This summer, on July 21st, Innis Arden held its 54th Salmon Barbeque, an event that was especially welcome after last year’s cancellation due to Covid. Tables spread across the lawn featured hot dogs, Caesar salad, pea salad, fruit, garlic bread, lemonade and desserts in addition to starring the Northwest’s iconic barbequed salmon. The record number of attendees (352 tickets sold) commented that it was the best salmon barbeque Innis Arden has ever held. The band music and perfect weather definitely contributed to everyone’s enjoyment.

The event would not have been possible without the aid of the many volunteers who contributed over 100 hours of their time. Many thanks to the following volunteers for helping make the 2021 Salmon Barbeque such a great success: Bob and Judy Allen; Anne Bares; Brian Branagan; Tierna Bravo; Brian Cameron; Mary and Tim Cleaveland; Kathryn Compton; Sue Cox; Thad, Linda and Libby Crowe; Dominic and Allie Fattizzi; Chris Gerbino; Sayuri and Richard Gould; Winona Hauge; Jamie Holter; Steve Johnston; Nadine Kano; Nora Kozloff; Carrie Mandich; Frayne McAtee; Dick Michelson; Maya Norberg; Harley O’Neil; Victoria Oclassen; Johanna Oma Warness; Kathi Peterson; Rissa Sanchez; Julie Sanders; Connie Santroroch; Jackie and Bill Schilling; RL Smith; Dave Solle; Maggie Taber; Joyce Taibleson; Rebecca Wagoner; Shelley Watson; Wei Zhang. Please forgive us if we missed one of the wonderful volunteers.

From your co-chairs,
Lella Norberg & Randi Fattizzi

Sponsored by your Activities Committee