56th Annual Innis Arden Rummage Sale

Look at the Rummage Sale and you can see why Innis Arden is the place we want to call home. This is a place where the community comes together. Over 100 volunteers helped to make the Rummage Sale a huge success. We needed extra help and you responded. This is something to be proud and very happy about.
The Annual Rummage Sale also brought in around $10,500 for the community! The remaining unsold merchandise was donated to local charities. Additionally the Activities Committee will donate $1,000 to a local charity.

We would like to thank all the community members who generously donated merchandise throughout the year and the hardworking neighbors who donated many hours of their time to make this Innis Arden tradition a success. It’s A LOT of work and we couldn’t do it without your help!

The next time you see these neighbors, please thank them for their hard work at the Rummage Sale: Jan & Lisa Allan, Eleanor & Henry Allen, Katherine Avedovech, Stephen Barrett & Michele, Lance & Fiona Blair, Jane Blaylock, Jesse & Janet Boyette, Tierna Bravo, Shelley Brodersen, Robery Buchmayr, Elaine Burgwald, Tracy & Justen Cameron, Allie Fattizzi, Leslie Flohr, Dave & Peter Fosmire, Phil, Sherre, & Lauren Friend, Joyce, Gillian, & Beth Gacia, Ann & Joseph Garnsey-Harter, Ariya Gozo, Sarah Haanen, Kristina Hagemeier, Damon & Kim Helland, Jan Holbrook, Liz Hollinrake, Hong, Jean Johnson, Mike & Chris Joy, Miggie Keuler, Jane Kinyoun, Selea & Karisa Klepper, Chris Kotcher, David Kumar, Knut & Tracy Landboe, Vicky & Mark Latz, Rick & Elizabeth Leary, Belinda Leung, April Lind, Maureen Lyons, Frieda Magin, Frayne McAtee, Jim McCullough, Pat McDermott, Lachlan McGregor, Slater Meyer, Ellen Morley, Jean Muir, Fran Murray, Lela Norberg, Victoria O’Classen, Janet Peterson, Scott & Clayton Reid, Elaine Foamier Rungren  Rissa Sanchez, Kelly, Julie & Seaton Sanders, Jackie Schilling, Jan Schnall, Lauren Sirois, Ewa Sledziewski, RL Smith, David Solle, Christina Stout (& her mom),  Jan Sullivan, Kelly & Maggie Taber, Laura Taylor, Gage, Rebecca, Lola & Racer Wagoner, Carolyn Walker, Johanna Warness, Shelley Watson, Tom Welsh, Cori Whitaker, & Christine Wissman.

I know I have unfortunately missed some names for people who worked on the weekend and didn’t use Sign Up Genius.  We lost the sign-in sheet that had your names on it.  Thanks to all of you who just showed up when I sent a note that we needed more help.
Special thanks are given to Mike Joy, Frayne McAtee, Damon Helland & Mike Joy for preparing a wonderful Thank You Luncheon for us and to Maggie Taber who doesn’t want to be an official “Rummage Coordinator” but does all the work of one.
* Your Rummage Coordinator, Randi Fattizzi

The 45th Annual (and Final) Innis Arden Rummage Sale (excerpt from the January 2006 Innis Arden Bulletin)

Back in 2006 the rummage coordinators were ready to be done after years of running the sale.  They thought the Rummage Sale would go away.  Fortunately Karen Rowland and Julie Forrester were up for the task and ran it for many years.  This year, our Rummage Sale Coordinator, Randi Fattizzi, is done after running the sale for 9 years.  We are again at a pivotal point regarding this 56 year tradition.  We need a new Rummage Sale Coordinator or Team.  There will be training and a lot of help in the transition.  We are open to change in how the Coordinator position is done.  Contact Randi Fattizzi at (206)533-0740 to get more information. HELP US SAVE THE RUMMAGE SALE AND MAKE IT TO 57 YEARS!

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