The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Omar Nur. Board members in attendance: Cynthia Esselman, Omar Nur, Alecia Craft, Sean Chittenden, Steve Johnston, Jason Barth, and Brian Branagan, Steve Johnston

Absent: Mary Ruhlman, Jennifer Mace


PRESIDENT/Legal Affairs, Omar Nur –

Motion to Approve March 2023 minutes. Seconded by Cindy Esselman and unanimous vote in favor.

Proposal to add Soccer Goals to the field north of the IASC was made by IAC Resident Mike Konopinski. The soccer goal posts would be removal to allow the field to be used for other purposes. The board will look into and consider this proposal, and we welcome any feedback from other residents.

Motion for an Executive Session in the month of May to discuss Compliance and Modernization of backend systems.  Brian seconded and unanimous vote in favor.

Vice President, Cynthia Esselman –

The 2023 Innis Arden directory is almost complete and will be sent out to the community hopefully by the end of April.

There is a meet and greet to be held at the Shoreline City Hall for the new Shoreline City Manager, Bristol Ellington, on Monday April 17th from 5:30-6:45. We encourage neighbors to attend.

COMPLIANCE, Sean Chittenden –

April Compliance Review

  • `18029 13th Ave NW`
    •  Visited site.  Walked the property with Mr. Shilling, Ms. Hjelle and her attorney (Audrey Clungeon), and our counsel, arborist, and geotech.
    • – We have received a report from our arborist and are reviewing its contents.
    • – This compliance issue remains in process.
  • `915 Richmond Beach Road`. – Corresponded with owner and provided guidance regarding trees on their lot.  Received additional materials from affected neighbors.
  • `1250 NW 175th St`: Received inquiry regarding state of compliance hearing for this house.  No update at this time.
  • Received a collection of compliance issues from.
  • Received compliance inquiry regarding `1086 Innis Arden Dr NW.`
  • Q&A regarding solar panels already approved for `18009 13th Ave`
  • Contacted the City of Shoreline Public Works Department regarding the Right Of Way at the corner of 15th Ave NW and 14th Ave NW regarding trees obstructing views.  According to SMC 12.30.040, the ROW trees here are under management by the City of Shoreline.
  • Visited 18760 Ridgefield Rd NW on `2023-04-04`
  • Received 3x boxes of compliance history from previous compliance chair, Bruce Vincent.

IT Modernization

  • Began pursuing obtaining “not for profit” license with TechSoup.
    • Missed that they only offer 501(c)(3), and our community association is a 501(c)(4).
    • Need to discuss budget for using services to get our costs down and improve continuity.
    • Next up: find other community members with a background in IT and an interest in helping modernize our online infrastructure.
  • Need to figure out how we want to socialize an AUP for services such as Slack, Zendesk, and Google Workplaces.
  • Setup an executive session to discuss our IT Modernization and outstanding compliance issues


April Meeting:

  • Ang-Lee, Michael

     18364 Ridgefield Rd NW

     Innis Arden, WA 98177


Motion to approve the following Solar Panel project on the Ginsey property.  Motion seconded and motions passed unanimously.


May Meeting Agenda:

  • Ginsey, Daniel

     18720 Ridgefield Rd

      Innis Arden, WA 98177

TREASURER, Jennifer Mace –

At the close of February 2023, our Operating Checking was $442,492, Collections Savings was $2,224, and the Asset Reserves Savings was $321,409.


Clubhouse rentals for March: Three (one Activities event)

Clubhouse rentals for April: Three (two Activities events)

If you have questions about renting the clubhouse, please contact Joy Griffith at communications@innisarden.org.

NATURAL RESERVES, Steve Johnston –

Trail Work

Our trail maintenance crew (A S Landscaping), in addition to routine trail maintenance such as brush clearing and spreading gravel, fixed a handrail in Eagle Reserve, staked up a number of young trees that were leaning over due to soggy ground and repaired a washed out stair step in Blue Heron Reserve.

Invasive Control

We accomplished an annual planning walkthrough and review with Sound Ecology, the new name for our expert Invasive Control and Native Plant Crew


We are in the process of ordering more keys for the Boeing Creek Gate for new residents and to act as replacements for lost key

Eagle Erosion

Finally we are waiting – still – for a long overdue Geotech report on Eagle storm creek erosion


ACTIVITIES, Brian Branagan –

Save these dates for upcoming events

Salmon BBQ:                       Wednesday, July 19th

Wine Tasting:                      Friday, September 15th

Oktoberfest:                         October (Date to be determined)

Halloween Parade:            October 28th or 29th

Holiday Party:                     Sunday, December 3rd


Winter Gardening Class
Diane O’Neill taught the third winter gardening class on Saturday, April 1st. Seventeen people attended and learned about Square Foot Gardening. Diane surveyed the participants of the three winter gardening classes and there is a lot of interest in forming a Garden Club in Innis Arden.

Innis Arden Garden Club forming
The Activities Committee is gauging community interest in forming a Garden Club to exchange gardening information, swap seeds and plants, and tour gardens. If you are interested respond to the email survey sent out on April 10th.  You can also use this link to the survey: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050F4DADA623A4FB6-innis


Spring Bunny Hop
Over 100 Innis Arden family members welcomed the arrival of Spring at the clubhouse on Saturday 4/8 morning.


The Future of the Activities Committee
A subcommittee met on March 20th to investigate ways to replace the funds raised by the annual Rummage Sale that underwrites the costs of our free events and to subsidize ticket prices for the Salmon BBQ, Wine Tasting, and Ladies’ Night Out. One option we are exploring with the Innis Arden Club HOA Board of Directors is merging with them to reduce costs and improve coordination for producing community events.


Next Activities Meeting
Our next meeting is on Monday, May 1st, 2023, 7pm, at the clubhouse.

The next HOA Board Meeting will be May 9th, 7PM via zoom.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:47pm.


Community Announcements

Jim Vincent

Mar 11, 1954 – Mar 29, 2023

Long time Innis Arden resident

On March 29th, as a spectacular sunset lit the sky, Jim gazed out his window for the final time. James Maxwell Vincent was raised in Yakima, Washington by parents Max and Lenore Vincent along with sister, Carol Brahmst and brother, Mike Vincent.

Jim graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1972 and went on to attend University of Puget Sound. From there he attended Emory University of Medicine. Along the way he gathered many great friends that he remained in touch with throughout his life.

He returned to the Northwest where he began his residency in Internal Medicine followed by a fellowship in Pulmonary Medicine & Critical Care at UW. In 1987 he joined Minor & James and also worked in Critical Care at Swedish Hospital where he practiced until 2005. His final years were spent at MD2 as he continued his association with Swedish. He was a compassionate, thorough and dedicated physician to the very end of his life. He loved what he did and his patients expressed a warm fond- ness for him, as did his colleagues. Many in the Seattle medical community will long remember his contributions.

Jim had many passions; chief among them were bicycling, tinkering in his workshop, spectating sports and listening to Bruce Springsteen. His favorite place was his beloved Lake Chelan where taking the boat for a spin, a dip in the lake or enjoying a beer while barbecuing were favorite pastimes.

Most of all, he is survived by his three amazing children; Maxwell, Thomas and Karianna, who were the light of his life, and their mother, Rita. He became a grandfather to Charlotte Rae, Maxwell and Danielle’s first child, a month before and delighted in that moment. Jim was so full of life and will be missed by all who knew him. To honor his life, a donation may be made to northwestharvest.org. Everyone has a story about Jim. If you have one that you would like to share with his family, please send it to carolebrahmst@gmail.com.


If you are new or have changed your phone number and/or email address, please email updates to communications@innisarden.org and be sure to include your address!