –
Save the dates:
Ladies Night – Instant Pot!! – Sunday, May 6th
Annual Salmon BBQ – Wednesday, July 25th
Four Corner Brewfest – Saturday, August 11th
Oktoberfest – Saturday, October 6th
Holiday Decorating Party – Monday, December 3rd
Annual Holiday Party – Saturday, December 8th

This month’s event was the Wine Tasting Evening, held last Friday, the 6th in the clubhouse. Great wine, great food and a fun time to connect with neighbors. Many thanks to our chairs Jennifer Buma and Betsy Rand!

Details on this summer’s Tennis Program will be available soon.

The Ladies Night with Instant Pots will be Sunday, May 6th from 5-8-pm at the clubhouse.

The next Activities Meeting will be Monday, May 7th, 7pm at Randi Fattizzi’s home. We would love to have you join us!

Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods:
Please see http://www.shorelinewa.gov/our-city/neighborhoods/council-of-neighborhoods/con-minutes for the March meeting minutes from the Shoreline Council of Neighborhoods.

BJ Oneal, Secretary