Annual Meeting with Candidate Statements

Notice of the Innis Arden Club, Inc. Annual Meeting
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at the Innis Arden Clubhouse

4:30 p.m. sign-in for proxy holders
6:00 p.m. coffee hour and sign-in for Shareholders
7:00 p.m. meeting (after quorum has been established)

 During the Annual Meeting, elections will be held to 1) fill four director positions (all 3-year terms) 2) ratify the election of the Activities Committee Chairperson to the Board for a one-year term 3) approve the 2014 budget and 4) approve the annual dues of $680.00.  Please refer to the enclosed budget.

 There are several ways that you can vote:

  1. IN PERSON: During the Annual Meeting, submit ballot after signing in and nominations are taken from the floor. A ballot will be provided at the meeting.
  2. BY PROXY:  You may choose to have another person vote on your behalf. A proxy ballot is enclosed. Indicate your Innis Arden subdivision, block, lot (as reflected on your address label), proxy holder, and sign the ballot. Optionally, you may vote on ballot issues. Give your completed proxy to your proxy holder to bring to the annual meeting.Or, you may designate the Innis Arden Board of Directors to vote on your behalf. Send proxy ballot to

 Innis Arden Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 60038
Richmond Beach, WA 98160

 Note:  If you cannot attend the meeting, please vote by proxy to help establish a quorum.
(We cannot start the meeting until a quorum (270) is established. Previously, the meeting has been delayed (or rescheduled) as volunteers called neighbors and scrambled for their proxy vote to establish a quorum)

Meeting Day–Sign-in and Pre-Meeting Dessert:

All are invited to coffee and dessert sponsored by the Activities Committee, starting at 6 PM in the Clubhouse.

  1. If you are voting IN PERSON, sign-in will be between 6-7 PM. Also, please have handy your Innis Arden subdivision, block and lot number (see the upper left corner of your address label) as this helps the tellers sign you in.
  2. If you are a PROXY holder, sign-in will be between 4:30-6 PM as a large number of proxy votes are anticipated and need to be processed in a timely manner. Between 6-7 PM, people voting in person will have priority over proxy holders.
  3. Ballots will not be cast until after the meeting begins and a quorum (270 voters in person or by proxy) has been established

Meeting Agenda

 1)     Approve the minutes from the January 16, 2013 Annual Meeting.

2)     Take nominations from the floor

3)     Candidates’ presentations followed by a question and answer period

4)     Discussion of other ballot issues—ratifying Activities Chairperson, approving the 2014 budget and approving 2014 dues.

5)     Voting and the collection of ballots

6)     Committee Reports:

7)     Community Comments

8)     Announce Election Results

9)     Adjourn

Candidate Statements

 David Fosmire – During my past term, I have worked to improve our community by participating in the Activities Committee, Rummage Sale, and Salmon Barbecue. I have worked on projects in the Reserves to maintain and improve the Reserves’ trails for the continued enjoyment by all residents. I believe the Board needs to be an active and positive force in our community to enforce the covenants for the benefit of entire community. Without the continuing support of the community, the Board would not be successful defending the covenants from outside forces . I promise to uphold the covenants in order to maintain the distinctive character of Innis Arden. If I am re-elected to the Board, I will continue to organize and participate in efforts to enhance the natural beauty of Innis Arden and its community spirit.

Rick Leary was born and raised just outside the small farm town of La Porte, Indiana.  He graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Chemistry and received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Purdue University, where he met his wife, Elizabeth. Rick continued his post-doctoral education as a Fellow of the American Cancer Society and an Associate Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the UW.

Rick soon moved from academia to the burgeoning field of biotechnology. He developed seven different commercial products for the healthcare field, working both in RandD and Technical Operations. In the early 1980s he also developed a deep interest in martial arts, earning a third degree black belt in Aikido. He was accepted as a student and earned a teaching license in the Koryu art of Muso Shinto Ryu Jodo, the 400-year-old, multidisciplined, martial art of Japan. He continues his study of and research in Jodo.

Rick and Elizabeth enjoy birding, ballet, and national and international travel with many more cultures and countries to be visited. They have passed these interests on to their daughter and son.

Steve Johnston My family and I have been fortunate enough to live in Innis Arden for the past four years.  With breathtaking views of the Puget Sound and the Olympics, over 50 acres of private natural reserves and trails, an inviting Clubhouse, grounds and pool, and a fetching new entrance, this truly is a special place to live!

Previously, we were in Richmond Beach (since 1989) where our view of Puget Sound was blocked by new construction.

I am a strong supporter of the Innis Arden View and Development Covenants.  I believe in careful control of Club expenses and in using our community resources wisely and transparently.

I have been an active member of the Innis Arden Natural Reserves committee for the past four years, volunteering hundreds of hours towards improvements, replanting and invasive plant control. I served on the IA/City of Shoreline Neighborhood Traffic Committee to ensure our safety concerns are understood by the City.  I spoke out for Innis Arden property rights at numerous City of Shoreline Planning Commission and Council meetings, and I have regularly attended the IA monthly Board meetings.

My many years in network management and development (at Boeing, Cisco, Amazon, and ATT) have shown me again and again that seemingly intractable problems can be resolved through people working together, and in looking at things in new ways.  I believe I can bring new perspective to the board and its decisions as we navigate the challenges ahead.

As a resident and parent of a school age child I am concerned with the issues facing us.

A massive high-rise Urban Center planned for Point Wells threatens to bring surging traffic, noise, pollution and overcrowding of local shops and businesses to our area.

The Board is repeatedly forced into defensive (and expensive) legal actions by the City over Covenants issues.

Reserve Management is far more costly and difficult than it should be due to unreasonable City policies and procedures.

Please vote for me.  Cost effectiveness, protecting and strengthening the Club’s View Covenants, minimizing the impact of the Point Wells project on our community, Natural Reserves improvements, and establishing a reasonable Innis Arden Critical Area Stewardship Plan with the City will be near the top of my list as a Board member.   At the very top of the list, however, will be to listen closely to your ideas concerning our community.

Thank you!