2021 Directory Update

Judy and Bob Allen would like to thank everyone for opening their doors, answering phones and sending emails to share their digit updates for the 2021 Innis Arden Directory to help keep our community connected.

We have made over 326 detailed changes, which makes us humbled recognizing the tireless work Carol Solle has always dedicated to Innis Arden residents.

A great team of volunteers have assisted getting this valuable community directory ready for print.  President, Jeff Gough started the ball rolling.  Brian Branagan offered his assistance researching disconnected phone numbers, Cori Whitaker provided complete documentation on current real estate sales and Steve Johnston took it in for a home run detailing the center map insert.

Each monthly bulletin will have a reminder space for residents to provide any changes to your phone and email contacts.

Thank you for all your assistance getting your Innis Arden directory up to date.

Judy and Bob Allen