2019 Annual Meeting a Success!

The 02/20/19 Innis Arden Annual Meeting was a success! While we barely achieved the necessary quorum of 270 (273 residents voted), we were quite pleased to be able to start the annual meeting on time right at 7PM. There were about 40 residents in attendance and the Activities Committee was kind enough to bring tasty treats and coffee. Cynthia Esselman, Easton Craft, and BJ Oneal were all re-elected to the board for another 3-year-term and Maggie Taber was re-elected to serve for another year on the board as the Activities Committee representative. The 2019 budget and annual dues passed. There are numerous volunteers we would like to thank for assisting to include Elizabeth Leary, Sue Akers, Sayuri Gould, Cindy Esselman, Jim McCulloch, David, Fosmire, Mark Latz, Richard Gould, Mary Ruhlman, Moria Blair, Randi Fattizzi, Janet Peterson, Scott Reid, and Harley O’Neil. We would also like to highlight the extremely generous and excellent work put in by Stacey Pederson. Without you volunteers, the meeting would not have occurred.