Annual Meeting

Here is the proxy ballot.

Notice of the Innis Arden Club, Inc. Annual Meeting
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at the Innis Arden Clubhouse
4:30 p.m. sign-in for proxy holders
6:00 p.m. coffee hour and sign-in for Shareholders
7:00 p.m. meeting (after quorum has been established)

 During the Annual Meeting, elections will be held to 1) fill two director positions (all 3-year terms) 2) ratify the election of the Activities Committee Chairperson to the Board for a one-year term 3) approve the 2013 budget and 4) approve the annual dues of $654.00.  Please refer to the enclosed budget.

There are several ways that you can vote:

  1. IN PERSON: During the Annual Meeting, submit ballot after signing in and nominations are taken from the floor. A ballot will be provided at the meeting.
  2.  BY PROXY:  You may choose to have another person vote on your behalf. A proxy ballot is enclosed. Indicate your Innis Arden subdivision, block, lot (as reflected on your address label), proxy holder, and sign the ballot. Optionally, you may vote on ballot issues. Give your completed proxy to your proxy holder to bring to the annual meeting.

Or, you may designate the Innis Arden Board of Directors to vote on your behalf. Again, you may vote on ballot issues. Mail your completed proxy to in the enclosed envelope.

Note:  If you cannot attend the meeting,
please vote by proxy to help establish a quorum.

(We cannot start the meeting until a quorum (270) is established. Previously, the meeting has been delayed as volunteers called neighbors and scrambled for their proxy vote to establish a quorum)

 Meeting Day–Sign-in and Pre-Meeting Dessert:

All are invited to coffee and dessert sponsored by the Activities Committee, starting at 6 PM in the Clubhouse.

1.             If you are voting IN PERSON, sign-in will be between 6-7 PM. Also, please have handy your Innis Arden subdivision, block and lot number (see the upper left corner of your address label) as this helps the tellers sign you in.

2.             If you are a PROXY holder, sign-in will be between 4:30-6 PM as a large number of proxy votes are anticipated and need to be processed in a timely manner. Between 6-7 PM, people voting in person will have priority over proxy holders.

3.             Ballots will not be cast until after the meeting begins and a quorum (270 voters in person or by proxy) has been established

Meeting Agenda

  1.  Approve the minutes from the January 19, 2012 Annual Meeting.
  2.  Take nominations from the floor
  3. Candidates’ presentations followed by a question and answer period
  4. Discussion of other ballot issues—ratifying Activities Chairperson, approving the 2013 budget and approving 2013 dues.
  5. Voting and the collection of ballots
  6. Committee Reports:
  7. Community Comments
  8. Announce Election Results
  9. Adjourn

Candidate Statements

Sue Cox
Being on the Innis Arden Board as Secretary the past three years has been an eye-opening experience and an education.  If elected, I look forward to serving another three years, and will actively continue to be a supporter of the covenants in our beautiful community.  My husband John and I respect and appreciate adherence to and enforcement of the Innis Arden Covenants which protect the mountain and water view, plus the value of all homes in Innis Arden.

Most of my life has been spent serving as a volunteer, chairing and working on events, a school board member at my daughter’s parochial school, and with assorted purebred dog clubs.  John and I share a hobby of training and showing our own dogs in American Kennel Club events and we’re both long-time AKC obedience trial judges.

Since becoming active in Innis Arden about five years ago, I have enjoyed co-chairing a holiday party, helping with the salmon BBQ each year, working on the rummage sale, and helping with other activities.  I look forward to continuing to serve our community as an Innis Arden board member, and would like to encourage more of our residents to take an interest in their community and the Board by attending the monthly meetings at the Clubhouse and participating in the many activities hosted by the Activities Committee.

John D. Hollinrake
My family has lived in Innis Arden for over 10 years.  We moved to the area so our four children could attend King’s Schools.  Innis Arden is a special neighborhood with great neighbors, large lots and tremendous views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound.  Our family enjoys the amenities at Innis Arden, including hiking in the Reserves, playing tennis and swimming.

Professionally, I am an international business attorney.  I have received many honors, including selection to Best Lawyers in America.  For three years, I was an adjunct professor at the University of Washington Law School.  Prior to attending law school, I was a CPA with a large international accounting firm.

If elected to the Board, I would like to continue the efforts to improve the neighborhood.  For example, the trails can be improved so that more people can enjoy them.

Many residents enjoy their views and want them to be protected.  I will work with other Board members to strongly enforce the view covenants.  I hope to assist the Board in developing ways to obtain compliance with the view covenants without the need to bring expensive lawsuits against residents.

I ask for your vote and welcome your ideas to better our community.

Thank you.